Peach tree invaders

Peach tree invaders

Our peach tree has been having a bit of a rough time this year. It has been affected by a fungus called "peach leaf curl", so it has lost many leaves and we also had to remove all of the fruit that was starting to grow. This will allow the tree to focus its efforts on healthy leaves, rather than producing fruit.

More recently, I noticed these strange circular black things all over the tree. Sort of like little black half-balls, a couple of millimetres big, clustered in various places around the tree. When I pick them off, they're sort of squishy and juicy. Still not sure what they are. Any ideas?

UPDATE: This is a form of fruit tree scale. Typically controlled by washing, horticultural oil spray, etc.


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same red squishy bugs

Any solution presented for your peach tree parasite problem. I've got a whole cherry plum tree infested with them and at least one more partially infested, and part of an apple tree. I have not even looked at the other trees. I'm afraid of the potential size of this problem.

Anyway, if you find out what they are please contact me. Contact me even if you don't and I will let you know when I find out.

Thanks for your post!

go to a garden centre

If you go to a garden centre, someone should be able to guide you. I have a similar issue with bugs on my grapevine that eat the leaves. I was sold a hippy, non-so-toxic to humans, "natural" tree hugger/birkenstock wearer-approved product that you spray on in early spring. It really mitigates the problem. If I get a chance, I can let you know what it's called. But it might not work on your bugs.

Still researching

I am still trying to figure out what this is too. I have it on one of my trees and it is COVERED like crazy. I am pretty sure I will just cut the tree down. It seems easier that way then trying to save it. My tree looks awful too. the leaves are sparse and the ones that are there are dingy sticky and gross looking.

these small black balls are fungus or something else

I am looking for a pesticide to get rid of them and my question is whta should I look for.I have an apple tree.

Fruit tree scale

This is "scale". If you google "Fruit tree scale" or other variations of that, you'll find plenty of info about these pests and how to control them.

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