Kaunas, Lithuania: Laisvės alėja and Šv. arkangelo Mykolo bažnyčia

Laisvės alėja (Liberty Boulevard) is a pedestrian street in the "new town" of Kaunas, Lithuania. When people go to Kaunas, they tend to gravitate towards this street, as it's very central to the most touristy parts of the city, connecting the old town to the new town. We were very lucky to stay in a relative's apartment just a couple of blocks from where this photo was taken. It's interesting to note that in a case of horrible irony, this street was re-named "Stalino prospektas" for a period during the Soviet occupation.

At the east end of Laisvės alėja is Šv. arkangelo Mykolo bažnyčia (St. Michael the Archangel Church). Built at the end of the 19th century, it provides a stunning focal point at the end of the tree-lined street.


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Sehr schöne Erinnerung an

Sehr schöne Erinnerung an Litauenreise

According to Google Translate: "Very nice reminder of Lithuania trip" -Vic

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