Graffiti Manners

Graffiti Manners

February 22, 2011, in a laneway off of Herman Ave. behind the Loblaws near Dundas and Bloor.


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little punks

I would make the little punks who deface beautiful buildings like that lick the paint off, even if it means 8 hour shifts (with 2 fifteen minute breaks and a thirty minute lunch break) 5 days a week for 5 years, or until all the paint is gone. And each day would be "Take Parents to Work Day". That would teach those little punks!

Would that teach the lil

Would that teach the lil punks? I bet you'd try that and they'd fuck you up, why don't you try wondering WHY someone is driven to go put art out in the public, where society doesn't want to see it.

Why don't you pull your head out of your ass and pull the shit chunks off of your eyelashes... there is an entire world above your head...

Grow some balls gedris, softy.

Hello Mr. Potty Mouth, You

Hello Mr. Potty Mouth,

You should have understood "I would" as "If I could, I would...." More to the point, you should have taken that to mean, "If I had the coercive elements of the state at my disposal, I would....." Regardless, I doubt the little pimple face would "f" me up (to borrow from your lexicon), regardless of whether or not I have a legion of goons at my side. I'm a pretty tough guy, you know!

By the way, that's not art. That's some little punk's vandalism.

Finally, I do have a set of balls. Quite a set! I am extremely virile and can demonstrate with family photos the good use that I've put them to.

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