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  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 16 weeks ago

    Dogs also inhale pigeon pop and get crytococs or how ever it is spelled and get extreamly sick and need to be treated with medication that cost 600 a month for 5 months!!!!

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 17 weeks ago

    Except for the purposes of study and curiousity, anyone who raises wild pigeons is cracked! I am sick and tired of cleaning up the poop on my balcony and finding my flowers flattened from being sat on and pecked at. As far as I'm concerned, pigeons are no better than flying rats! If you find a fresh newly hatched egg, my advice would be to take it inside and make an omelette. MMMM

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 21 weeks ago

    i went out on the balcony and sore 3 eggs in the corner and i think there pigeon eggs lol but how long is it b4 they hatch please im not sure about this its new my 1st time seeing the eggs

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 21 weeks ago


    I have come upon two pigeon eggs.. I would like to raise them.. But i have no idea how to keep them warm or anything? please help!

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 22 weeks ago

    OK, here goes a little info for those who care for our feathered friends. If you come out on your balcony one day and you see (1) egg, just let it be. The second egg won't be laid for about 44 hours and during those first 44 hours between the first egg and the second egg the pigeons don't worry too much about staying on the egg. After the second egg is laid, then the parents will start to sit on the eggs earnestly, the dad during the day and the mom during the night. Also once the second egg is laid, whoever is sitting on the egg will (or should) be very protective of them and possibly bat their wing at you or peck at you. They are just trying to be good parents. Side note: If you saw a single egg and took it inside, the second egg will probably not be laid. You can try to incubate the egg but, if it does hatch you do have a distinct problem of trying to reproduce pigeon milk since they are not self sufficient like a baby chicken is when hatched. The mom and dad will notice that there is no more egg and try to get back to the business of making babies again, so... about another 14 days or so before another set of eggs may be laid. Back to the rest, once the second egg is laid, both should hatch on or about the 18th day. The mom and dad will both take turns feeding the young ones and they should be ready to leave the nest in about 30 days. Homing pigeons (Rock Doves) have been serving man for thousands of years. Good Luck!

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 22 weeks ago

    About two weeks ago i realised that there was a pigeon nest in my palm tree, we have a cat and unfortunately it killed one of the pigeons, i believe it was the mother as we still have one at the nest during the day, i am woriied that the father wont be able to keepp them alive if they still are alive as the nights are cold, also the nest doesnt look quit stable, but im afraid if i desturb it the father mught not return to it. the father doesnt sit on the eggs but beside them. im not sure what this mean s or wether i should care for them. i read that you were in a similar situation and i was wondering if you had any information that might help me with what i should do. please help!

  • Vic's Tall-Bike   6 years 22 weeks ago

    Realize that this page is quite old, but here is hoping that the project is still going...

    I put together a tall bike this weekend:

    It was a simpler and shorter design then what you are going for, but I did learn one thing that might be applicable. Most of the tall bikes are over engineered; e.g. they have way more support pieces then needed. Keep it down to the essential triangles, make sure your connections are good (welding, brazing) and you should be solid.

    + it will roll better with round wheels :)

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 30 weeks ago

    you guys get pretty pissed when someone hurts a pigeon where i work there is atleast 20 pigeons and no one has got sick from them and weve had pigeons for over 7 years now i am not saying they dont have these diseses but any way if some one wants to hurt the pigeans let them do what they want you are just giving them what they want every time you say your curl thats what they want to here why do you think the do it but i have an egg at my work and the mom left for a good 3 hours now is the egg dead or is it still alive

  • Cyclists Dismount   6 years 34 weeks ago

    Hi Dougal,

    On May 12 2004, a 29 year old cyclist named Gaelen Kuellmer was hit by a truck and killed in the Dupont/Dundas underpass.

    Last summer I also saw a cyclist being tended to by police and EMS in the same place. Fortunately, the guy was OK and it looked like he just had abrasions on his legs.

