Montreal: Bixi on Boulevard de Maisonneuve

Montreal: Bixi on Boulevard de Maisonneuve

After a nice evening out in Montreal, Jen and I borrowed some Bixi bikes to ride back to our hotel.

Here's Jen riding along the segregated bike path on Boulevard de Maisonneuve.

We really loved the Bixi bikes in Montreal. What an incredibly convenient system! They're hoping to start up a Bixi system in Toronto next year, and this trip to Montreal convinced me to subscribe for Toronto's program. Even though I have my own bikes, I can see the benefit of just being able to hop on a bike just about anywhere, and drop it off at another station, without worrying about theft etc.


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Montreal Too!

Cool, I also recently visited Toronto and reviewed the bike lanes there, with a view to their applicability in Ottawa:

(My post on the Bixi system will be later in the series).

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