Vic's Photo Album

Welcome to my photo album. This isn't really meant for general consumption, but more of a place to store all of my photos. But feel free to look around. Newest stuff is always at the bottom. For a more concise / filtered view of my photography and what I've been up to lately, go back to the main page to read my blog.

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March, 2002
2002-03-15 My first day with the Canon Powershot S40. Pictures on the way to work and at work.
2002-03-16 University of Ottawa Linuxfest 2002, and a couple of nice Ottawa pics.
2002-03-17 St. Patrick's day with Brenda and her friends.
2002-03-18 Snow...snow....snow....snow.....snowboaring at Camp Fortune!
2002-03-24 Early spring bike trip up to Hog's Back Falls.
2002-03-26 Trip to visit mom and dad for Easter in Hamilton, Day 1. Surprise: more snow pictures.
2002-03-27 Lots of scenic Hamilton pictures: Southam Park, Sam Lawrence Park, James St., etc.
2002-03-29 Painting Easter eggs at my grandmother's house!
2002-03-30 Easter at mom and dad's.
2002-03-31 Easter dinner at my grandmother's house.

April, 2002
2002-04-04 OCLUG general meeting: Board elections, Peter Durst, and Beer SIG.
2002-04-05 Tara's birthday!
2002-04-07 Another early spring bike ride around Ottawa. Mostly around Rockliffe.
2002-04-11 A few pictures from a night out to an Ottawa Senators Game, versus Boston.
2002-04-12 A night out at an Ottawa 67's hockey game, against Toronto St. Mike's Majors, followed by a keg party.
2002-04-13 A few pictures taken while waiting to get my bike repaired.
2002-04-16 Some pictures from a foggy night in Ottawa.
2002-04-26 Return to Hog's Back. Some nice early-evening springtime pictures.
2002-04-27 More outdoor bike-ride pictures, this time from the Ottawa River bike path in Hull.

May, 2002
2002-05-02 OCLUG general meeting: Ed Dourmashkin (Lightning talk: Online Linux Courses), Stephen Michell (Formal Methods, applied to OSS), and Ian! Allen (Unix Mis-Conceived).
2002-05-03 A Friday after-work bike trip up to Pink Lake in Gatineau Park.
2002-05-05 Afternoon trip to Montreal with Tara, Al, and Isha.
2002-05-08 OCLUG: GPG Tutorial with Warren Layton, and Linux cluster demo with Mike Sowka.
2002-05-11 Biking / rollerblading with Warren and Jules.
2002-05-12 Bike trip from Pink Lake to Champlain Lookout, in Gatineau Park, with Warren and Jules.
2002-05-24 Mom and Dad visiting Ottawa.
2002-05-25 Mom and Dad visiting Ottawa, Glebe Garage Sale.
2002-05-27 Mountain biking in Gatineau Park with Stephane, Trevor, Phil, and Al.

June, 2002
2002-06-03 Pictures of Andy (the cat) after her breast cancer operation.
2002-06-12 Andy after breast cancer surgery (bandage removed) and Athena. Also pictures from the OCLUG GPG Key Signing Party.
2002-06-13 A bike ride up to Champlain Lookout (Gatineau Park), with pictures at various places along the way.
2002-06-16 Pictures around Ottawa and Hull during a bike ride on a wet evening.
2002-06-19 Pictures from a Wednesday morning Break Up the Week bike ride up to Champlain Lookout.
2002-06-21 More kitty pictures. Andy and Athena outside on a nice summer day. Also, mountain biking with Al, Warren, and Steph, going from Kingsmere past Champlain Lookout.
2002-06-26 Ottawa Linux Symposium - Day 1.
2002-06-27 Ottawa Linux Symposium - Day 2.
2002-06-28 Ottawa Linux Symposium - Day 3.
2002-06-29 Ottawa Linux Symposium - Day 4.

July, 2002
2002-07-01 Canada Day 2002: Dave Buist and Tracy visiting, party at Brenda's, and some fireworks.
2002-07-05 Pictures at the new apartment: View from the balcony, Vic with the new Microsoft Office XP box, computer pics, and some fishtank pics.
2002-07-06 Linux in the Wild! Some pictures of OCLUG's yearly outdoor picnic.
to 2002-07-21
A weekend at Tom's cottage with Warren and Jules.

August, 2002
2002-08-03 An afternoon at the Lusk Caves in Gatineau Park, with Stephane, Andrew, Jurgita, and Sophie.
2002-08-21 An evening at Juergen Weichert's place taking his home-built recumbent bike for a spin and learning how to braze steel.

September, 2002
2002-09-01 A few pics of Juergen's half-built trailer and me riding his recumbent bike.
2002-09-07 A few pictures from Melissa and Troy's wedding.
2002-09-14 Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa (HPVOoO) parking lot meet at the Aviation Museum.
2002-09-16 Some pictures of the moon through a telescope, 360 degree panoramic pictures infront of Juergen's place, and Juergen's trailer.
2002-09-29 Pictures from the annual Harvest Ride, organized by Citizens For Safe Cycling. I rode in the 72km tour.

October, 2002
2002-10-01 A few pictures of Elgin St. and the Lieutenant's Pump, taken from my balcony in the evening.
2002-10-06 Bus trip to Buffalo to see the Bills vs. Raiders game.
2002-10-13 Thanksgiving dinner at Mom and Dad's.
2002-10-19 HPVOoO Meeting - Test riding the APAX trike.
2002-10-26 Some pictures of birds on the Rideau River, and taking Juergen's recumbent and trailer on a couple of delivery trips.

November, 2002
2002-11-04 First day of "real" snow in Ottawa. A few pictures from my balcony, Finnigan (the cat), and my bike with the trailer I bought on the weekend.
2002-11-16 Riding crazy bikes in the Ottawa Santa Claus Parade with the Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa.
2002-11-23 HPVOoO do it again: The Nepean Santa Claus Parade!
2002-11-30 The Human Powered Move! Several people help Jody McIntyre move all of his possessions to his new apartment using only bikes, a trike, and trailers.

December, 2002
2002-12-13 Some night-time pictures around Ottawa and Hull while on a nice winter bike ride.
2002-12-18 A whole bunch of pictures of Finnigan, my roommate Al's cat.
2002-12-24 Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's.
2002-12-25 Christmas Day at Mom and Dad's.
2002-12-26 Andrew and Jurgita visiting at Mom and Dad's.
2002-12-28 Visiting my grandmother after Christmas.

January, 2003
2003-01-18 Helping Andrew move to his new place.
2003-01-19 Ottawa Sun article about Winter Cycling in Ottawa.
2003-01-22 A few self-portraits of myself before biking to work on a really cold day.
2003-01-25 Open Source Weekend, Day 1: University of Ottawa Linuxfest, party at Zampub, and preparing the open source office demo network at Mike Kenzie's place.
2003-01-26 Open Source Weekend, Day 2: The Business of Open Source Software (BOSS) conference at the RA Center.

February, 2003
2003-02-01 A couple of pictures of the turkey dinner I cooked.
2003-02-15 Anti-War march in Ottawa.
2003-02-17 Snowboarding at Mont Ste. Marie, Quebec.
2003-02-26 Some pictures of my roomates' cats: Finnigan and Milo.

March, 2003
2003-03-02 A few pictures taken the day after Andrew's housewarming party.
2003-03-04 OCLUG meeting: A whole bunch of different people doing "Lightning talks".
2003-03-09 Snowboarding at Mont Tremblant, Quebec.
2003-03-15 Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa, at the Ottawa St. Patrick's Day Parade.

April, 2003
2003-04-07 Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group, new board of directors for 2003-2004, meeting at the Mayflower II.
2003-04-20 Easter in Hamilton.
2003-04-24 Almost finished building my bike trailer at Juergen's place.
2003-04-26 HPVOoO at the Earthday EcoForum, at Billing's Bridge Mall.
2003-04-26 Juergen's pics of the Ecoforum.

May, 2003
2003-05-04 Le Tour Nortel. Me and some other HPVOoO members riding in this annual charity ride.
2003-05-05 Riding around on the SWB-FWD bike, and the trailer is finally finished.
2003-05-10 HPVOoO helping Richard Guy Briggs with another Human Powered Move.
2003-05-25 Basically a bunch of pictures of eating food with the family. ;-)
2003-05-31 2003 EVCO Electrathon. Plenty of Electric and Human Powered Vehicles.

June, 2003
2003-06-02 My appearance on the 6:00 news for Bike to Work Day.
2003-06-03 Another TV appearance! Also for Bike To Work Day, but this time a much longer segment on Breakfast at the New RO.
2003-06-06 Montreal, Day 1. Riding around Montreal at night with thousands of other cyclists in Tour la Nuit.
2003-06-07 Montreal, Day 2. Touring around Montreal by bicycle.
2003-06-08 Montreal, Day 3. Tour de L'Ile, the annual Montreal bike ride that attracts over 30,000 people.
2003-06-20 Putting an electric engine on a bike at Juergen's place.
2003-06-20 Dinner at Andrew and Jurgita's place, with Marius, Caroline, and Alex.
2003-06-21 Gatineau Park: Pictures of a deer and Champlain Lookout.

