Vancouver Critical Mass Ride, August 2006

Bike Lift on Burrard BridgeI was in Vancouver for a couple of weeks recently. The last Friday of my visit was also the last Friday of the month, which is the monthly Critical Mass bike ride. Vancouver's rides are quite large: there were easily several hundred people attending this ride, which apparently wasn't even close to being as huge as June's ride which attracted thousands of riders.

Anyway, Jen and I met up at this ride, then followed the crowds through the streets of Vancouver. The highlight of the ride was when the mass crossed the Granville Bridge which is normally pretty hostile to cyclists.

Plenty of cyclists having fun....and tons of interesting and silly bikes along the way too. Recumbents, tall-bikes, choppers, tandems, folders, etc. Neat neat neat. Go see the photos to get an idea of what it was like.

I will have plenty of photos and stories to tell about the rest of my trip out there, especially the week-long tour, coming soon.


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Wow, the photos of the mass on the bridge are insipring! That looked like a fun ride.

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