Paton Rd. Pigeon Silhouettes

Paton Rd. Pigeon Silhouettes

Someone hung these pigeon silhouettes on the fence of the former TTC streetcar yard at Lansdowne and Paton. There are a few other silhouettes hung on this fence too, adding a bit of life to the fence around this derelict property.


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Silhouettes at Lansdowne/Paton

Hey Vic - did you ever learn how those silhouettes got there?? They're lovely, and I'm so curious about their origins.

Lansdowne silhouettes


I'm not sure who the artist is, and I don't know the whole story behind it. When I took this photo, there were just a couple of silhouettes up, but now obviously alot more. I need to take more pics :)

I bet someone in the DIGIN crowd knows. I should ask them. I know it's come up in conversation before, but I can't remember the details. Certainly Giambrone's office would know too.


Hi Vic! I asked this question

Hi Vic!

I asked this question of Torontoist and here's their reply:

The artists are Scott Eunson and Marianne Lovink. Very cool!


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