July, 2003
2003-07-05 Riding some of Mike Watson's bikes out to the beach and then hauling them downtown.
2003-07-06 HPVOoO meetup at the Canada and the World Pavillion. Various interesting vehicles on display.
2003-07-07 My bike trip from Ottawa to Hamilton!
2003-07-19 OCLUG's Linuxfest at the University of Ottawa.
2003-07-20 OCLUG's annual Linux in the Wild picnic/BBQ at Vincent Massey Park.
2003-07-23 Ottawa Linux Symposium, Day 1.
2003-07-24 Ottawa Linux Symposium, Day 2.
2003-07-25 Ottawa Linux Symposium, Day 3.
2003-07-28 Post-OLS camping trip, Day 1. Biking out to Fitzroy Harbour, etc.
2003-07-29 Post-OLS camping trip, Day 2. Canoeing, cooking, river-frisbee, mountain biking, etc.
2003-07-30 Post-OLS camping trip, Day 3. Cooking in the morning, biking back to Ottawa, hauling a canoe on RGB's trike, etc.

August, 2003
2003-08-03 Exploring the Lusk Caves with Andrew, Jurga, Karolis, and Stacey.
2003-08-16 Birthday party for the 10th anniversary of Debian! Geekfest... ;)
2003-08-22 HPVOoO and CFSC at the Ottawa Folk Festival.
2003-08-31 Going to the Balloon Festival with Mom, Dad, Andrew, Marius, Caroline, and Alex.

September, 2003
2003-09-02 September 2003 OCLUG Meeting: Shad Young, Randal Leavitt, Peter Samuel, etc.
2003-09-12 HPVOoO and CFSC at Symposium For Sustainability, Carleton University.
2003-09-17 OCLUG at the IBM Linux Roadshow.
2003-09-20 Canoe trip in Algonquin Park.
2003-09-24 Making the Reflecto-Bike!
2003-09-26 Mark Rehder with his Chopper on the cover of the Centretown News.
2003-09-27 HPVOoO's annual fall Parking Lot Meet and Night Ride.
2003-09-29 A day in Montreal with Katharina. Old Montreal, Botanical Gardens, etc.
2003-09-30 Ottawa River Rock Statues, and Gatineau Park

October, 2003
2003-10-12 Thanksgiving Dinner at Andrew's place.
2003-10-18 Mom, Dad, and Bobute visiting Ottawa. Going to Gatineau Park, Andrew's place, etc.
2003-10-19 A few more pictures at Andrew's place.
2003-10-31 Halloween bike rides with the HPVOoO gang!

November, 2003
2003-11-01 A few pictures from my trip to Thunder Bay.
2003-11-15 HPVOoO in the Ottawa Santa Claus Parade, again!
2003-11-22 HPVOoO in the Nepean Santa Claus Parade, again!
2003-11-30 Going on a hike in Gatineau park.

December, 2003
2003-12-14 Snowy bike ride and pho meetup with the HPVOoO gang.
2003-12-18 Late night bike ride around Ottawa, in the snow.
2003-12-21 A few pictures from around Mom and Dad's place.
2003-12-24 Christmas Eve.
2003-12-25 Christmas Day.
2003-12-28 Some night pictures of Southam Park, Claremont Drive, etc.
2003-12-31 New Year's Eve.

January, 2004
2004-01-10 Bike ride on a -21C winter day. Pictures around the Ottawa River.
2004-01-11 A few pictures from the car accident in Quebec.
2004-01-14 Just a couple of pictures of all the frost that's been collecting in my bedroom!
2004-01-16 Bike lane?
2004-01-24 Snowshoeing at Marlborough Forest with the OHOC.
2004-01-31 Skating on the Rideau Canal.

February, 2004
2004-02-07 Dinner at Andrew's place with Jurga, Stacy, Jen, and Kevin.
2004-02-07 The pile of wood in Andrew's garage!
2004-02-21 Some pictures of snow and ice sculptures at Winterlude.

March, 2004
2004-03-06 An evening at Andrew and Jurga's place, with Jen, Mom & Dad, and Virginia & Kostas.
2004-03-13 Riding crazy bikes with HPVOoO at the Ottawa St. Patrick's Day Parade.

April, 2004
2004-04-03 In Montreal with Jen, checking out the Biodome and Insectarium, etc.
2004-04-09 Jen's parents' place in Brampton, Easter Weekend.
2004-04-10 Downtown Toronto: Testing out a Streetmachine at Urbane Cyclist, and watching a cool Elvis Impersonator on Queen St.
2004-04-11 Easter Sunday in Hamilton.
2004-04-17 HPVOoO at the Earth Day EcoForum.

May, 2004
2004-05-08 Jen's Farewell Ride out to Hawkesbury.
2004-05-09 Saying farewell to Jen in Hawkesbury, and then riding home.
2004-05-13 A whole bunch of pictures of my new HP Velotechnik Streetmachine GT recumbent bike.
2004-05-15 Just two goofy pictures from BSDCan.
2004-05-20 Andrew's bachelor party at the Lieutenant's Pump.
2004-05-21 Andrew and Jurgita's wedding rehearsal.
2004-05-22 Andrew and Jurgita's Wedding.
2004-05-22 Andrew and Jurgita's Wedding Reception.
2004-05-23 Cottage party after Andrew and Jurga's wedding.
2004-05-24 Two days after the wedding.
2004-05-29 Electric and Human Powered Vehicle Expo at the Museum of Science and Technology.
2004-05-30 Some HPV's hanging out on the Western Parkway.

June, 2004
2004-06-04 Montreal: Tour la Nuit.
2004-06-05 Montreal: Cycling around the city with Richard, Carole, Nicolas, and Jason.
2004-06-06 Montreal: Tour de L'Ile.
2004-06-12 My overnight bike trip to Rideau River Provincial Park, Kemptville.
2004-06-19 Bike ride to Lac Philippe in Gatineau Park.
2004-06-20 Lusk Caves in Gatineau Park, and riding back to Ottawa.

July, 2004
2004-07-01 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 1
[Captions and a complete tour journal coming soon!!]
Flying out, Charlottetown, Joe's Bike, Jellyfish...
2004-07-02 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 2
Charlottetown, Acadien Festival, buskers, rainy bike ride.
2004-07-03 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 3
Charlottetown Farmer's Market, PEI Prov. Park beaches and lighthouse, and a fox.
2004-07-04 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 4
PEI Provincial Park, day trip to Cavendish Beach, visit from the raccoon.
2004-07-05 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 5
Hilly ride out of PEI National Park, beach at Linkletter Provincial Park.
2004-07-06 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 6
Confederation Trail, red PEI roads, a peat bog, etc.
2004-07-07 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 7
Potato Museum, West Point Lighthouse sunset, lobster dinner.
2004-07-08 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 8
Bottle Houses, Linkletter Provincial Park.
2004-07-09 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 9
Summerside, Confederation Bridge, cyclist hostel.
2004-07-10 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 10
Victoria, strawberry fields, Charlottetown Gay Pride parade.
2004-07-11 Prince Edward Island Bike Tour - Day 11
Charlottetown Flea Market, flying home.
2004-07-17 Lanark "Art of Being Green" Festival.
2004-07-18 Mike Watson's Bikes, and HPVOoO Gathering.
2004-07-25 Hacker Bike Ride.

August, 2004
2004-08-01 Sunday bike ride: Pink Lake, Champlain Lookout, O'Brien Beach, Ottawa River Rock Statues...
2004-08-02 Bike ride around Ottawa. Rideau Falls, etc.
2004-08-07 Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour, Ottawa to Kemptville and back.
2004-08-08 CFSC 20th Anniversary Picnic.
2004-08-13 Dinner with Jen, Andrew, and Jurga.
2004-08-15 Weekend ride to Lac Philippe, Lusk Caves, and Jodi & Henk's place with Jen.
2004-08-20 2004 'Bentride and Recumbent Festival - Day 1 - Camper's Haven, near Bath, NY.
2004-08-21 2004 'Bentride and Recumbent Festival - Day 2 - Recumbent Festival and Expo in Canisteo, NY.
2004-08-22 2004 'Bentride and Recumbent Festival - Day 3 - The 'Bentride around Keuka Lake.
2004-08-22 2004 'Bentride and Recumbent Festival - Dennis Hutton's pictures.
2004-08-29 HPVOoO Beach-Bikin' "Parkway Promenade", and CFSC's bike parking booth at the Ottawa Folk Festival.

September, 2004
2004-09-04 Labour Day Weekend bike ride: Looped to Fitzroy Harbour, Lac Philippe, and back to Ottawa.
2004-09-19 Third annual HPVOoO Parking Lot Meet.
2004-09-19 Third annual HPVOoO Parking Lot Meet (Daryl Bender's Pictures).
2004-09-21 CAUTION! It appears that my balcony is under repair. I hope they go further than what they accomplished today.
2004-09-30 Today I added a Streamer fairing to my recumbent bike.

