Dundas and Bloor: The Crossways

Dundas and Bloor: The Crossways

The Crossways: An often-maligned residential tower / office complex / mini-mall on the north-east corner of Dundas and Bloor.

Personally, I don't think it's as ugly as some people say it is, and I often find that it's practical (at least the drug store and bank). The jerry-can-in-a-shopping-cart sure gives it a bit of a ghetto feeling though.


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oft-maligned residential towers

The expression "oft-maligned residential towers" brings to mind a flood of memories. There are two towers with a mall underneath between them. On the 2nd floor there is access to an amazing terrace (the roof of the Mall basically) stretching between the two towers which included tennis courts, a swimming pool and other things tenants would find enjoyable. Actually the access is blocked and the terrace is not used and in 1998 was getting dilapidated. Unless new owners and developers have come along this is probably still the case.

I lived there 1996-1998. I lived on the 2nd floor and often crawled out the window and wandered the terrace dreaming of better times and imagining what it could have been. All this to say that the apartments were quite nice, and the residential complex had a lot of potential. I loved the Mall underneath, and the convenient access to the TTC.

However, what was not good about it were the cockroaches. It is what got me started on researching how to control them when evidently the professional pest control companies had to treat the place regularly three to four times a year. I actually figured out how to handle the situation and proposed the plan to the administration and started generating a tenant awareness campaign but before I could mount the plan I had to move back to Montreal. I wonder if the towers are still infested?


i have never felt that the dissing that the crossways gets it fully justified; think it's the anti suburban mall/developer subculture that we 'urbanPunk' wannabees search 4.

Same with "B"bloor.

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