Ottawa to Hamilton Bike Tour, July 2003

Ontario MapTonight I finally completed typing up my Ottawa to Hamilton bike tour diary. Yeah, it happened over two years ago, so I've been procrastinating quite badly.

This five-day ride back in the summer of 2003 was my first real bike tour and one of the most memorable things I've ever done. The freshly completed tour diary and pictures can be viewed by clicking this link. Enjoy!


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your bike tour!

Hey thanks for reminding me I'm procrastinating too, I still mean to post my trip from Toronto to Brockville from last summer. It was neat reading your travelogue since my trip had a lot of overlap with your route - for instance I fell on that wooden bridge near Bond Head (train was going by, so I was trying to stop but couldn't get unclipped), and rode hwy 33 as well, regretted never stopping at the Bloomfield Bicycle Company etc! Are you going to do any camping bike trips this summer? We hope to go back to Brockville to continue the trip from last year eastwards, it was supposed to have been to Montreal but it was our first trip so there were many dumb things we did to tire ourselves out, and the headwinds on the last two days of the trip were pretty whopping annoying.

Tourin' tourin', it's never boring.

Hey Tanya,

Did you follow Brian Hedney's route for your Brockville trip? I mostly followed that... He has incredible amounts of detail on his site.

Surprisingly, I haven't done any real bike camping trips yet this summer. Jen and I rode to Hamilton in June, and we went camping at Laurel Creek a couple of weekends ago, with some daytrips out of there, but no real bike camping tours yet. We're planning another Hamilton trip this weekend, staying a couple of nights at my parents' place then camping somewhere. We're not sure where yet, because basically all the campgrounds are booked for the long weekend, but we have some alternate ideas. Suggestions welcome! Has to be within a one day ride (less than 100km preferably) of Hamilton and Etobicoke.

Stay tuned for my PEI bike trip diary from last year. So far, only one year late.


Yup we were mostly following

Yup we were mostly following Brian Hedney's route, but with maps for when we wanted detours etc. I was very impressed as well with the level of detail, except it would have been nice to know that Lakeshore Road into Port Hope was hilly and not all of it was paved.

Looking forward to seeing the PEI diary, that sounds like a lot of fun! :)

No good ideas on the camping, unless you find a rural area and knock on a door and ask if you can camp in their field :) I've figured out that bike camping in provincial parks at car camping sites really sucks because its louder than the city. Sheesh. People seem to bring their entire house and set it up on their site. :) You could try just showing up at a park (sucks on a bike if it is full) - most places have cancellations or some sites they don't reserve. There's Valens Conservation Area in Burlington, or somewhere in Milton maybe?

Going to Critical Mass tonight?



Funny you should mention Valens..... Jen called them yesterday afternoon because they don't have online booking. They had a spot open Friday night and Sunday night, so she grabbed that Sunday spot for us. And it's in the "radio free" area, so at least that might be a little bit more peaceful.

Wish I could go to Critical Mass tonight, but we're riding to Hamilton right after work. I already have my camping gear with me. :) Have fun on the ride.


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