October, 2004
2004-10-01 Jurgita's birthday, with mom and dad visiting from Hamilton.
2004-10-02 Hanging out with Mom, Dad, Andrew, and Jurga.
2004-10-03 The baby is born!!
2004-10-05 Baby Agota comes home.
2004-10-07 Agota, four days old.
2004-10-09 Vancouver - At Simone and Nic's, riding around town, etc.
2004-10-10 Vancouver - Stanley Park, Gastown, East Side, Chinatown, floating houses, etc.
2004-10-11 Vancouver - Seabus, Lonsdale Quay, Lynn Canyon Park, etc...
2004-10-12 Vancouver - Wreck Beach, walk in the forest, riding through the city, airport, etc.
2004-10-16 Champlain Lookout ride with some HPVOoO members. Also the debut of the helmetcam.
2004-10-22 Citizens For Safe Cycling (CFSC) annual general meeting.
2004-10-31 Riding crazy bikes with HPVOoO's annual Halloween ride.

November, 2004
2004-11-13 HPVOoO in the Ottawa Santa Claus parade. Also a visit from the infamous "Couch Bike"!
2004-11-20 HPVOoO in the Kanata Santa Claus parade.

December, 2004
2004-12-11 Jen visiting, and taking some pictures of Comanche and Finnigan.
2004-12-12 A snowy night out with Jen.
2004-12-18 A few pictures from moving day (from Elgin St. to Haxby).
2004-12-24 Christmas Eve: Some pictures of Union Station in Toronto, walking up the escarpment in Hamilton, the house, and lots of family photos.
2004-12-25 Christmas Day.
2004-12-26 A cardinal at the bird feeder.
2004-12-27 A few pictures of the Hamilton GO Station.
2004-12-28 At the beach in Hamilton with Jen.
2004-12-30 Playing on the ice at Wasaga Beach with Jen.
2004-12-31 Snowshoeing at the Niece Family Cottage, Wasaga Beach.

January, 2005
2005-01-03 Andrew, Jurgita, and Agota.
2005-01-29 A few pictures from Robert Burns Day.
2005-01-30 Just photodocumenting how I made a network cable.

February, 2005
2005-02-04 An article from the Hamilton Spectator about Ice-Biking.
2005-02-12 Hangin' out with Jen at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Vietnam Noodle House, and the O-Train.
2005-02-18 A few pictures of me and Jen on the subway in Toronto.
2005-02-19 Jen's Grandma's 85th Birthday Party.
2005-02-27 A few pictures of my Swing Bike riding on the O-Train.

March, 2005
2005-03-03 Some pictures taken from the Synopsys office in Mississauga.
2005-03-05 Apartment-hunting in Toronto.
2005-03-05 Some pictures of HPV-related stuff at the Toronto International Bicycle Show.
2005-03-06 A few more boring apartment pictures in Toronto.
2005-03-07 Some night pictures out the window on the Synopsys office in Mississauga.
2005-03-12 Riding crazy bikes with HPVOoO at the 2005 Ottawa St. Patrick's Day Parade!
2005-03-19 Another day of apartment hunting in Toronto.
2005-03-20 An apartment on Indian Rd. Crescent in Toronto.
2005-03-26 Easter Eve. with the family in Hamilton. Painting Easter eggs at Bobute's house.
2005-03-27 Easter in Hamilton.
2005-03-28 The last day of apartment hunting in Toronto, I swear!
2005-03-31 A long 15km walk around Mississauga along Burnhamthorpe Rd., Credit River, etc.

April, 2005
2005-04-02 HPTA Bike Builders Workshop in Brantford.
2005-04-04 Where Dudley Locks Go to Die.
2005-04-10 HPVOoO night out at Istanbouli. Test-riding Charles' new mini clown bike and Mike Watson's new Tall Chopper.
2005-04-17 Mark and Jody fixing the wiring on the Drumtrike.
2005-04-27 A bunch of pictures taken at my new apartment before moving in.
2005-04-29 Agota eating her mushy dinner.
2005-04-30 Agota's Baptism.

May, 2005
2005-05-01 A couple of pictures from the morning after Agota's baptism.
2005-05-07 Some "before and after" shots of my move to Toronto.
2005-05-08 My first bike ride after moving to Toronto. Toronto Lakeshore and the Toronto Islands.
2005-05-14 Some pictures around Toronto: Humber River, the apartment, fog from the balcony.
2005-05-15 Biking around downtown Toronto.
2005-05-16 Some friends' bikes were featured in today's Dose paper. Here are the scans.
2005-05-17 Toronto Skyline at dawn, as viewed from my balcony.
2005-05-20 Jen took a few sunset pictures from the back window.
2005-05-22 Bike ride around Toronto: Downtown, Leslie St. Spit (Tommy Thompson Park) etc.
2005-05-27 My first Critical Mass ride in Toronto, kicking off this year's Bike Week!
2005-05-28 The Village Pillage garage sale, and the Toronto Islands.
2005-05-29 The "Urbent Event".

June, 2005
2005-06-01 Surfbike!
2005-06-05 Ride For Heart, on the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway in Toronto.
2005-06-11 Various pictures from the Toronto area: Credit River, golden bike, Lakeshore inukshuks, Spadina St., Dundas Square, etc..etc...
2005-06-17 Ride to Hamilton: Day 1: Riding to Hamilton after work, stopping at my grandfather's grave.
2005-06-18 Ride to Hamilton: Day 2: Touring around Hamilton and Stoney Creek. Escarpment Rail Trail, Red Hill Valley, Beach Strip, etc.
2005-06-19 Ride to Hamilton: Day 3: Riding back to Toronto, Port Credit, etc.
2005-06-23 Picnic dinner in High Park.
2005-06-24 Critical Mass bike ride, downtown Toronto.

July, 2005
2005-07-01 Canada Day in Ottawa: Afternoon BBQ at John and Anna's, then goofy bike riding with the HPVOoO crowd!
2005-07-02 Triking around Ottawa with Jen, and then visiting Andrew, Jurga and Agota in the evening.
2005-07-03 Last day in Ottawa, and travelling back to Toronto.
2005-07-08 Waterloo Bike / Camping Trip: Day 1. Laurel Creek Conservation Area.
2005-07-09 Waterloo Bike / Camping Trip: Day 2. Laurel Creek Conservation Area, and riding around St. Jacob's.
2005-07-10 Waterloo Bike / Camping Trip: Day 3. Riding around St. Jacob's and Elora.
2005-07-23 Mom, Dad, Andrew, Jurgita, and Agota came to visit me and Jen in Toronto.
2005-07-27 Jen fixing her bike out on the balcony.
2005-07-29 August Long Weekend: Riding from Toronto to Hamilton.
2005-07-30 August Long Weekend: Visiting family and the Bayfront Park in Hamilton.
2005-07-31 August Long Weekend: Riding from Hamilton to Valens Conservation Area via the Brantford-Paris-Cambridge rail trails.

August, 2005
2005-08-01 August Long Weekend: Ride from Valens Conservation Area to Toronto.
2005-08-02 A nice thick layer of smog draped across Toronto this evening.
2005-08-05 Toronto's annual "A Taste of the Danforth" street festival.
2005-08-06 A bunch of pictures from riding in downtown Toronto on a nice summer day: The Kingsway, downtown, some funny signs, Toronto Islands...
2005-08-11 Simone and Nic's Wedding: Gathering at the cottage on Thursday night.
2005-08-12 Simone and Nic's Wedding: Baking pies and swimming on Friday.
2005-08-13 Simone and Nic's Wedding: Saturday...The wedding!
2005-08-14 Simone and Nic's Wedding: More swimming and hanging out at the cottage on Sunday.
2005-08-16 Subway party!
2005-08-19 Jen took some foggy pictures out the window, and a completed game of Scrabble.
2005-08-20 Visiting Jen's Uncle Jack and Aunt Chris.
2005-08-21 Visiting Jen's mom Bev on her birthday.
2005-08-22 A few pictures of me getting a haircut.
2005-08-26 Bentride 2005: Driving down to Bath, NY, and the welcome party at Camper's Haven on Friday night.
2005-08-27 Bentride 2005: Recumbent Expo and some presentations on Saturday.
2005-08-28 Bentride 2005: The Bentride around Keuka Lake, and driving home.
2005-08-29 Dinner with Jen at the CN Tower.

September, 2005
2005-09-03 Jen's Going Away Party, and Vic's Birthday.
2005-09-04 Jen's last morning in Toronto, and some pictures from around Toronto: Leslie St. Spit, Scarborough Bluffs, etc.
2005-09-05 Bike ride up the Humber River and the Finch Ave. flood collapse.
2005-09-07 My first geocache finds!
2005-09-09 Richview Cemetary, and old graveyard in the middle of the highway 401 and 427 interchange.
2005-09-10 A Taste of the Kingsway, and the Toronto Islands.
2005-09-17 Sam Lawrence Park, Hamilton.
2005-09-18 Riding from Hamilton to Toronto, stopping to visit my grandmother's grave.
2005-09-30 Critical Mass ride, downtown Toronto.

