Pigeon Eggs

Pigeon EggsPart of my usual morning routine is to chase the pigeons away from my balcony. Yes, it's futile, because they usually return in a minute or two. Ohwell. Anyway, over the last few days I noticed there were more pigeons than usual hanging around here, and they would return faster after I chased them away. Plus, there was almost always one sitting in the flower planter on the ground. Upon closer inspection this morning, I noticed two eggs in there. No wonder the pigeon was always in a rush to come back.

More pictures and commentary over here.


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Uhmmmm now you have fresh egg

Uhmmmm now you have fresh eggs when ever you want :)

Yeah, I can make chive omlett

Yeah, I can make chive omlettes with ingredients exclusively grown on my balcony. :)

The eggs haven't hatched yet, but apparently it takes about 18 days. So I should be expecting to see some baby pigeons very soon.


I raise pigeons myself and you should not throw the life of a pigeon away even if it is just a bird they have familys to raise just like us humans so you should leave the eggs alone the squabs{baby pigeons} will leave the nest in about a month it should atleast be intresting to watch them grow i would love a pair of pigeons to lay eggs at my house ofcourse lol and you should not chase the mother away from the nest because then the eggs will grow cold and die and that would be a lost child for the mother pigeon so you shoold just leave them nest there with out disturbing tham at all and when they leave put up some owl statues and that should keep no more pigeons from comming on your balcony.

Hey i have 2 baby pigeons on

Hey i have 2 baby pigeons on my balcony I noticed the eggs about a month ago and decided to leave them there but thing is don't they carry diseases? I have a dog that goes out on the balcony to pee will it hurt her in any way? I even took pics of the eggs and pigeon i wanted to watch them hatch but i missed it would have been interesting to watch. The pigeons nest is behind a piece of board i had stuck up there werid how they just layed the eggs there knowing we come in and out of the balcony. Well hope to hear from someone soon


I have 2 eggs on my terrance and I am scared to go on my own terreance. The mom does not move I am scared should I get them removed? How long is it going to be before they leave.

how long will it take for the pigeons to leave.......?

if they just layed an egg you have to wait a couple of days until the babies (of the pigeon) grow then when they are very big (almost the size of a regular pigeon) scare them by taking a broom or something and the will fly away..... But iam pretty sure they (PIGEONS) will come back so,just chase them away as usual..........

Bt why r u scared.U dont need

Bt why r u scared.U dont need to b scared.Pigeons usually lay their eggs in homes.Moreover we can say dat they r a little afraid of other dangers such as hawks.Bt they believe on humans.Humans n pigeons have a very old relation.
Dont b afraid of it.The eggs will hatch in 17 or 18 days since their birth.Then baby pigeons will come out.It will b interesting to see them growing.The only thing u should remember is that dont disturb the pigeon whem it is sitting on eggs.U should let it to warm them.This is only till the eggs will not hatch.After dat u can go n play wid the baby pigeons.

pigeon eggs

Hey Vanessa,

Rod The Roller Guy ( i raise Tumbler pigeons ) feral wild pigeons can sometimes carry diseases... though nothing to alarm the national gaurd.... lol.... it all depends wether there scrounging for food, though most wild pigeons are perfectly fine.... there just as any other bird that flys, succeptible to any disease... though praise the eggs of an extrodinary performing athlete of the blue sky as theyve been around for many of years..... did you know theses guys can stay a flight for hours.... pigeons are not that nasty /messy as one would think, though i know you see the wild pigeon on on buildings as in your case your balcony.... thats covered with poop.... and your like eeeeeewwwwwww!!!!! thats because there not on there diet, or with a trainer or in a loft... and know they want harm the dog just dont let him eat the pigeon or the poop if any.....

Have a nest day....

Pigeon Eggs


I have come upon two pigeon eggs.. I would like to raise them.. But i have no idea how to keep them warm or anything? please help!

tumbelers missing egg

hi could some one help me please my breeding pair of feather feet tumbelers have laid an egg on the 14th and she aint laid a second one yet and its the 17th would she of laid it some where eles or will she only have one ? please email me on xpaulfryettx1986@hotmail.co.uk

hi me too

i went out on the balcony and sore 3 eggs in the corner and i think there pigeon eggs lol but how long is it b4 they hatch please im not sure about this its new my 1st time seeing the eggs

Pigeon eggs.

