Mosėdis, Lithuania: Red Bike

Mosėdis, Lithuania: Red Bike

I had never heard of the town of Mosėdis in northern Lithuania until the day that Eglė and Saulius took us there. It was a total surprise, off the beaten path, and absolutely gorgeous there. I'm so glad we had such excellent relatives / tour guides!

Mosėdis is basically a small town that is known for its rock collection, rock museum, rocks on display all over town, and rocks everywhere! More on that later.

This photo, however, doesn't really focus on rocks. As we walked past this building, a veterinary pharmacy, I spotted a bunch of bikes parked up against it. So of course I stopped to snap a few photos. Here's the red bike.

See also: Green Bike and Blue Bike.


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labai grazi nuotrauka. ryt

labai grazi nuotrauka. ryt kaiptik lekiu aplankyt kapeliu ir mociutes i mosedi.

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