Vic's Tall-Bike

One of my goals is to build a tall-bike. In fact, it will be a touring tall-bike. The idea is to build a bike that is about 5'5" to 6' tall, and equip it for long bike rides and touring. These first few drawings were inspired by Mike Watson, with interactive feedback on the HPVOoO IRC channel.


Tallbike Design #1
The first design.

Tallbike Design #2
The second design. This one incorporates a recycled rear-triangle for the
bottom-back, and recycled ladies-frame front triangle for the top-front.
This means less welding, and less worrying about how to attach components.

Tallbike Design #3

The third design. Replaced the long bottom tube with a couple of shorter
ones angling up to the long horizontal piece. A little less steel, and
no long, flexy piece.

Tallbike Design #4
The fourth design. Adjusted the two bottom pieces for better
triangulation. Should improve strength. However, it's heavier than
#2 or #3, and there will be an aweful lot of welding around the
bottom bracket, possibly distorting it.


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touring tall bike

what about the chain line? all your rear stays will probably be in the way

Rear stays

Yeah, good point.

I haven't gone beyond the "drawing" stage of this project, but the chain line would definitely need more consideration.

Recycled design

Greetings from the Davis Bike Church.

I see your design as the classic stack, but simply offset. Definately a good idea, except for large front wheel loading. However, I view odd handling is a must for such class of bicycle.

If you still view this page or are considering revamping this project, I recomend utilizing a steel luged large frame for the rear. Cut out the head tube carefully, and use the old lugs as guides for clamping onto the seat tube of the top frame. Then you can achieve a better fit before brazing. This also gets the right angle set up for clamping the drops on the top bike together to pinch and weld onto the top tube of the lower bike. This would angle the top bike back, leaning in the direction of a semi-recumb like one of those Electra Townies.

It'll kick the front fork out like crazy, but this whole design is abusive of the front anyway. Might want to use a stepthrough frame front section. And chain line won't be a problem. For neatness, you might want to do the tandem deal of three right side cranks, one on the top BB, two on the bottom BB.

Good luck.

Perhaps a bit over designed

Realize that this page is quite old, but here is hoping that the project is still going...

I put together a tall bike this weekend:

It was a simpler and shorter design then what you are going for, but I did learn one thing that might be applicable. Most of the tall bikes are over engineered; e.g. they have way more support pieces then needed. Keep it down to the essential triangles, make sure your connections are good (welding, brazing) and you should be solid.

+ it will roll better with round wheels :)

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