Ice Bike Racing: Studded bike tire

Icycle 2010: Ice bike races at Dufferin Grove Park. Here's a close-up view of a home-made studded bike tire. It's basically a regular bike tire with a bunch of metal screws stuck through it to give maximum traction on the ice. Commercially-made studded tires are nowhere near as aggressive as these!

This is the last on the ice bike photos for the blog. You can view the rest of them in my gallery posted here.


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Hi Vic!

Go to see what you're up to, looks like you've to been staying active and enjoying yourself. The Junction, eh, wasn't there a horror story on W5 of a pop and son team and their dopey pitbull terrorizing a dear old widow in the other half of the double and the Ernest Ave. neighbours in general. Freaking scary!

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