    I ride through that underpass often, as it's part of my commute. I have seen people do stupid things through there, like changing lanes quickly without signaling while turning the blind corner going westbound. Eastbound, I find that motorists often zoom through there very quickly, as if they're racing to be the first one to the next light, or to where the road narrows to two lanes.

  • Cyclists Dismount   6 years 35 weeks ago

    I also agree about that stretch of Bloor Street. I find all railway underpasses like that to be scary, especially the one at Dupont/Annette and Dundas because it not only underpasses but also turns to the right. I think it may be more apparent that real, though, how many cyclist actually get hit in underpasses?


  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 39 weeks ago


    Ok there is a mother pigeon who has laid 2 eggs.
    She has layed them in our balcony just right behind our BBQ place.
    The way we realised they were there is because me nd my mum was going to clean out the balcony because it had pigeon poop everywhere and all done the walls of the balcony.
    My mum pulled out the BBQ place not knowing there was 2 eggs underneath it and found them in a bundle of twigs
    Everyday the mum and dad visit the eggs but..................
    Ok i went out to check on the eggs 5 mins ago apart from it is very cold and dark so i couldn't see the eggs and got worried. I grabbed my torch and had a look at the eggs.I found the mother and got a little fright when i saw her.I thought because i accidental suddenly moved she would have run off...........but no she was not moving when thats what she normally does.I was so close to her,the most closest i have ever been to a pigeon before,and the whole time she just nudged and lookd at me.She nudged over a little more and i could have sworn i saw a teeny little crack in the egg.I had only had the egg for about 4 days.Maybe it got a bit squashed.The mother was really not budging and didnt even bother about me.So i went back out the vranda and i can't wait till tommorrow to see what has happened to them since it will be lighter tommorrow

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 42 weeks ago

    Pigeons must really like balconies. Me and a friend live in an apartment building in Thailand and both of us ended up with pigeon nests on our balconies. He threw his eggs off the bacony but I couldn't no matter how annoying the parents are. Mom's pretty good with them she's out there night and day unless I need to get something from the balcony and bug her.

  • Pigeon Eggs   6 years 42 weeks ago

    Hi. i found the egg today. its early febuary so im worried it might die from the cold. the parents are there, but dont sit on it often. will it be okay???
    also, my mum will sometimes smoke (:P) out on the balcony. if she keeps to the other side, will she still scare the parents away?
    also i tore up soem paper towel when the parents were not there for them to make a nest with. they dont have one. the egg is just underneath a chair on some green carpet like stuff.

  • Vic's Tall-Bike   6 years 51 weeks ago

    Greetings from the Davis Bike Church.

    I see your design as the classic stack, but simply offset. Definately a good idea, except for large front wheel loading. However, I view odd handling is a must for such class of bicycle.

    If you still view this page or are considering revamping this project, I recomend utilizing a steel luged large frame for the rear. Cut out the head tube carefully, and use the old lugs as guides for clamping onto the seat tube of the top frame. Then you can achieve a better fit before brazing. This also gets the right angle set up for clamping the drops on the top bike together to pinch and weld onto the top tube of the lower bike. This would angle the top bike back, leaning in the direction of a semi-recumb like one of those Electra Townies.

    It'll kick the front fork out like crazy, but this whole design is abusive of the front anyway. Might want to use a stepthrough frame front section. And chain line won't be a problem. For neatness, you might want to do the tandem deal of three right side cranks, one on the top BB, two on the bottom BB.

    Good luck.

