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  • USB Mass Storage Devices (Compact Flash Card Readers) in Linux   10 years 26 weeks ago

    I was unable to mount my Treo 650 SD Card using Ubuntu 7.04, and now, thnaks to you, it works great!!!

    Your instructions were very clear and helpfull!


  • Vic's Tall-Bike   10 years 28 weeks ago

    Yeah, good point.

    I haven't gone beyond the "drawing" stage of this project, but the chain line would definitely need more consideration.

  • Vic's Tall-Bike   10 years 28 weeks ago

    what about the chain line? all your rear stays will probably be in the way

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 31 weeks ago

    I hate to break it to you but your "research" involving pigeons disease is way off. My father is losing vision in both eyes because of histoplasmosis that he acquired as a child playing in his grandfather's pigeon coop. Histoplasmosis is a common fungus to come in contact with, but can be dangerous in high quantities. Research has shown that the histoplasmosis thrives in pigeon droppings. While it may not be dangerous in small quantities, if you turn your balcony into a de facto pigeon coop, you may be at risk too. Remember that these birds are only natural to Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia, if you live outside of these areas and shelter these birds, you are helping to support a pest that is displacing the natural fauna of the area.

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 33 weeks ago

    I have spend hours planting veggies and all of my favorite flowers out on my balcony since I moved in in May. I chased the pigeons away whenever they came by but now they have laid eggs in one of my pots. I could never kill the eggs but now they have ruined my balcony oasis! I cant go out there without being attacked by the mother. It is August now, does this mean they will have my balcony until Sept??? Can I move the nest? Any ideas??

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 33 weeks ago

    So I found this pigeon nest in my balcony the other day and i see the pigeon sitting there most of the time every once in a while it stands up and moves around and there I see the two eggs. today I checked up on the nest and the pigeon was gone and there is only 1 egg left. Any idea what could have happened?

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 33 weeks ago

    I have 2 eggs on my terrance and I am scared to go on my own terreance. The mom does not move I am scared should I get them removed? How long is it going to be before they leave.

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 33 weeks ago

    There are two eggs on my balcony and the mom has not been back in two days. Did she abandon them? Or is it normal to leave eggs for so long. I don't want a horrible smell out there.

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 35 weeks ago

    Please Advise, My balcony Pigeon friend has left the nest after a month of tending to the two eggs. Are the eggs not alive? Your comments and information would be appreciated. Thank you. Randy Lee

  • The Long Way Home: Port Credit and Etobicoke   10 years 39 weeks ago

    Hi Vic;

    years ago ('bout 20) i used to commute from East York to CarlingView Dr. Often followed the southerly ravines on the way home; Etobicoke Creek, Mimico Creek, and Humber river paths. Back in those days i enjoyed the meandering, and various stopping and observing points, but it was before digital cameras, so i rarely took photos. Nice to see yours; brings back memories.................


  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 40 weeks ago

    How Can I Move A Pigeon Nest With Eggs

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 40 weeks ago

    Hey i have 2 baby pigeons on my balcony I noticed the eggs about a month ago and decided to leave them there but thing is don't they carry diseases? I have a dog that goes out on the balcony to pee will it hurt her in any way? I even took pics of the eggs and pigeon i wanted to watch them hatch but i missed it would have been interesting to watch. The pigeons nest is behind a piece of board i had stuck up there werid how they just layed the eggs there knowing we come in and out of the balcony. Well hope to hear from someone soon

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 40 weeks ago

    I loved your story about the Tokyo pigeon family.
    I also seem to be a pigeon magnet or rather my balcony is.
    I have tried numerous times to chase away a very determined pair with no success. They have now managed to lay two eggs on the part of the balcony I have not fenced off. The rest of my balcony is fenced off as for the past 7months I've had a rescue pigeon that I found, thought would die but after mashing up seeds and plenty of TLC it is now ridiculously tame,it loves to be fussed, has an annoying habit of sitting on my shoulder and falling asleep and makes a strange coo noise if ignored. It will never beable to fly again due to the injury sustained. So it has become the new lodger and lives with me in my flat. It has become a great companion and pet Much to the disguist of many a friend. I got so fed up with so many banging on about how they are vermin, covered in disease can kill humans etc. I decided to do some research and as predicted it is a total myth, blatant propaganda spread in the 1980s by a billion dollar pest control industry so have no fear you will not catch any deadly lurgy.

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 41 weeks ago

    Here is a link to pigeon diseases and what they can do to humans.

