Paton Rd. and Erwin Krickhahn Park

Paton Rd. and Erwin Krickhahn Park

I went out for a walk around the neighbourhood on Thursday after work. First stop: The new Erwin Krickhahn Park extension at the corner of Rankin Cres. and Paton Rd.

The stump of Paton Rd. next to the railway tracks was dug up and re-allocated to the park last Fall. It was great to see this stump of asphalt converted into something nicer. It's still undecided what the final form of this new bit of parkland will be: Maybe a community garden, and extension of the grass field, or....??? A couple of years ago, the idea of putting a community garden in this park was somewhat controversial (to put it mildly). The next community meeting about this park's future should be interesting.


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