October, 2005
2005-10-01 Taking the train to Ottawa for Agota, Jurgita, and Dad's birthdays.
2005-10-02 Agota's first birthday party.
2005-10-03 Agota's first birthday party (take 2).
2005-10-08 Vancouver - Flying from Ottawa and meeting up with Jen.
2005-10-09 Vancouver - Taking the ferry to Nanaimo and camping at Newcastle Island.
2005-10-10 Vancouver - Newcastle Island, Nanaimo, and Thanksgiving Dinner at Simone and Nic's.
2005-10-11 Vancouver - Granville Island, English Bay, Wreck Beach
2005-10-12 Vancouver - Downtown, Stanley Park, Alleyways
2005-10-13 Vancouver - Pacific Spirit Park, Crown St., Fraser River
2005-10-14 Vancouver - Wreck Beach
2005-10-15 Vancouver - Hiking at Grouse Mountain with Jen, Simone, Nic, Sarah, and Matt.
2005-10-21 Biking from Toronto to Hamilton for the Cycle Ontario conference.
2005-10-22 Cycle Ontario Conference, McMaster University, Hamilton.
2005-10-23 Biking back to Toronto from Hamilton.
2005-10-28 Halloween Critical Mass bike ride, downtown Toronto.
2005-10-31 Halloween at work.

November, 2005
2005-11-05 A few random pictures around Toronto (autumn from my balcony, Kensington Market and Chinatown, Carey's cargo bike).
2005-11-07 Candlelight Memorial for cyclist Ryan Carriere.
2005-11-13 Mural in Islington, and walking along Mimico Creek.
2005-11-14 Some pictures of Downtown Ottawa at night.
2005-11-27 A whole bunch of pictures taken while walking around Toronto: Bloor and Islington, Nathan Phillips Square, Dundas Square, Yonge St., Yorkville, and more.
2005-11-29 The sight of a bike and rack destroyed by a car prompted me to take these pictures and write up my commentary about the sad state of affairs of bike parking at Islington Subway Station.
2005-11-30 Some pictures from an after-work night bike ride, looping through Toronto. Pictures of Humber Bay Bridge, Martin Goodman Trail, Music Garden, etc.

December, 2005
2005-12-04 A walk around Islington, Humber River, Lambton Woods, etc., with plenty of pictures of bridges and other things along the way.
2005-12-11 Some pictures from geocaching in High Park, and more.
2005-12-13 Building a coroplast fender for my winter bike.
2005-12-14 Winter morning on the balcony.
2005-12-16 Another Day in Toronto: Eaton's Centre, Chinatown, Soundbike, and more.
2005-12-17 A few random photos (Burned pasta, Mimico Creek...)
2005-12-21 Kensington Festival of Lights.
2005-12-23 Niece Family Christmas.
2005-12-24 Christmas Eve.
2005-12-25 Christmas.
2005-12-28 Snowshoeing in Gatineau Park with Jen, Jodi, Henk, and Kelly.
2005-12-29 Christmas with Andrew, Jurgita, Agota, and the families.
2005-12-30 Visiting Ottawa: Hanging out at Andrew's, eating at the Horn of Africa, walking around parliament, Louise Bourgeois' "Maman" spider, etc.
2005-12-31 New Year's Eve.

January, 2006
2006-01-14 Random Places Around Toronto: Bike wheel mural, Humber Trail, downtown, Sat'R'Day, etc.
2006-01-14 Arkel Bug pannier/backpack.
2006-01-15 Mostly pictures of wandering around Spadina and Kensington Market on a Cold winter day. Also meeting up with Juergen, Tanya, and Doug for vietnamese food.
2006-01-21 A bike ride around Toronto's waterfront and Tommy Thompson Park on a mild January afternoon.
2006-01-27 Mom's retirement party.

February, 2006
2006-02-02 Pigeon eggs on my balcony.
2006-02-04 Nice orange cargo bike on Queen St.
2006-02-11 Bike Ride, with pictures of the Dundas St. pedestrian bridge and the big elephant.
2006-02-12 Hanging out in the East End, and eating Indian food with the Toronto HPV folks.
2006-02-14 Valentine's Day with Jen.
2006-02-17 Night out with Jen: Yorkville rock, and out for dinner.
2006-02-18 Visiting Jen's Family: Playing in the snow with Thomas, and Grandma Beattie's birthday.
2006-02-23 The pigeon eggs on my balcony hatched recently!
2006-02-28 The "Bike Fence" on King St. West.

March, 2006
2006-03-01 The final bunch of pigeon pictures, and a video clip.
2006-03-04 Brian Martin took a couple of pictures of me sitting in the HP Velotechnik "Scorpion" trike at the Bike Show.
2006-03-05 Pictures of the ARC booth at the Toronto Bike Show.
2006-03-05 Charles O'Hara's pictures of the ARC booth at the Toronto Bike Show.
2006-03-11 Winter(??) Bike Ride Around Toronto: Roundhouse, OCAD, alleyways, etc.
2006-03-19 Riding my bike and taking the GO Train to Hamilton for the weekend to visit Mom and Dad.
2006-03-26 Spring bike ride around Toronto. King St., Gardiner East, Leslie St. Spit, etc.
2006-03-28 Some pictures of my new Bike Friday folding bicycle.
2006-03-28 I took some pictures of downtown Mississauga for one of Jen's school projects.
2006-03-31 Visiting Andrew, Jurga, Agota, and Lukas in Ottawa.

April, 2006
2006-04-01 Visiting Andrew, Jurga, Agota, and Lukas in Ottawa.
2006-04-02 Visiting Andrew, Jurga, Agota, and Lukas in Ottawa.
2006-04-07 Pictures of the "Burnhamthope Trail" and Credit River Bridge in Mississauga. Commentary on a poor cycling facility that may have contributed to a cyclists death when he fell off the bridge.
2006-04-14 Good Friday: Riding my bike and taking the GO bus to Hamilton.
2006-04-15 Painting Easter eggs at Bobute's house, L.C., and a rabbit.
2006-04-16 Easter Sunday in Hamilton: Family pictures, Easter eggs, bike ride on the west mountain, pictures around the backyard, mom riding my bike, etc.
2006-04-21 Danny trying out my Streetmachine after work.
2006-04-22 'Bents'n'Bubbles: Some pictures from a ride downtown on a somewhat miserable day.
2006-04-27 Bikin' the 'Burbs and Cyclist Memorial: Riding from work in Mississauga out to Keele and Finch in North York to attend a memorial for a cyclist who was killed last week.
2006-04-28 Critical Mass bike ride, downtown Toronto.

May, 2006
2006-05-06 Riding Downtown, and Jason's New Bachetta.
2006-05-09 Testing out my "new" Canon Powershot S45 with some pictures around Bloor West Village, Old Mill, etc.
2006-05-12 A few pictures from around Islington and Pearson Airport on my way to pick up Jen!
2006-05-13 Jen's photos of Aunt May's 90th birthday party.
2006-05-14 Jen and I took our bikes and trailers to the nursury to pick up veggies, flowers, soil, etc. Also a Mother's Day pic of three generations of Beatties.
2006-05-15 Planting some veggies for the balcony garden.
2006-05-17 Walking around Islington: Goofy mermaid statue, Montgomery's Inn, etc.
2006-05-19 Victoria Day Weekend Tour: Day 1, Toronto to Hamilton.
2006-05-20 Victoria Day Weekend Tour: Day 2, Hamilton to Selkirk Provincial Park.
2006-05-21 Victoria Day Weekend Tour: Day 3, Selkirk Provincial Park to Rock Point Provincial Park.
2006-05-22 Victoria Day Weekend Tour: Day 4, Rock Point Provincial Park to Hamilton.
2006-05-23 Victoria Day Weekend Tour: Day 5, Hamilton to Toronto (GO Train from Burlington!)
2006-05-27 A weekend at the Niece Family Cottage in Wasaga Beach.

June, 2006
2006-06-01 Visiting Ottawa: Hanging out with Andrew, Jurga, Agota and Lukas, Maman spider, Somerset Bridge, Etc.
2006-06-02 Riding from Ottawa to a campground in Cantley.
2006-06-03 Jodi and Henk's Wedding.
2006-06-03 Jodi and Henk's Wedding Reception.
2006-06-04 More fun around Ottawa: Riding back from Cantley, hanging out with the HPVOoO crowd, along with Dustin (Purple Pirate) and Farah.
2006-06-05 Visiting Ottawa: Agota and Lukas, Maman spider (again!), and other scenery.
2006-06-11 "Take the Tooker" bike ride.
2006-06-12 Some photos of my balcony garden.
2006-06-18 Viginija and Kostas' housewarming party.
2006-06-20 Some photos of the plans for the Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration.
2006-06-21 Riding the length of Bloor St., from west to east.
2006-06-23 Darlington Provincial Park Tour: Friday, taking the GO train to Oshawa and riding to the park.
2006-06-24 Darlington Provincial Park Tour: Saturday, riding along the lake to Port Hope.
2006-06-25 Darlington Provincial Park Tour: Sunday, riding back to Toronto.
2006-06-28 Bike ride with some of the Cycling Cog's "Toronto Cyclists" group in the east end (Warden Woods, Taylor Creek, Don River).
2006-06-30 Toronto's Critical Mass Ride, June 2006.

