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  • Paton Rd. Pigeon Silhouettes   1 year 24 weeks ago

    This is a topic which is near to my heart... Best wishes!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

  • Westwood Theatre: Projector Room   1 year 24 weeks ago

    Best Home Theater Projector BenQ or Optoma

  • Mission St.: Cine Latino   1 year 26 weeks ago

    Your site is very nice thank you!

  • Balloon and Two Towers   1 year 26 weeks ago

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    Please let me know if this alright with you. Appreciate it!

  • Wobble   1 year 27 weeks ago

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  • Kaunas, Lithuania: Bike and Bookstore in the Old Town   2 years 14 weeks ago

    Amazing pic! - Kaunas, Lithuania: Bike and Bookstore in the Old Town. I like it.

  • Peach tree invaders   2 years 22 weeks ago

    This is "scale". If you google "Fruit tree scale" or other variations of that, you'll find plenty of info about these pests and how to control them.

  • Peach tree invaders   2 years 23 weeks ago

    I am looking for a pesticide to get rid of them and my question is whta should I look for.I have an apple tree.

  • Doors Open 2012: TTC Roncesvalles Carhouse   2 years 30 weeks ago

    could you tell me if your pigeons moved on or did they lay another egg or two on your balcony.

    I have had the same result in roughly the same timescale to 2 young chicks on my balcony, after a cold snap the last 2 days.

    The parents were still nursing 2 days ago, and roosting overnight in their usual spot. the night before yesterday she was still on the nest, but was often off the nest during the day. last night i checked on her twice, the first time she was on the nest, the 2nd time she had gone. When she was not on the nest this morning, i checked my shed to find that both chicks were on the ground dead. the parents had brought down the sticks of the nest to the ground where the chicks were now.

    later on this morning both parents were back trying to find the dead chicks.

    tonight neither bird were in their usual roost spots as one of them was using the nest site before she laid any eggs.

    if you could answer via your this page as i would prefer not to exchange emails. i hope that is all right for you.


  • Kaunas, Lithuania: Laisvės alėja and Šv. arkangelo Mykolo bažnyčia   2 years 44 weeks ago

    Sehr schöne Erinnerung an Litauenreise

    According to Google Translate: "Very nice reminder of Lithuania trip" -Vic

  • Westwood Theatre: Curtain Call   3 years 3 weeks ago
  • Westwood Theatre: Curtain Call   3 years 3 weeks ago

    Do you know where I could get a copy of a photo of opening night?

  • Peach tree invaders   3 years 23 weeks ago

    I am still trying to figure out what this is too. I have it on one of my trees and it is COVERED like crazy. I am pretty sure I will just cut the tree down. It seems easier that way then trying to save it. My tree looks awful too. the leaves are sparse and the ones that are there are dingy sticky and gross looking.

  • BANG!   3 years 27 weeks ago

    I used to go through a set of rims a year when I commuted in Scotland. I never once blew a rim, but had one start to split on the way home.

    Old rims - like the Rigidas I had on my 1983 Stumpjumper - were incredibly heavy. Old brake blocks were basically some class of rubber compound, but ever since Scott-Mathauser put rust particles in their blocks and found you could stop on a dime, rim wear is a big issue.

  • BANG!   3 years 29 weeks ago

    That's awesome how they let you ride your bike indoors. I wish they'd let me do that at my work. I'd be the first one to the cafeteria at lunch!

  • BANG!   3 years 29 weeks ago


    I've blown out a few tires, but never a rim. I always hear people say that rims should be treated as consumables, but I've never had to replace one because of brake wear; replacement because of a pothole-induced unrepairable dent always seems to come first.

  • BANG!   3 years 29 weeks ago

    Wow. I've always just accepted the wisdom that you need to replace worn rims without considering why. Thanks for showing me what can happen!

  • Make yourself at home   3 years 35 weeks ago

    Beards on the boys are a must.

  • Final ride on a TTC H4 Subway: The Big Vent   3 years 36 weeks ago

    "Excessively enthusiastic railfans are sometimes referred to pejoratively as foamers, especially by American rail workers, in reference to the joking notion that they foam at the mouth in their excitement over train operations." [Wikipedia]
    Wide-angle lenses tend to create wonderful distortions at the edges of the frame.

  • Final ride on a TTC H4 Subway: The Big Vent   3 years 36 weeks ago

    What is a foamer?

    That poor lady in the niqab doesn't seem happy that you're taking her picture. And her brother appears to have massive feet!

  • Final ride on a TTC H4 Subway: The Big Vent   3 years 37 weeks ago

    I was lucky that it was timed to easily fit into my regular commute.

  • Final ride on a TTC H4 Subway: The Big Vent   3 years 37 weeks ago

    I thought about making my way onto this train, but that whole getting-out-of-the-house-early-in-the-morning thing got in the way. I'm glad that the H4's victory lap was well-attended by fans.

  • Caltrain: Sunnyvale   4 years 5 weeks ago

    Vic, I cannot get the email address to work that is on the bottom:

    I saw your website with the beautiful photos - they are beautiful. The reason I am writing is that I am the Editor of the Polish Eaglet, journal of the Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan,, and writing a story on the Gedris family that settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    I will copy the first few paragraphs of the story below. I am trying to determine the ancestral village of the Gedris. The man that gave me some written material has Alzheimers Disease and cannot remember the village. I was wondering if you can aid me?

    Roger Laske
    Clinton twp, MI

    The Ideal Furniture Company and the Gedris Family of Grand Rapids, Michigan
    By William, Jr. and Harleae Gedris
    As I shake the family tree, I find there has been much about my ancestors that I did not know until I traced it back for this story. In the year 1854, George Gedris was born in a small border town , ______________, in Lithuania. His mother had lived across the border in Germany all her life until she had entered a crafts school to learn sewing. Here she met a young man from the neighboring country of Lithuania who had come to study furniture craft and to lean the German language.
    Young George grew up in a home where great stress was laid on the ability to read, write, and speak more than one language. His mother, ________, spoke French besides her native German and she, in time, grew to speak Lithuanian like a native. George’s father, _____________, spoke Lithuanian and Russian and his wife taught him to speak German more fluently.
    By the time young George was young man, the local government officials had begun to urge him to join the postal and customs service. He took a position in one of the customs houses on the border between Germany and Lithuania. When he left this service to come to America, he was speaking, reading, and writing seven languages.
    About the time he left this service, he married Mary Souker and they planned from the moment they were married toward the day when they would come to America. It was certain that they wanted their children to grow up in a free country where they would not be bound to military service. Finally, they decided the time to start had come.

  • Lego Mobster   4 years 8 weeks ago

    After the meeting, that evening, I was very excited to see that he was toting a suitcase full of old-school LEGO (and instruction books). But in my excitement, I'd neglected to introduce myself to him. So thanks for posting this photo, as I've been wondering who he is.

  • Lego Mobster   4 years 10 weeks ago

    I don't get it.

    In any case, it is not fair to make assumptions about people based on ethnic stereotypes. For all you know, he could be a Sumo wrestler. You just can't tell a book by it's cover. Racism ends with you and me.