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  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 43 weeks ago

    I have been watching a pair of pigeons nest outside my flat and she layed 2 eggs but in the early hours of this morning someone threw and litre bottle of water at them now their gone but i have looked around and they are nowhere in sight and now i have the eggs i need to know how to incubate them and then what do i feed them and how often if they hatch?

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 46 weeks ago

    can i suck ur EGGS

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 46 weeks ago

    Same thing happened to me but now I have two baby chicks living under my bbq cover....yikes!

  • Cyclists Dismount   6 years 49 weeks ago

    I hate that stretch. I sometimes cruise very slowly on the sidewalk (the only time I ever take to the sidewalk) as long as there are no peds. I must have missed those signs. I'd really like the city to do something there, and not just for cyclists. That piece of Bloor is a blight in every way.

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 50 weeks ago

    i have or should i say had 2 pigeons and one die they have eggs in my pot plant the other still sits on there is it able to take care of them by its self?

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 51 weeks ago

    Hi there just wondering if you came up with anything on how to care for your eggs as my partner moved the nest off his fishing gear the other day to the other side of the balcony and as expected the parents flew away and didnt come back.

    Thanks Tara x

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 5 days ago

    Can domestic pigeons carry diseases?

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 1 week ago

    it was probably the father.
    the father lays on the egg during the day
    and then mother comes at night.
    usually pretty late

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 1 week ago

    I found a pigeon eggs on a beach. It was REALLY cold outside and I'm worried it will die. I read one of the articles above and put it in warm water, but I don't know how long to keep it in it or what. I don't know what to do and don't have a clue about bird eggs. Could you help me, please? I really don't want it to die.

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 2 weeks ago

    I was decorating my living room and had to put some stuff on my balcony to make space. Included was a large travel bag with wheels on.

    Anyway the next day when I went to get the stuff back in I noticed that there were a whole bunch of twigs inside the bag. So I left it.

    A few days later I noticed a single egg in there!! Hahaha.. two days after that there were two eggs. Mummy pigeon is sitting on them all the time now and I leave her bread each day. These particular birds are not that timid at all as they don't seem to mind me coming or going from the balcony. They were probably born there themselves and are used to people coming and going.. Can't wait to see the babies.. :)

    See pics here.

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 4 weeks ago

    I too was so frustrated with 2 pigeons on my balcony and railing and I would shoo them away. I get a call from my son this afternoon and he lets me know that we have a nest and egg on the balcony in the corner underneath a few stacked chairs! Looks like I am going to be a grandma! Going on line to find out what to do - and I see your comments! Hey that is my story.
    What does one do once the egg is hatched....and the baby is able to fly away? I don't want them back - any suggestions?

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 5 weeks ago

    if you find a pigeon nest it will take about 18 to 22 days old before eggs hatch this will be there home they will not fly away and stay away most times they will come back. they can take care for them selfs after about 4 weeks. what to do if you find a pigeon if pigeon can not fly place it in a box with some strew or wood shavings not to deep. place a small pot of water and some bird seed corn etc bread is not good you can give rice for a few days if thats or you have.make shore bird can see what its eating not to dark in the box. what to do if you find pigeon with ring band on most racing pigons stop off for a few days for a rest bite to eat and drink and want to get back home to wife kids etc.most times you can find the phone number of owner on the pigeon if you open wing you might see a stamp on top of feathers with num or a name and number on leg hope this as been some help to you

  • Lots of walking this winter   7 years 7 weeks ago

    I look at all your pictures :-p

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 9 weeks ago

    NOW that i took the eggs the mother pigeon wont take em back obviously as we all know... so now i gotta take care of em or as my parents/bro say throw them in the bin... i do not want to do that. so please tell me any ideas of how to take care of pigeon eggs.. eg (put them in a box etc etc). ty

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 9 weeks ago

    how can u be so crul and take the eggs man the mom and dad can die from worring 2 much and i bet you kill animals 2 god i hate u im such an animal lover i will never hurt them im there friends u are such a crule person so dont kill animals anymore got got me punk

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 9 weeks ago

    you are so crul u eat baby pegon eggs man talk about you hate birds and mabey your a animal killer godddddddddddd how can u be so crul to animals

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 10 weeks ago

    Hey Vanessa,

    Rod The Roller Guy ( i raise Tumbler pigeons ) feral wild pigeons can sometimes carry diseases... though nothing to alarm the national gaurd.... lol.... it all depends wether there scrounging for food, though most wild pigeons are perfectly fine.... there just as any other bird that flys, succeptible to any disease... though praise the eggs of an extrodinary performing athlete of the blue sky as theyve been around for many of years..... did you know theses guys can stay a flight for hours.... pigeons are not that nasty /messy as one would think, though i know you see the wild pigeon on on buildings as in your case your balcony.... thats covered with poop.... and your like eeeeeewwwwwww!!!!! thats because there not on there diet, or with a trainer or in a loft... and know they want harm the dog just dont let him eat the pigeon or the poop if any.....

    Have a nest day....

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 10 weeks ago

    i wouldn't eat a pigeon egg

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 10 weeks ago

    I hear you should only turn your pigeon egg at least twice a day

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 13 weeks ago

    i just discovered an egg in my planter today.what do i do to make sure it does not die? the pigeon seems to get scared whenever i hav a look at it, it moves away as soon as i get closer. so any advice?when will it hatch & what should i do when t hatches? how long will it say in my planter after that?

  • Weekend Bike Tour to Darlington Provincial Park   7 years 18 weeks ago

    I live in Bowmanville and the Oshawa to Port Hope ride along the Waterfront Trail is one of my favorite rides. Very little traffic along Lakeshore rd, and the scenery is beautiful. As you ride east from Newcastle you notice the drumlins created in the last ice age. Very nice rolling terrain as you go East.

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 20 weeks ago

    I had a injured pigeon, and it diddn't eat or drink so I started asking people what pigeons eat. Soon I found that it like some peach and some soaked breads, but they wont it them while your watching so leave it alone some where quiet and see what happens the next day!!!

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 25 weeks ago

    i have a piegon that is injured a car hit it. its foot is crushed i am trying to keep it warm and with food and water it wont eat or drink any sujestions!!!

  • USB Mass Storage Devices (Compact Flash Card Readers) in Linux   7 years 27 weeks ago

    I was unable to mount my Treo 650 SD Card using Ubuntu 7.04, and now, thnaks to you, it works great!!!

    Your instructions were very clear and helpfull!


  • Vic's Tall-Bike   7 years 29 weeks ago

    Yeah, good point.

    I haven't gone beyond the "drawing" stage of this project, but the chain line would definitely need more consideration.