Final ride on a TTC H4 Subway: The Big Vent

Final ride on a TTC H4 Subway: The Big Vent

January 27, 2012.  This morning was  the final run for the TTC's last remaining H4 subway train.  These beauties were known for their faux wood paneling, 1970's colour scheme, cushy vinyl seats, and huge ceiling vents but no air conditioning. I was able to take this train on it's final run from Keele Station to Kipling, and then back one station to Islington.  Yes, the train was full of other foamers / railfans / transit geeks / photographers.


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I'm jealous

I thought about making my way onto this train, but that whole getting-out-of-the-house-early-in-the-morning thing got in the way. I'm glad that the H4's victory lap was well-attended by fans.

I was lucky that it was timed

I was lucky that it was timed to easily fit into my regular commute.

What is a foamer? That poor

What is a foamer?

That poor lady in the niqab doesn't seem happy that you're taking her picture. And her brother appears to have massive feet!


"Excessively enthusiastic railfans are sometimes referred to pejoratively as foamers, especially by American rail workers, in reference to the joking notion that they foam at the mouth in their excitement over train operations." [Wikipedia]
Wide-angle lenses tend to create wonderful distortions at the edges of the frame.

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