July, 2006
2006-07-02 Sunday afternoon bike ride around west Toronto: Mimico Creek. Etobicoke Ribfest, Humber River, etc.
2006-07-03 Bike ride to the Toronto Islands.
2006-07-05 Another "Toronto Cyclists" bike ride. Hight Park and Humber River.
2006-07-07 Friday night bike ride: Car planter in Kensington Market, etc.
2006-07-08 Saturday bike ride: Corso Italia and Celebrate Toronto street festivals, "Trunk Space", Humber Bay Bridge, etc.
2006-07-09 College St. in Toronto when Italy won the World Cup.
2006-07-15 Toronto HPV Meetup: Bluevelo's Velomobiles. Also, Leslie St. Spit, Distillery District, etc.
2006-07-17 A few photos from a lightning storm.
2006-07-23 Hacker Bike Ride.
2006-07-25 Some pictures of Lukas playing with his maracas, and Agota eating a popsicle.
2006-07-30 Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market.

August, 2006
2006-08-02 Toronto Cog: Humber River and Lake Ride.
2006-08-06 Riding from Toronto to Hamilton, taking the "long way" over the Beach Strip.
2006-08-07 Riding from Hamilton to Toronto, with detours along the Chedoke Rail Trail and Oakville waterfront.
2006-08-12 B.C. Trip: Biking around Vancouver
2006-08-13 B.C. Trip: Biking around Vancouver
2006-08-14 B.C. Trip: Bike Tour, Day 1: Vancouver to Roberts Creek Prov. Park
2006-08-15 B.C. Trip: Bike Tour, Day 2: Roberts Creek to Saltery Bay Prov. Park
2006-08-16 B.C. Trip: Bike Tour, Day 3: Saltery Bay to Denman Island
2006-08-17 B.C. Trip: Bike Tour, Day 4: Denman and Hornby Islands
2006-08-18 B.C. Trip: Bike Tour, Day 5: Denman Island to Qualicum Beach
2006-08-19 B.C. Trip: Bike Tour, Day 6: Qualicum Beach to Newcastle Island
2006-08-20 B.C. Trip: Bike Tour, Day 7: Newcastle Island to Vancouver
2006-08-21 B.C. Trip: Vancouver Bike Ride and Beach Dinner
2006-08-22 B.C. Trip: Asian Centre at UBC
2006-08-23 B.C. Trip: Bike Ride to Queen Elizabeth Park
2006-08-24 B.C. Trip: Anthropology Museum, Jen's Thesis Defense, etc.
2006-08-25 B.C. Trip: Biking Around Vancouver
2006-08-25 B.C. Trip: Vancouver Critical Mass Ride
2006-08-26 B.C. Trip: Hauling a Box, Visiting Brenda, etc.
2006-08-30 Cycling Cog Ride: Tour the Smells of Toronto

September, 2006
2006-09-15 Darlington Provincial Park Tour: Friday, taking the GO train to Oshawa and riding to the park.
2006-09-16 Darlington Provincial Park Tour: Saturday, riding along the lake to Port Hope.
2006-09-17 Darlington Provincial Park Tour: Sunday, riding back to Toronto.
2006-09-24 Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday, walking around downtown, etc.
2006-09-26 A whole bunch of pictures of Islington Village (Dundas St. between Kipling and Islington, Toronto). Maybe not too interesting now, but I just wanted to get a snapshot of the neighbourhood as it is right now before a whole bunch of things change.
2006-09-28 Two very exciting photos of me watching some garlic bread cooking in the oven.
2006-09-30 Lukas' Baptism.

October, 2006
2006-10-07 Thanksgiving in Brampton.
2006-10-08 Riding back to Toronto from Brampton.
2006-10-14 The making of the Nerdmobile.
2006-10-15 Visiting Jen's grandma Niece, and the Nerdmobile.
2006-10-22 Out'n'about on a rainy day.
2006-10-24 "Vote with your throat": A collection of beers related to the 2006 Toronto mayoral elections.
2006-10-27 "Bike Friday" early morning bike ride. Sunrise pictures of Bloor West Village and Humber River.

November, 2006
2006-11-04 Thomas' Third Birthday Party
2006-11-05 Grandma Niece's Birthday Party
2006-11-19 Niece Family Shindig and Other Misc. Stuff
2006-11-24 Monthly "Bike Friday" and "Critical Mass" rides.
2006-11-26 Jen took me on an "Urban Mystery Adventure" around Toronto as part of my birthday present!

December, 2006
2006-12-02 Jen's Dad's 65th Birthday.
2006-12-04 Bike ride on the West Mountain, Hamilton.... and the Burlington GO Station.
2006-12-08 After mom's hip surgery...
2006-12-09 Hamilton: Going for a walk in the evening, etc.
2006-12-10 Walking in Hamilton's west end: Bruce Trail, Westdale, The Aviary, Churchill Park, Cootes Paradise.
2006-12-11 Riding from Hamilton to Toronto: Weird bike lanes in Burlington, stopping in Oakville, and Jen in the workshop at home.
2006-12-15 A couple of photos from Scrabble Night.
2006-12-19 Christmas Bike.
2006-12-21 Kensington Market Festival of Lights
2006-12-24 Christmas Eve in Hamilton.
2006-12-25 Christmas Day in Hamilton and Brampton.
2006-12-27 Visiting Andrew's Family in Ottawa.
2006-12-28 Wandering Around Ottawa: Parliament, Pho, O-Train, etc.
2006-12-29 Ottawa: Somerset Bridge, Nature Museum, Visiting Friends, etc.
2006-12-30 Visiting Andrew's Family in Ottawa.
2006-12-31 New Year's Eve in Ottawa.

January, 2007
2007-01-01 New Year's Day in Ottawa
2007-01-06 A few photos around Six Points and Westwood Theatre.
2007-01-14 Snowy bike ride along the Humber, St. Clair, downtown, etc.
2007-01-18 A few random photos from my trip to Durham, North Carolina.
2007-01-20 Bike ride around Raleigh, North Carolina.
2007-01-21 A few more photos from a quick bike ride in Durham, North Carolina.
2007-01-26 Jen's new Bike Friday, and walking around Islington Village on a snowy evening.
2007-01-28 Just a couple of pictures from a walk in The Junction.

February, 2007
2007-02-04 Jen and Bev out on the town.
2007-02-11 Skating at Harbourfront.
2007-02-18 Photos of Gary's home-built recumbent after a Toronto HPV meetup.
2007-02-24 Ice Bike Races at Dufferin Grove Park.
2007-02-24 Ice Bike Races at Dufferin Grove Park (Some photos from Jun).
2007-02-25 Jen's Grandma's Birthday.

March, 2007
2007-03-22 A tale of two parks: Comparison between the nice new "Michael Power" park and the crummy old Mabelle Ave park right near home. Also a couple of balcony shots.
2007-03-23 New Rubbermaid bike trailer.
2007-03-24 A few photos from Bloor West Village.
2007-03-25 Mom's birthday at our place.
2007-03-27 After-work bike ride: Port Credit, Waterfront Trail, Etobicoke, etc.
2007-03-28 Sunrise from my balcony, and some photos of a ride downtown in the evening.
2007-03-29 Jen's first ride on her new Bike Friday!
2007-03-30 "Bike Friday" High Park group commute

April, 2007
2007-04-01 Visiting Jen's Uncle Jack and Aunt Chris.
2007-04-06 Out for a walk in Etobicoke: Echo Valley Park, Mimico Creek, Hydro Corridor, etc.
2007-04-07 Easter with the Niece Family.
2007-04-08 Easter Sunday at Mom and Dad's in Hamilton.
2007-04-10 No smoking within two feet of entrance.
2007-04-11 Bike Lane Parker, St. George St.
2007-04-14 Bike ride around Toronto: Humber River, Lakeshore, etc.
2007-04-18 Ooops. I broke my front derailleur on my way to work.
2007-04-21 Bike ride: Downtown, Lakeshore, Port Credit, Brampton, bike lanes...
2007-04-25 Moving Day! A few pictures from when we moved out of our apartment into the new house.
2007-04-29 Jen hanging laundry in our new backyard.

May, 2007
2007-05-01 Jen, on an evening walk by the train tracks.
2007-05-04 Mark picked us up in his Drumtrike at the Greyhound station in Ottawa. Also got some photos of his cats!
2007-05-05 Walking around Ottawa: Canal, poutine, market, etc.
2007-05-06 Chinatown and Preston St. in Ottawa. Actinolite on the way home.
2007-05-09 Suburban bike ride (from work to North York via Eglinton Ave.) and a fire sprinkler demo.
2007-05-10 Spring in the backyard: Budding grape vines and eating out on the patio. Also, the damp cold cellar.
2007-05-12 Sunday afternoon around Roncessvalles and my neighbourhood.
2007-05-13 Mother's Day in Hamilton, and lots of pictures of Mom and Dad's backyard.
2007-05-17 A trailer load of groceries.
2007-05-19 Taking our bikes and trailers to Canadian Tire and Rona to buy a ladder and some other stuff.
2007-05-20 Some photos taken up in the attic.
2007-05-26 Joint meeting of the Hamilton, Burlington, and Niagara cycling committees. Also a ride around the Bay, and taking my bike on the GO Train.
2007-05-27 Meeting Jen's new nephew, Hunter, for the first time.
2007-05-28 Toronto's annual Bike Week Group Commute and Pancake Breakfast.

