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Ice Bike Racing: Elite Rubber Class Race

Icycle 2010: Ice bike races at Dufferin Grove Park. The "Elite Rubber Class" race at the end of the night is when people without studded tires take to the ice. Sometimes they shed their clothes and sense of decency too. Always hilarious!

My complete photo gallery is posted here.

Ice Bike Racing: Mens' Final

Icycle 2010: Ice bike races at Dufferin Grove Park. An exciting moment in the Mens' final. The guy in blue on the right had crashed a few laps back. I thought there was no way he'd catch up again, but he managed to not only catch up to the leaders again, but he passed them and ended up winning the event.

More photos from this event are posted in my gallery.

Ice Bike Racing: Womens' Final

Icycle 2010: Ice bike races at Dufferin Grove Park. This photo is from the womens' final.

My complete photo gallery is now posted here.

Ice Bike Racing: Final lap bell!

Rick rings the final lap bell for during one of the men's heats at the Icycle 2010 races at Dufferin Grove Park on Saturday night.

As I mentioned yesterday, I will have my full photo gallery posted soon, after I take some more time to filter through all the pics.

Ice Bike Racing: Safety First!

Icycle 2010: The annual ice bike races at Dufferin Grove Park were amazingly fun again this year. I took a ton of photos, but it might take a while before I go through them all and post the gallery online. I'll probably post a few over the next few days.

Here's a teaser. The most important thing about ice bike racing: Safety First!

Railpath Parade and Wallace Ave. Pedestrian Bridge

June 20th, 2009: Unofficial opening parade on the West Toronto Railpath. One of my favourite features of the neighbourhood!

In the background is the Wallace Ave. pedestrian bridge, from which I took yesterday's photo.

Copenhagen Traffic Jam

Copenhagen Traffic JamCopenhagen Traffic Jam

This is what the evening rush hour looks like in Copenhagen. Of course there are cars cramming the street, but even more people on bikes in a much tighter space.

How's the weather in Copenhagen?

If you're ever in the Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square) in Copenhagen and need to know the weather, all you have to do is look up at The Weathergirls. The corner of this building has a large thermometer running up the side, as well as a couple of statues that indicate a rainy or sunny day. On a sunny day, the cyclist comes out. On rainy days it's the pedestrian with an umbrella.

Copenhagen Moms

Copenhagen MomsCopenhagen Moms

July 8, 2009, our second day in Copenhagen. One of the many beautiful sights in the city: A couple of Copenhagen Moms were riding with their kids in opposite directions. When they saw each other, they gleefully exchanged greetings and then pulled over to chat. So much friendlier than behind the windshield of a minivan.

Vondelpark Stoners

Vondelpark StonersVondelpark Stoners

July 3 2009, Vondelpark, Amsterdam. As we sat and watched the world go by in the park, these very stoned guys with a cargo bike came by. Very slowly and humourously. Hey, better than drinking and driving I guess!

I only wish I had a longer zoom lens. Low-quality photo because I was zoomed in all the way (55mm) and then cropped it down further.

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