Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Vondelpark Stoners

Vondelpark StonersVondelpark Stoners

July 3 2009, Vondelpark, Amsterdam. As we sat and watched the world go by in the park, these very stoned guys with a cargo bike came by. Very slowly and humourously. Hey, better than drinking and driving I guess!

I only wish I had a longer zoom lens. Low-quality photo because I was zoomed in all the way (55mm) and then cropped it down further.

Sinner's View

Hidden Church: Sinner's ViewHidden Church: Sinner's View

The view from inside the confessional at Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder (Our Lord in the Attic, AKA "The Hidden Church"), Amsterdam. 2009-07-05.

Amsterdam at night

Amsterdam at nightAmsterdam at night

July 4th, 2009. Amsterdam is full of spectacular scenery at any time of day or night. On this particular evening, we were meandering through the city on our way back to the hostel after dinner. And yes, it's not an optical illusion: Some of those building are crooked.

Bikes in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Bikes in the Vondelpark, AmsterdamBikes in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam

First stop on our European vacation: Amsterdam. Yes, we were there mainly for the cycling culture and not the drugs!

The main beauty of cycling in Amsterdam is that it's completely normal. Almost everyone does it, young and old.

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