June, 2007
2007-06-01 Quebec Holiday: Tour la Nuit in Montreal.
2007-06-02 Quebec Holiday: Wandering around Montreal by foot and by bike.
2007-06-03 Quebec Holiday: Tour de L'Ile in Montreal.
2007-06-04 Quebec Holiday: Leaving Montreal for our tour to Quebec City. First stretch is to Lanoraie.
2007-06-05 Quebec Holiday: Riding from Lanoraie to Trois Rivieres.
2007-06-06 Quebec Holiday: Riding from Trois Rivieres to Portneuf.
2007-06-07 Quebec Holiday: Riding from Portneuf to Quebec City.
2007-06-08 Quebec Holiday: Exploring Quebec City.
2007-06-09 Quebec Holiday: Exploring Quebec City.
2007-06-10 Quebec Holiday: Travelling Back From Quebec City
2007-06-13 Lansdowne Ave., before the narrowing.
2007-06-15 Memorial for cyclist who was killed at Bayview and Fifeshire one week ago.
2007-06-16 Some photos from the backyard, and scraping paint upstairs.
2007-06-16 Anti-Crime March in Bloor-Lansdowne Area.
2007-06-18 Some trees were cut down on Lansdowne Ave. just north of College.
2007-06-19 A Storm Brewing in Mississauga.
2007-06-20 Some boring pictures of Stephen Drive, Etobicoke.
2007-06-21 Locking my bike up at the Dufferin Grove Park Farmer's Market.
2007-06-23 Jen's Birthday and Fathers Day in Brampton, plus lots of new Hunter photos.
2007-06-24 Ride For Ice Cream with the Toronto HPV group. Spadina down to the Lake, and up the Humber River.
2007-06-25 Some photos from the backyard: Daylily, grape vines, etc.
2007-06-28 Picnic date in High Park, celebrating Jen's birthday.
2007-06-29 "Bike Friday" group commute from High Park to Mississauga City Hall, plus the first ever Mississauga Bike Friday pancake breakfast.
2007-06-29 Critical Mass bike ride, downtown Toronto.
2007-06-31 A few photos from the backyard when I was putting the new BBQ together.

July, 2007
2007-07-01 Canada Day: Dig In Picnic and LEAF Walk
2007-07-02 A day at the Toronto Zoo.
2007-07-03 Baby robin in our backyard, and a goose in High Park.
2007-07-03 Trying out the new BBQ for the first time.
2007-07-05 "Splash Party" on Bloor St. People from the Digging In and Bloor Improvement Groups got together to literally clean up the street. Also an excellent samba band for entertainment.
2007-07-14 Toronto HPV: Beltline and Don Valley Ride. Jason in town, Steeker's new Hurricane, etc.
2007-07-15 Sunday bike ride: Crazy stuffed animal house, Lahore Tikka House, Toronto Island...
2007-07-18 Bike ride home: Mississauga Exercise Buffet, Smythe Park.
2007-07-20 Darlington Provincial Park Camping/Cycling Weekend: Taking the GO train to Oshawa and riding to the park.
2007-07-21 Darlington Provincial Park Camping/Cycling Weekend: Riding to Port Hope and back, mostly along the Waterfront Trail.
2007-07-22 Darlington Provincial Park Camping/Cycling Weekend: Riding back to Toronto.
2007-07-24 Overpackaged power cords.

August, 2007
2007-08-03 After-work bike rides: Mississauga and Etobicoke Lakeshore, Lakeview Generating Station demolition, Humber River and Lake Ontario dinner date with Jen.
2007-08-06 Wallace Ave. Bridge, a load of bricks, etc.
2007-08-09 Some random Ottawa photos: Groundhog on Parliament Hill, Mark playing drums, Maman spider, Rideau Canal locks.
2007-08-12 At the splash pad with Agota, Lukas, and Dad.
2007-08-13 Visiting Andrew, Jurga, Agota and Lukas in Ottawa.
2007-08-16 Niagara Tour: Toronto to Jordan.
2007-08-17 Niagara Tour: Jordan to Queenston.
2007-08-18 Niagara Tour: Queenston to Black Creek, via Niagara Falls.
2007-08-19 Niagara Tour: Black Creek to Niagara Falls, and Bike Train back to Toronto.
2007-08-24 Outside the Bicycle Film Festival.
2007-08-26 Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday, Bloor St. African Festival, Martino's Super-8 movie screening, and more.
2007-08-27 After-work bike ride along the Lakeshore, stopping for a dip at the Western Beaches.
2007-08-31 Critical Mass bike ride, downtown Toronto.

September, 2007
2007-09-01 Jen took me canoing at the Toronto Islands for my birthday. Also stopped for some "window duck" in Chinatown, and some bonus pictures of our grape vine.
2007-09-02 Jen baked me a cake for my birthday.
2007-09-03 Harvesting grapes and making grape jelly.
2007-09-07 A Taste of The Kingsway.
2007-09-08 Niece Family Historical Tour of East Toronto.
2007-09-12 Jonathan visiting from Taiwan.
2007-09-16 Rocesvalles Polish Festival, and a visit from Stephen, Tiff, Thomas, and Hunter.
2007-09-23 Some pictures of our roof and eavestroughing.
2007-09-23 "Bells on Bloor" bike ride / parade.
2007-09-29 Jen out for a walk with Julie.
2007-09-29 Nuit Blanche: Annual all-night art festival in Toronto. Photos mostly from the Bloor/Lansdowne "Night Light" project and our "White Nights" bike light rides.

October, 2007
2007-10-03 Photos of the useless crosswalk on Dundas St. at Chestnut Hills Cres. in Etobicoke.
2007-10-06 Jen and I rode our bikes out to Brampton for Thanksgiving dinner on this perfect and WARM fall day.
2007-10-07 Riding our bikes back to Toronto from Brampton. Photos from the trails in Brampton, Humber Valley, etc.
2007-10-08 Thanksgiving Day in Hamilton: Walking along the Bruce Trail and our Turkey Dinner at Mom and Dad's.
2007-10-09 Walking Jen down the James St. stairs, and a movie set in Hamilton.
2007-10-14 Fall bike ride: Don Valley, Brickworks, Taylor Creek, etc.
2007-10-16 A plant I found growing in one of our compost bags.
2007-10-18 Wandering around Toronto: Trinity Bellwoods Park, Fort York, Enoch Turner Schoolhouse, a streetcar, etc.
2007-10-21 Human River walk along Garrison Creek.
2007-10-29 Sunset after work.

November, 2007
2007-11-02 After-work bike ride around Etobicoke Creek.
2007-11-03 Thomas' 4th birthday party.
2007-11-03 Vising the family in Hamilton, and hanging out with Agota, Lukas, and Ausra.
2007-11-04 Morning in Hamilton, hanging out with Dad and Ausra, and walking down the John St. path.
2007-11-10 Eating at the "Ethiopia Restaurant" on Bloor St. near Lansdowne Ave.
2007-11-11 Toronto HPV Ride to the Leslie St. Spit.
2007-11-14 Me and Jen riding the tricycle I bought for mom!
2007-11-15 Me and my stupid moustache.
2007-11-16 New bike lane installed on The Queensway.
2007-11-17 A bike trailer I saw on Harbord St.
2007-11-18 Jen hanging laundry in the cold, a walk through High Park, Wallace bridge, home, etc...
2007-11-22 Front of the house after the first small snowfall of the year.

December, 2007
2007-12-01 A Saturday afternoon walk along Sterling Rd. and other places nearby.
2007-12-08 Two photos: Jen in front of the house, and a lady on a trike on Bloor St.
2007-12-09 Kensington Market, taking the TTC, and a couple of photos from our neighbourhood.
2007-12-11 Visiting Andrew and family in Ottawa.
2007-12-12 Hanging out at Andrew's, opening Christmas presents, etc.
2007-12-13 Breakfast with Agota and Lukas. Ethiopian food with Mark and Michael.
2007-12-16 Snowstorm in downtown Ottawa.
2007-12-21 Kensington Market Festival of Lights.
2007-12-24 Christmas Eve with the Niece family in Brampton.
2007-12-25 Christmas Day at Mom and Dad's in Hamilton.
2007-12-27 Bike parking at the Galleria Mall, and a GO Train crossing Wallace Ave.
2007-12-28 Bringing plywood home by bike.
2007-12-29 Wallace Ave. bridge etc.
2007-12-31 More photos of the Wallace Ave. bridge.

