R.I.P. Pigeon Chick

Pigeon Chick This is the last bunch of pictures of the pigeon chick on my balcony. It seemed to be doing really well, but on the morning of March 2nd I discovered that the pigeon chick was dead. I'm guessing it had something to do with the cold weather.

Over the last few days I watched as the chick grew, became more active, and grew more feathers. It was also getting much more vocal, and I could often hear it chirping. It was fun watching it grow up for as long as it did, so I was kind of sad to find it dead that morning.

Click here to see the final pictures and a video clip of the little chick. R.I.P.
More pictures and stories about this pigeon chick can be found here.


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Sorry you lost your little

Sorry you lost your little bird. The nest looks like it is in a
planter perhaps the chick ate something toxic from the box? . Next time put a clean box there with dried grass and stuff,


Hey Steeker,

Yeah, it was good to see you at the Bike Show. Sorry I didn't recognize you...that was a bit embarrassing...I'm bad at that.

The pigeons were nested in a planter box that I picked up off the ground 20 stories down from here in December. Probably fell off of someone else's balcony. Still had soil in it. Not sure if there was anything toxic in there, but I was hoping to use it for planting some flowers in the spring. Today I threw it all out since it was full of crap, dead pigeons, etc.

As much as I liked having the pigeon chick, I don't really want them to nest on my balcony. They make a real vile mess. I spent alot of time out there last summer, and this year I'd like to try some more balcony gardening.

Pigeons are a hoot to watch...I love watching them swoop around in huge flocks between the buildings out here. Their mating dances are hilarious. Beautiful colours too.

I just don't them pooping all over my stuff. :-)

Oh yeah...next year...ice races...I hope I can make it there! I'd love to build an ice racer recumbent, and also try my hand at the rubber race.

P.S. Nice see'ing you at the

P.S. Nice see'ing you at the bike show and you could put a skate blade on your recumbent and race it next year :D

Piegon chick

Hi there,

I had quite the same experience, a pigeon built her nest in a shole of my window, in the interval , where the shutters go inside,it nested for 2 weeks on two eggs, then the chicks came out, they lived for 2 days and then died, I dont know why, it intersts me very much, perhaps we can share the matter




Pigeon Chick

Hi Gideon,

Yes, I think the weather probably had something to do with it. It was quite warm when the eggs were laid, but then it got very cold again around the time that they hatched.

Sure, feel free to email me some photos, or send a link to a website with photos. I would be interested in seeing them. My email address is: vic at gedris dot org


devil's advocate

Okay, well i for one hate pigeons, I hate the disgusting messes and smell they cause, and I hate having them nest on my sill. We've recently moved into an apartment with a severe pigeon problem. Well, they've already had two eggs hatch and they have been sitting on another pair for a week. The entire sill is full of caked poo. One of the 'teenage' pigeons has its foot tangled in a string that prevents it from flying away. I am so squeamish that i can't get the nerve up to put my hands out in all that disgusting poo and cut it free from the string tied to calcified poo, but if I don't do it soon, I'm going to have a full sized dead pigeon rotting on my sill. Today I got so frustrated about my little sill that I nudged the two eggs on the end off. When rats, mice, and cockroaches have "babies" no one seems to care much if they are exterminated. Cockroaches don't carry diseases, so why is it gross when they multiply, but okay if the pigeons do it? Why is it okay to eat chickens and turkeys and cows and be responsible for the death of thousands of animals over a lifetime of grocery shopping and not okay to dispose of a couple of pests on your sill?

I'm just posting this as a response to everyone sympathizing with the pigeons. I do NOT sympathize. I am NOT sorry I threw the eggs away. Because you know what? If they have babies, they will always come back to the same spot to nest. And then their babies will do it, and so will their babies. And then when your entire sill is covered in calcified poo, and someone else moves in, then that lucky someone else will have to deal with the disgusting mess and the dead birds along the way...