Absolute Mississauga

Absolute Mississauga

September 20, 2010. This pair of condo buildings in the "Absolute" development at the corner of Hurontario and Burnhamthorpe in Mississauga is really coming along quite nicely. I work right nearby, so I've been watching these things slowly rise and take shape.

The architecture is fantastic, daring, and definitely eye-catching. Because of their location and size, you can see them from very far away in almost any direction. They're already dominating Mississauga's skyline and they aren't even finished yet. These are practically Mississauga's CN Tower.

I love the way these towers look, and I would really like to see the view from the top. Other photographers have been there, and posted some photos online.... The looks are great, but the location stinks in my opinion. I wouldn't want to live in Mississauga, especially around here where the whole place is basically surrounded by acres of parking lots, big busy roads, other sparse tall buildings, and a shopping mall. Hopefully it improve over time. The small ravine just to the east of the buildings is kind of nice, and it would be a really short walk to work! But still, not thanks...

More of my own photos, from ground level, are here.


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Marilyn towers

they are really remarkable. It's too bad they're in Mississauga. As for your desire to see the view from the top, I suspect the best view from up there would be looking straight down, watching the curves pull away and back as the tower descends.

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