Those are not pigeon eggs. They only lay two.

caring for pigeon eggs

I have been watching a pair of pigeons nest outside my flat and she layed 2 eggs but in the early hours of this morning someone threw and litre bottle of water at them now their gone but i have looked around and they are nowhere in sight and now i have the eggs i need to know how to incubate them and then what do i feed them and how often if they hatch?

pigeon egg abandoned

Hi. My dad chased a pigeon from our balcony and the mother came back after it rained, but then she left and never came back for the night.
I waited an hour and then took the egg back in. (It wasn't that cold outside.) I put the egg in warm water at about 38 degrees very carefully until a box could be made ready with a warm light and a towel. Then I put the egg inside the box and put it on top of the towel. I read online that you need to keep it relatively humid in the box and let enough air in for the egg to breath. I didn't know if the egg was fertilized but I warmed it for 5 days anyway next to a thermometer that showed the temp. The next morning the pigeon came back and my dad tried to put the egg back while it was here but the pigeon flew away again. One is male and the other female although I don't know which is which. One pigeon seemed to like the round flower pot with soil in it compared to the large rubbermaid box with soil. Maybe because the pot is round like a bird's nest? These pigeons didn't bring any branches or sticks to make a nest either. Could they be psychologically confused? Anyway on the 5th day I took a flashlight and looked into the egg they had abandoned in the washroom with the lights turned off and saw that a dark spot had appeared on one side of the wide part of the egg. I thought that somehow I had put the lamp too close to the egg and had accidentally cooked it on one side. I had never let the temp go over 40 celcius. I always tried to keep it at 37 degrees. I felt really bad, but decided to keep for a bit longer. I kept warming it until today which is the 10th day and I see (in the dark with a flashlight) that blood capillaries have formed where that dark spot was and in the centre of the capillaries is a small embryonic shape. It was pretty exciting for me, except I keep doubting myself and think that somehow it did develop to a point but died. I am not sure if it is still developing but I know that it is the first time I have ever found an abandoned pigeon egg and no matter what happens, I am trying my best. The pigeons sometimes come back, but they always fly away and most nights don't stay here. I have read several internet sites which described that the egg needs air (for oxygen exchange across the shell membrane), humidity (85%) and proper temperature (37 celcius). I am planning on what to do if it ever hatches. They suggest I feed it with an eye dropper and mashed (until pasty) bird seeds like the regurgitated milk their parents give them. Today I changed the towel it was sitting on since I think it's doing a good job of developing and deserves a clean fresh towel. I am glad I gave it time to develop and didn't give up yet. I am still wondering if it will hatch and if it will be healthy when does hatch.

turn the egg

Oh, and I have been turning the egg 3 times daily. Once at 8am, again at 4pm, and then again at 12am from day 1.

gonna soon stop turning

I read to stop turning the egg at 15 days so the egg doesn't break open prematurely.

how long

i have had two pigeon eggs on my balcony for a month, i heard it only takes 15 for them to hatch. the mother is still sitting on them, would you say the eggs have died?

are they dead

no they are not dead because i got told that they can hatch from march to june so leave it for some weeks a reserch on the internet because i am in the same situation like you and do not tuch the nest because the mom pigeonwill no return then the pigeon eggs will be dead

Unless they are pets then

Unless they are pets then they will return

turning pigeon eggs

I hear you should only turn your pigeon egg at least twice a day


I read your article and I just had a pigeon on my front porch, I went on vacation and came back and it was in my planter.It sits all day and night and doesn't move, until the other day I gave it birdseed and it flew away, my 16 year old daughter yell at me, cuz she thought it wouldnt' come back , but it did.Now it's just sitting on the 2 eggs we notice when the bird flew away that night. It think it takes about 14 or 16 days before hatch but don't know. Do you know ?? This bird sits in looks in my living room window all day long and I thought it was dead cuz it never moves... This is my 1st with pigeons... thanks...How is your doing??

pigeon egg hatching

Hi. This is the girl who took in an abandoned egg. That one died, because my box wasn't good.
The parents laid two more though and they broke one.
The other one is hatching today on the 16th day.
I was worried since someone else told me that theirs hatched on the 13th day.
I see yellow fur sticking out through the hole it has made in the shell.
I read that chicken chicks take 4-12 hours once the process begins.
I hope this one makes it.
I don't want a mess on my balcony.