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 43 weeks ago

    no they are not dead because i got told that they can hatch from march to june so leave it for some weeks a reserch on the internet because i am in the same situation like you and do not tuch the nest because the mom pigeonwill no return then the pigeon eggs will be dead

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 44 weeks ago

    I found a Pigeon nest on my balcony, as well. I destroyed it thinking that if I did this the Pigeons would nest elsewhere. The same two pigeons, one fat and whitish grey the other skinny and mostly grey with a hint of green were sill flapping and crapping around my porch. I often work at home so I bought a squirt gun and any time I saw them land on my balcony I'd aim for their eye but was lucky to even hit them on a feather. They're not quick but my screen door is very noisy.

    Anyway, one day after grilling steaks I thought I'd put the grill cover back on; seeing as my grill is one of the few items on my porch that is not covered in spattered pigeon poop. The cover had been sitting out for a few hours, I went to grab it and nearly #@!% my pants. Apparently a pigeon was under or inside it. When I finally got the cover back on my grill and looked back at the spot where the grill cover temporarily sat, I found a cracked egg.

    I must admit I felt a little guilty but I'd already had a few evening cocktails so my sensitive nature was soon washed away. "At least," I thought, "The Pigeons are sure to stay away this time."

    Only problem is, just the other day, about a week or so after the first egg grill cover incident, I discovered another nest between two folded lawn chairs stacked between my dryer (yes this on my balcony, too) and my air conditioner unit. This time the nest contained two eggs and I conceded defeat.

    I've decided, especially after reading the many posts, diseases or no diseases, I will help the plumb whitish grey (I've now named her Edna) and the thin grayish green (Chuck)live to see their dreams of a family in all its glory on my balcony in Tokyo, Japan.

    I hope the little buggers hatch soon and fly away free.

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 44 weeks ago

    well if you are pregnant keep away from them its simple

  • Rubbermaid Bike Trailer   10 years 45 weeks ago

    Hi Tom!

    It's not the heavy-duty trailer, just the regular one. I think if I were to buy one again just for cargo purposes, I'd opt of the heavy-duty so I could carry heavier stuff without any fear.

    This one came with my Bike Friday folding bike, and is used for towing the suitcase trailer that the bike packs into. It's beefy enough for carrying camping equipment and other loads, but I don't think I would put TOO much stuff on it.

    It makes a great grocery-getter!

    I just saw the pics that Brenda emailed me. AWESOME! It's really alot of fun moving stuff by bike. It can seem un-doable at first, but it's pretty easy with the right equipment once you get started.


  • Rubbermaid Bike Trailer   10 years 46 weeks ago

    Nice! I just looked at the website, is that the heavy-duty? Did you order online? I'd like to hear updates on the performance... I think Brenda just e-mailed you, but check out our trailer adventures on her facebook page... man, there's nothing quite like hauling a filing cabinet through Chinatown!

  • Pigeon Eggs   10 years 48 weeks ago

    I think you should do your research. Pigeons in fact carry diseases such as cyptoccosis, histoplasma,and toxoplasmis(which is very serious if inhaled by a pregnant women).

  • Smokers Have it Rough   10 years 48 weeks ago

    not really the place to type this but I could'nt leave a comment on the picture of you hanging upside down from a tree kissing Jen, we really like that pic here and had a laugh :-D

  • Smokers Have it Rough   10 years 49 weeks ago

    Rans Rocket (red one) and the Giro 20,, I hope to buy one of them tommorow :-D,,,,,,,,,,,, pipe and driving the bike lol nope but I did smoke the odd joint on the fixed gear 8^p

  • Smokers Have it Rough   10 years 49 weeks ago

    Cool! Which bikes are you testing?

    I definitely think a pipe smoker would look stylish riding a recumbent trike. :)


  • Smokers Have it Rough   10 years 49 weeks ago

    I smoke a pipe so there :-p ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I go for the test rides on the bents Saturday :-D

  • The Long Way Home: Port Credit and Etobicoke   10 years 50 weeks ago

    Hey Jason,

    Yeah, it's a bit far to go every day, but nice when I have the time and energy!

    Another good one that I just did earlier this week was riding into Toronto, then north up to the Eglinton Ave. bikeway, then down the Humber River. When I move closer to downtown, I could extend this by riding all the way down to the lake, and then back up to my new place.....for a nice long S-shaped fun commute.

    Still have to do the "Campute" someday!