January, 2008
2008-01-01 Snowy New Year's Day: Outside the house, Sterling Ave., High Park, etc.
2008-01-05 Walking from home to downtown: Bloor St., graffiti, weird swing dude, and more.
2008-01-06 Jen took some photos at Little Trinity Church.
2008-01-07 Wet and warm January bike ride to work.
2008-01-08 Aftermath of the Franklin Ave. townhouse fire, at the corner of Hugo Ave. north of Dupont St.
2008-01-12 Walking around Toronto: MacGregor Park, Trinity Bellwoods, Queen St., etc.
2008-01-16 A few photos of cyclists' comments at the Bloor/Dundas visioning session.
2008-01-20 Walking from home to downtown: weird sites, Jungle Gym Jen, Queen West, etc...
2008-01-26 Saturday Walk up to St. Clair Ave. W.: Foundry Lofts, Prospect Cemetary, St. Clair construction, view from the escarpment, Wallace Emerson Park, etc.
2008-01-31 "Cyclists Dismount" sign on Bloor St. between Lansdowne and Dundas.

February, 2008
2008-02-02 Snowy Saturday walk.
2008-02-03 A snowy walk in High Park, and making a snowman.
2008-02-06 Another snowstorm in Toronto. Some photos from Mississauga, around the neighbourhood, and tobogganing in Lithuania Park.
2008-02-08 Out for Ethiopian food with some people from DIGIN.
2008-02-10 Some photos in Chinatown, and skating at Harbourfront.
2008-02-12 More snow in the backyard.
2008-02-13 More snow in the backyard, front yard, Symington Ave., etc.
2008-02-14 Jen and I went to see a play called "Extremities" at the Toronto Free Gallery, just over on Bloor St. right near home.
2008-02-16 Ottawa: Visiting Andrew's family, Winterlude, walking around the city, visiting John and Anna, etc.
2008-02-17 Ottawa: Walking around town, skating with Jodi, etc.
2008-02-18 Ottawa: Playing with the kids on Monday morning.
2008-02-23 Skating at Campbell Park.
2008-02-24 Jen's grandma Beattie's birthday party at our house.
2008-02-25 The huge snow mountain at the Westwood Theatre lands next to the Six Points interchange.
2008-02-26 Neighbourhood rally and candle light vigil in support of the Davenport Boys and Girls Club on Randolph Ave.
2008-02-29 More snow...waiting for the bus in Mississauga, Bloor and Dundas, and Dundas and Keele.

March, 2008
2008-03-01 Sunny Saturday. "Boston Police" in the Junction, skate shopping, skating at Campbell Park, views of the tracks on the east side of the neighbourhood.
2008-03-02 Out for a walk: High Park, western beaches, Dundas and Bloor, etc.
2008-03-05 A few pictures of GO trains at Bloor Station.
2008-03-08 Snow storm! Cross country skiing up the Humber River from Old Mill to Scarlet, and back home via Jane, St. Clair, and the rail corridor.
2008-03-09 Day after the snow storm: Our house, neighbourhood, the Bike Show, Dufferin St., and more.
2008-03-10 Light at the end of the tunnel (next to our house).
2008-03-15 A Saturday afternoon walk around the neighbourhood: Merchant Lane, Sterling Rd., railway tracks, Rail Path, trains, and more.
2008-03-20 A couple of geese walking across Hurontario St. in Mississauga.
2008-03-21 Jen and Tanya, and doing some work on the balcony.
2008-03-22 Easter at Jen's parents' in Brampton.
2008-03-23 Easter at Mom and Dad's in Hamilton.
2008-03-29 Flowers at home, and Earth Hour at Tanya's.
2008-03-30 Hamilton: Visiting Stephen+family, buying a tandem bike.

April, 2008
2008-04-01 More photos of the huge filthy snow piles at Six Points.
2008-04-05 Spring bike ride: Leslie St. Spit, Don River, etc.
2008-04-06 Bike ride with Jen: West end Lakeshore (Humber Bay Park, Humber Valley, etc.).
2008-04-12 Historic walking tour through The Junction.
2008-04-15 Bike "sharrows" installed on Hallam Ave. between Dufferin and Ossington.
2008-04-18 Evening picnic in High Park.
2008-04-19 Photo scanned from our CN Tower climb.
2008-04-19 Community Cleanup at Campbell Park.
2008-04-20 Spring flowers, our yard, etc.
2008-04-21 Cooking dinner, and the amaryllis.
2008-04-23 More photos of the amaryllis.
2008-04-25 Bike Summit 2008. A cycling conference in Toronto.
2008-04-26 Bike Ride: Bloor-Lansdowne, Ireland Park, downtown, etc.

May, 2008
2008-05-03 Toronto Bike History Walk, and random downtown pics.
2008-05-05 Biking home the long way along the lake.
2008-05-10 Riding the tandem home from Hamilton.
2008-05-11 Mother's Day in Brampton.
2008-05-12 Eglinton/Humber ride after work, picking Jen up on the tandem.
2008-05-15 Paton Rd. garden (East side of tracks), and Wade Ave. bear.
2008-05-16 Victoria Day Weekend: Riding from Toronto to Bronte Creek.
2008-05-17 Victoria Day Weekend: Bronte Creek Provincial Park
2008-05-18 Victoria Day Weekend: Riding from Bronte Creek to Hamilton
2008-05-19 Victoria Day Weekend: York Blvd. bike lanes and the GO Train.
2008-05-24 A nice Saturday out and about. Yasi's Place, walking downtown, my Bike Friday, etc...
2008-05-25 "Bells on Bloor" bike ride / parade.
2008-05-26 Annual City of Toronto "Bike Month" group commute to City Hall.
2008-05-27 Riding the South Kingsway / Queensway cloverleaf in south-west Toronto.
2008-05-28 Some photos of buildings and streetscape on Bloor St., between Lansdowne Ave. and Dufferin St.

June, 2008
2008-06-01 Jen took some photos of flowers in our front yard.
2008-06-01 The annual "Ride for Heart" on the Gardiner Expressway and DVP.
2008-06-01 GO By Bike: Taking the GO train out to Ajax and riding back to Scarborough along the Waterfront Trail.
2008-06-07 Nonna's Place, Visiting the Niece Family, Bike Movie Night at Yasi's Place.
2008-06-17 New murals on Bloor St, west of Lansdowne Ave. Artist: Richard Mongiat.
2008-06-19 Bike commute from Brampton to Mississauga City Centre.
2008-06-21 Toronto recumbent ride and the BIG on Bloor Festival.
2008-06-27 Eating out at Rawlicious in The Junction.
2008-06-29 Spiders, Strawberries, Mice, and Cops.

July, 2008
2008-07-06 Rankin Community Garden.
2008-07-11 Getting ready for the wedding: At home, and the Enoch Turner School House.
2008-07-15 Taking the GO Train downtown and hanging out at the Toronto Islands.
2008-07-16 Bike ride with Jen along the Martin Goodman Trail, Cherry Beach, Don Valley, etc.
2008-07-18 Honeymoon Bike Tour - Day 1: Windsor to Holiday Beach
2008-07-19 Honeymoon Bike Tour - Day 2: Holiday Beach to Point Pelee
2008-07-20 Honeymoon Bike Tour - Day 3: Point Pelee National Park
2008-07-21 Honeymoon Bike Tour - Day 4: Point Pelee to Pelee Island
2008-07-22 Honeymoon Bike Tour - Day 5: Pelee Island
2008-07-23 Honeymoon Bike Tour - Day 6: Pelee Island to Wheatley Prov. Park
2008-07-24 Honeymoon Bike Tour - Day 7: Wheatley to Rondeau Prov. Park
2008-07-25 Honeymoon Bike Tour - Day 8: Rondeau Prov. Park
2008-07-26 Honeymoon Bike Tour - Day 9: Rondeau Prov. Park to Chatham
2008-07-27 Honeymoon Bike Tour - Day 10: Chatham to Toronto
2008-07-31 Dufferin Grove Park Farmer's Market, and a cargo bike.

August, 2008
2008-08-02 Squash plant in our backyard, and eating out at Soul Food.
2008-08-09 James' stag: Golfing and boozing. :)
2008-08-11 Our backyard squash plant has been growing like crazy! Some bonus shots of us eating corn on the cob too.
2008-08-12 Ben Gomberg from Chicago gives a cycling presentation in Mississauga.
2008-08-14 Big collection of photos of the West Toronto Railpath, currently under construction. Also a few sunset photos from the backyard.
2008-08-17 Our backyard squash plant, Bev's birthday in Brampton, etc.
2008-08-19 A longer bike ride home, with photos along Eglinton Ave., the Junction Rd. silos, train tracks, Symington Ave. murals, etc.
2008-08-22 North-West corner of Dundas and Bloor, possibly future site of the "Giraffe" condo building.
2008-08-23 Trailblazers ride (Don valley, Toronto Islands), and Menno's Visit.
2008-08-26 Vaughan Rd. Bike Lane Installation
2008-08-28 Dandyhorse Magazine release party at Cinecycle.
2008-08-30 New cup hooks installed in the kitchen
2008-08-31 Vic's Birthday Bike Ride: Exhibition GO, Burlington, Hamilton Beach Strip, Red Hill Valley, etc.

