Amanda's awesome tree jack-o-lantern

Amanda's awesome tree jack-o-lantern

Halloween, October 31 2010. Jen and I always carve our own jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, but I don't think ours turned out as artistically awesome as Amanda's tree-pumpkin.

Amanda, our upstairs neighbour Mark's girlfriend, is a tree-nerd who works for LEAF, so this bit of artwork is totally appropriate. The spiral pumpkin is Mark's creation. They also set up a "candy cannon" to shoot chocolate bars down a pipe from our balcony into the kids' candy bags. So much fun. Thanks guys!

A few more photos from Halloween at home are posted here.


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White Pine

great shot Vic! The tree is a white pine (tree nerds need that level of detail- about trees anyway) and the spiral is just a spiral and calling it a "candy cannon" sounds a lot nicer than "stripper pole" which is apparently what it is. thanks for the shots!

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