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 16 weeks ago

    i have a pigeon egg and it fell and cracked when i was roationg it on the heating mat?
    Will it live or die now that the egg is cracked? i mean its still in its little skin bubble

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 18 weeks ago

    We have a family of wood pigeons on our balcony. Delighted. Should I try to feed the parents. They are very used to me as I see them every day. The little ones are days old. The parents are devoted. Can I help them or should I forget about food and water. Thanks

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 21 weeks ago

    I own 6 homing pigeons, my first ever egg was one I had found in the care home I worked in when I was 18. I accidently scared the hen off, as they werent allowed in the old folks' rooms and as I walked past a table, I notice a small nest with an egg. It was near the end of my shift when I found it and I'd heard about the other staff smashing the eggs when they were found but I didnt have the heart to do that and wrapped the little thing in a dusting cloth to take home! When I got there I emptied my top drawer, laid out a towel and put two lamps in it, along with as thermometer and the little egg itself. I had figured that the pigeon had not been there long, a couple of hours maxium so the little egg was still on its first day of incubation. I turned it often and checked its progress everyday and sure enough on the 6th day I had a look and I could see little outspread veins like a spider. It was very exciting.

    On the 17th day I went for the morning check up and there was a small crack near the air pocket at the tip of the egg. I wasnt sure how long it would take the little fella but sure enough 10 hours later, he was out! He grew up to be a fine young pigeon, he was very beautiful and softly cooed to me when he saw me, and his name was Chippy.

    Some of your stories are lovely, I must say do not give up on your eggs if you decide to look after some as some are slow to come out, just like with human pregnancy. If you do not like pigeons, do not touch them or their nests, just leave them be as they are not out to hurt anyone.

    As for diseases, yes pigeons do carry diseases, but they only catch them from the outdoors that we let feral pigeons live in. New eggs will be harmless to humans, so long as you do not let them come into contact with a feral (street) pigeon.

    If you are not sure what to feed your pigeons, I suggest that for squabs (the babies) you feed them crop milk formula. Any avarian milk formula will do, but baby parrot milk formula is the best, as pigeons are close relatives to the parrot. If you cannot get hold of any crop formula or its an emergency feed for a squab, soak some hemp seeds until they are mushy and feed them with tweezers or a pippet. When they are about two weeks old, try to wean them on to hemp seeds solid, and a dish of water.

    As for looking after eggs, keep them about 90 - 95 F. Make sure you turn them regularly, but stop this after 15 days.

    I wish you all the best of luck with your pigeons!

  • Pigeon Chick   7 years 22 weeks ago

    can someone help me !!! ok so a pigon had 2 eggs n one of my upstairs bed rooms now 2 lovly lil chicks but i need that room what do i do i tryd to move them down stars n the pigon kept comein bk to the other window n now i have them n one room with the window open i need help or how long till they fly away

  • Burnhamthorpe Credit River Bridge   7 years 22 weeks ago

    I agree with your points and feel saddened by this incident. I have seen bridges (Danforth bridge in Toronto) that not only have higher rails but actually have wire barrier to prevent anyone from even coming close to falling off the bridge.

    Cyclists are supposed to dismount and walk their bicycles over a bridge. It's a safety issue and a proactive measure to prevent any accidents. I would never ride a bike across a bridge, especially near the railing. One is better off to ride in the designated bicycle lanes on the street, though getting hit by a car becomes the risk.

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Same jokes even...

    Don't know how my mom found your blog, but she forwarded your pigeon story to me after having read mine. Check it out at Montreal-la-la

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 26 weeks ago

    I have been watching a pair of pigeons nest outside my flat and she layed 2 eggs but in the early hours of this morning someone threw and litre bottle of water at them now their gone but i have looked around and they are nowhere in sight and now i have the eggs i need to know how to incubate them and then what do i feed them and how often if they hatch?

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 29 weeks ago

    can i suck ur EGGS

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 29 weeks ago

    Same thing happened to me but now I have two baby chicks living under my bbq cover....yikes!

  • Cyclists Dismount   7 years 32 weeks ago

    I hate that stretch. I sometimes cruise very slowly on the sidewalk (the only time I ever take to the sidewalk) as long as there are no peds. I must have missed those signs. I'd really like the city to do something there, and not just for cyclists. That piece of Bloor is a blight in every way.

  • Pigeon Eggs   7 years 33 weeks ago

    i have or should i say had 2 pigeons and one die they have eggs in my pot plant the other still sits on there is it able to take care of them by its self?