Eggs Abaondened

Please Advise, My balcony Pigeon friend has left the nest after a month of tending to the two eggs. Are the eggs not alive? Your comments and information would be appreciated. Thank you. Randy Lee

it was probably the

it was probably the father.
the father lays on the egg during the day
and then mother comes at night.
usually pretty late

pigeon egg omlet

i wouldn't eat a pigeon egg

can i suck ur EGGS

can i suck ur EGGS

you are so crul u eat baby

you are so crul u eat baby pegon eggs man talk about you hate birds and mabey your a animal killer godddddddddddd how can u be so crul to animals

you guys get pretty pissed

you guys get pretty pissed when someone hurts a pigeon where i work there is atleast 20 pigeons and no one has got sick from them and weve had pigeons for over 7 years now i am not saying they dont have these diseses but any way if some one wants to hurt the pigeans let them do what they want you are just giving them what they want every time you say your curl thats what they want to here why do you think the do it but i have an egg at my work and the mom left for a good 3 hours now is the egg dead or is it still alive

I love pets

I have also pigeon that comes to my windows daily, it comes at night and sleeps over there. But i don't chase them away like you , instead i place them food and water on the side of the window. They are happily living couple. Every animals or pet has their own life and we must dignify it.

new egg!!!

HELP!!! everytime a pigeon lays eggs on my dads varanda he kicks them off which is so cruel so i managed to save one today... ive never cared for an egg before so what the hell do i do?

how long were the eggs there

how long were the eggs there


You can see the whole story here. basically, the eggs ended up hatching. One chick died very soon (I never saw it alive) and the other was alive for quite a while and kept growing, but I eventually found it dead too.

Piegons breed dieseases that

Piegons breed dieseases that kill people...you should get rid of Pigeons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know where you got

I don't know where you got information like that, but it is so very untrue. My suggestion to you is to actually research information before talking out of your butt with no knowledge of what the truth is! Again, Pigeons DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT breed diseases that kill people.

Pigeons in fact carry diseases!

I think you should do your research. Pigeons in fact carry diseases such as cyptoccosis, histoplasma,and toxoplasmis(which is very serious if inhaled by a pregnant women).

pregant women

well if you are pregnant keep away from them its simple

Pigeon Diseases

Here is a link to pigeon diseases and what they can do to humans. http://www.unitedwildlife.com/AnimalsPigeons.html#d

Can domestic pigeons carry diseases?

Can domestic pigeons carry diseases?

Dogs also inhale pigeon pop

Dogs also inhale pigeon pop and get crytococs or how ever it is spelled and get extreamly sick and need to be treated with medication that cost 600 a month for 5 months!!!!

I have 1 egg

Hi. i found the egg today. its early febuary so im worried it might die from the cold. the parents are there, but dont sit on it often. will it be okay???
also, my mum will sometimes smoke (:P) out on the balcony. if she keeps to the other side, will she still scare the parents away?
also i tore up soem paper towel when the parents were not there for them to make a nest with. they dont have one. the egg is just underneath a chair on some green carpet like stuff.


I found a Pigeon nest on my balcony, as well. I destroyed it thinking that if I did this the Pigeons would nest elsewhere. The same two pigeons, one fat and whitish grey the other skinny and mostly grey with a hint of green were sill flapping and crapping around my porch. I often work at home so I bought a squirt gun and any time I saw them land on my balcony I'd aim for their eye but was lucky to even hit them on a feather. They're not quick but my screen door is very noisy.

