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Another yellow farm house near Nemunaitis, Lithuania

July 13th, 2009. Jen and I went for an evening walk in the countryside near Nemunaitis, which is a small village next to the Nemunas River near Alytus, Lithuania.

We didn't walk that far, but we really took our time enjoying the beautiful scenery around here. It was just a simple gravel/dirt road, but it offered up fantastic views of the Nemunas River valley on one side, and idyllic farms on the other. Of course, I had to stop and take photos of this nice yellow farm house!

Trakai, Lithuania: Yellow House #1

Yeah, here I go again with the yellow houses. I will post another one tomorrow too!

A typical Karaim house in Trakai, Lithuania. Karaims are a minority ethnic group in parts of Lithuania, most notably in Trakai. Read more about them on Wikipedia.

Kernavė, Lithuania: Yellow House

Kernavė, Lithuania: Yellow HouseKernavė, Lithuania: Yellow House

Here's a cute yellow farm house in Kernavė, Lithuania. As I mentioned before, I love colourful houses like this, especially yellow ones.

Copenhagen Yellow Barracks

Copenhagen Yellow BarracksCopenhagen Yellow Barracks

Old army barracks in Copenhagen. I really like yellow buildings for some reason. I took lots of yellow building photos during this vacation, especially in Lithuania. Stay tuned for more.

Maybe I will paint our house yellow when Jen isn't looking.

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