Anyway, one day after grilling steaks I thought I'd put the grill cover back on; seeing as my grill is one of the few items on my porch that is not covered in spattered pigeon poop. The cover had been sitting out for a few hours, I went to grab it and nearly #@!% my pants. Apparently a pigeon was under or inside it. When I finally got the cover back on my grill and looked back at the spot where the grill cover temporarily sat, I found a cracked egg.

I must admit I felt a little guilty but I'd already had a few evening cocktails so my sensitive nature was soon washed away. "At least," I thought, "The Pigeons are sure to stay away this time."

Only problem is, just the other day, about a week or so after the first egg grill cover incident, I discovered another nest between two folded lawn chairs stacked between my dryer (yes this on my balcony, too) and my air conditioner unit. This time the nest contained two eggs and I conceded defeat.

I've decided, especially after reading the many posts, diseases or no diseases, I will help the plumb whitish grey (I've now named her Edna) and the thin grayish green (Chuck)live to see their dreams of a family in all its glory on my balcony in Tokyo, Japan.

I hope the little buggers hatch soon and fly away free.


I loved your story about the Tokyo pigeon family.
I also seem to be a pigeon magnet or rather my balcony is.
I have tried numerous times to chase away a very determined pair with no success. They have now managed to lay two eggs on the part of the balcony I have not fenced off. The rest of my balcony is fenced off as for the past 7months I've had a rescue pigeon that I found, thought would die but after mashing up seeds and plenty of TLC it is now ridiculously tame,it loves to be fussed, has an annoying habit of sitting on my shoulder and falling asleep and makes a strange coo noise if ignored. It will never beable to fly again due to the injury sustained. So it has become the new lodger and lives with me in my flat. It has become a great companion and pet Much to the disguist of many a friend. I got so fed up with so many banging on about how they are vermin, covered in disease can kill humans etc. I decided to do some research and as predicted it is a total myth, blatant propaganda spread in the 1980s by a billion dollar pest control industry so have no fear you will not catch any deadly lurgy.


There are two eggs on my balcony and the mom has not been back in two days. Did she abandon them? Or is it normal to leave eggs for so long. I don't want a horrible smell out there.

Histoplasmosis and Pigeons

I hate to break it to you but your "research" involving pigeons disease is way off. My father is losing vision in both eyes because of histoplasmosis that he acquired as a child playing in his grandfather's pigeon coop. Histoplasmosis is a common fungus to come in contact with, but can be dangerous in high quantities. Research has shown that the histoplasmosis thrives in pigeon droppings. While it may not be dangerous in small quantities, if you turn your balcony into a de facto pigeon coop, you may be at risk too. Remember that these birds are only natural to Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia, if you live outside of these areas and shelter these birds, you are helping to support a pest that is displacing the natural fauna of the area.

What to do???

i have a pigeon egg and it fell and cracked when i was roationg it on the heating mat?
Will it live or die now that the egg is cracked? i mean its still in its little skin bubble

pigeon eggs

Except for the purposes of study and curiousity, anyone who raises wild pigeons is cracked! I am sick and tired of cleaning up the poop on my balcony and finding my flowers flattened from being sat on and pecked at. As far as I'm concerned, pigeons are no better than flying rats! If you find a fresh newly hatched egg, my advice would be to take it inside and make an omelette. MMMM

How Can I Move A Pigeon Nest

How Can I Move A Pigeon Nest With Eggs

So I found this pigeon nest

So I found this pigeon nest in my balcony the other day and i see the pigeon sitting there most of the time every once in a while it stands up and moves around and there I see the two eggs. today I checked up on the nest and the pigeon was gone and there is only 1 egg left. Any idea what could have happened?

How can I share my balcony with a pigeon nest

I have spend hours planting veggies and all of my favorite flowers out on my balcony since I moved in in May. I chased the pigeons away whenever they came by but now they have laid eggs in one of my pots. I could never kill the eggs but now they have ruined my balcony oasis! I cant go out there without being attacked by the mother. It is August now, does this mean they will have my balcony until Sept??? Can I move the nest? Any ideas??

hurt piegon

i have a piegon that is injured a car hit it. its foot is crushed i am trying to keep it warm and with food and water it wont eat or drink any sujestions!!!