September, 2008
2008-09-01 West Hamilton Bike Ride: Rail Trails, Sulphur Springs, Westdale, GO Bus, etc.
2008-09-02 Former U-Haul site at Perth and Bloor, and the Railpath.
2008-09-04 The new Confederation Parkway bridge over highway 403 in Mississauga.
2008-09-10 Hugging carrots, and an evening bike ride by the lake.
2008-09-13 Bike movies in the garage.
2008-09-14 Snacking on brownies and coffee on the GO train to Rouge Hill.
2008-09-15 Annette St. Bike Lanes - Public Meeting
2008-09-21 International Car-Free Day on Queen St. W. in Toronto.
2008-09-28 Girls' Day out (Bike riding around Oakville, Milton, Burlington) and more photos of the hugging carrots.
2008-09-29 Before and after photos of our furnace and water heater replacements.

October, 2008
2008-10-03 A photo of downtown Mississauga from my office window.
2008-10-04 The South Perth and Sterling Rd. Residents Association gathered for a community cleanup.
2008-10-04 Some mostly crappy photos from Nuit Blanche as I was figuring out my new camera.
2008-10-05 Backyard photos: Jen in the garage, squash harvest, and other fall cleanup.
2008-10-06 Train crossing at Old Weston Rd. and Junction Rd.
2008-10-10 View from my office: Hurontario St., downtown Mississauga, and the future site of the "Absolute" condos.
2008-10-11 Travelling to Ottawa for Thanksgiving (Just a few photos on Bloor St. and while waiting for the bus in Ottawa).
2008-10-12 Thanksgiving in Ottawa: Visiting with Andrew and the family, walking along the Rideau River, and much more.
2008-10-18 Lots of bike riding on a nice Saturday. Dropping Jen off at Exhibition Station in the morning, riding around the West End (Liberty Village, Sterling Rd., Railpath, etc.), and then meeting up with Jen at Appleby Station (Burlington) for a bike ride in the country out to Kilbride.
2008-10-24 Railpath construction, and Islington Station pigeons.
2008-10-25 Wasaga Beach: Hanging out at the Niece Family Cottage, goofing around at the Rounds Ranch, etc.
2008-10-26 Wasaga Beach: Kids decorating Halloween cookies, walking to Wasaga Beach Prov. Park, etc. Also some pics from our laneway, Kensington Market, and bikes on Dundas St.
2008-10-30 Carving our Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns.

November, 2008
2008-11-01 Neighbourhood Walks: Paton Rd., Wallace Ave., CN Tracks, Railpath, Tower Automotive, Solways, Perth Ave., Hardware Store trip, etc.
2008-11-02 Photos of me fixing the eavestrough and looking at the roof. The view of the neighbourhood from the ladder. GOing to Hamilton to visit Teta Elvyra and for Thomas' birthday.
2008-11-07 Cancer Bikes: Canadian Cancer Society is using locked-up bikes to promote a charity ride.
2008-11-08 Chris and Jack Read's 75th Wedding Anniversary.
2008-11-09 Replacing the wall around our furnace.
2008-11-13 Some photos from a very serious "I Bike TO" meeting at our place.
2008-11-15 Paton and Dupont murals, CN tracks, crucified mailbox, Fred's goodbye party, etc.
2008-11-16 Patio stone, and St. Helens' Pigeons.
2008-11-19 A seemingly random collection of photos: Railpath, Solways, Brownstones on Wallace, Wallace Bridge, Glidden Paints, GO Trains and buses, snow, my Jack-o-Lantern....
2008-11-21 Sunset at Tower Automotive.
2008-11-23 Exploring the former General Electric building at Dupont and Lansdowne, next to the railway tracks. Soon to be converted to loft condos called "Electric City".
2008-11-29 Don's and Tiff's birthday's plus early Christmas.
2008-11-29 A few photos of this year's special brew, Mill St. Barley Wine.
2008-11-30 A walk in High Park.

December, 2008
2008-12-01 Martin and Vic at Velo Social.
2008-12-06 Neighbourhood in transition: Photos of the Railpath, Solways, Wallace Brownstones, Dupont St., Franklin Ave. fire, etc...
2008-12-06 Dressed up, on the way to the GO Transit Christmas Party.
2008-12-13 Decorating our Christmas Trees.
2008-12-19 "Snowmageddon" (as Environment Canada called it). Just a winter storm day, with photos of Symington Ave., Bloor St., GO Trains, Mississauga, and our Christmas lights.
2008-12-23 Jen shovelling snow in the backyard.
2008-12-24 Christmas Eve in Hamilton. Also: GO Train and bike shelters.
2008-12-25 Christmas Day in Brampton.
2008-12-28 Dropping Julie off at Union Station, and then visiting the family again in Hamilton.
2008-12-29 Early morning in Southam Park, Hamilton.
2008-12-31 New Years Eve: A quick walk in the neighbourhood (Perth Ave., Tower Auto, Railpath, etc.), and getting ready for our party.

January, 2009
2009-01-01 Snowy New Year's Day: Outside the house, Sterling Ave., High Park, etc.
2009-01-03 Another winter walk: Wallace Ave and water tower, Honest Ed's, etc.
2009-01-08 An unexpected photo of me in the "24 hours" daily newspaper.
2009-01-10 Ice skating at Campbell Park.
2009-01-11 Exploring the abandoned NRI Rubber factory on Symington Ave.
2009-01-11 A winter walk around the neighbourhood: Laneway, corner stores, railway tracks, Symington Ave., Perth Ave. Adventist Church, etc.
2009-01-15 A few snaps from the first day of photography class, plus candle-light photos from the west-end blackout.
2009-01-16 A walk around the neighbourhood on the morning of the blackout: GO trains, Bloor St., Tower Automotive, railway tracks, etc.
2009-01-18 Snowy backyard, taking the GO bus to Unionville, etc.
2009-01-19 My cheap knock-off Canon lens hood.
2009-01-20 Toronto Bike Awards at the Gladstone Hotel.
2009-01-24 Skating at Campbell Park.
2009-01-25 8 Oakmount Dr.: Abandoned house across the street from High Park.
2009-01-28 Morning photos of a snowstorm in the neighbourhood: Campbell Ave., Wallace Ave., GO train, Lansdowne Ave., etc.

February, 2009
2009-02-01 Exploring the abandoned Firestone factory in Hamilton.
2009-02-01 Jen's solo walk in High Park.
2009-02-11 Foggy Winter Evening: Square One Bus Terminal, and Wallace Ave. Bridge.
2009-02-12 Photos of the ice-flood on the Humber River by the Old Mill, and some portrait photos taken during my photography class.
2009-02-14 Hanging out in Ottawa: Andrew's family, going for a walk to Rideau Falls, Winterlude, etc.
2009-02-15 Hanging out in Ottawa: Skating on the canal, eating poutine, Andrew's kids, etc.
2009-02-21 Icycle 2009 - Annual Ice Bike races at Dufferin Grove Park.
2009-02-22 Jen's Grandma Beattie's birthday party in Brampton.
2009-02-24 Cooking up some fake (tofu) chicken.
2009-02-26 Messing around with some portraits in my photography class.
2009-02-28 West End Walk: Dufferin Grove, College St., Derelict Bikes, Hoopdriver, Railpath, Tower Auto, etc...

March, 2009
2009-03-02 Mmmmaking Chocolate-Covered Bacon.
2009-03-03 Abandoned former karate school / auto shop on Aukland Dr. just outside of Kipling Subway Sation.
2009-03-06 A few photos of the aftermath of the fire on Bloor St. between Dundas and Keele.
2009-03-08 Exploring an abandoned church on Jones. Ave. in Toronto's east end: The Church of St. Clement, Riverdale. My first time shooting with a TLR camera.
2009-03-08 TLR photo of Jen playing Scrabble in the basement.
2009-03-10 West-End Bikeways, Public Open House #2 at the Parkdale Public Library.
2009-03-11 A few more TLR shots: Walking between Keele and Dundas West subway stations (artwork, etc.).
2009-03-13 Friday Night Supper + Speaker at Dufferin Grove Park.
2009-03-14 Toronto Bike Show, 2009.
2009-03-15 Jen splashing around in Steeles Park, Brampton.
2009-03-20 Michael Monastyrskyj speaking at Dufferin Grove Park.
2009-03-22 Mom's birthday party at our house.
2009-03-25 Bloor GO Station, and Railpath stairway.
2009-03-27 After-work bike ride around the Junction, my neighbourhood, etc. Lots of pics of tracks, trains, the silos, NRI, grade-separation work, Tower Auto, etc....
2009-03-28 A long walk around the neighbourhood: Bloor, Dundas, West Toronto Diamond, Village By High Park, Keele St., railways, St. Mary's Cement, Junction, Dupont, NRI, St. Clair, Wallace Ave., etc.
2009-03-28 Ireland Park.

April, 2009
2009-04-04 Chinatown (Spadina) Bike Racks.
2009-04-10 Riding our bikes to Brampton along the Humber River, and Easter with the Niece Family.
2009-04-11 Riding the scenic route from Brampton to Hamilton.
2009-04-12 Easter Sunday in Hamilton: Jen and I went for a walk along the escarpment.
2009-04-13 Broken bicycle rim.
2009-04-19 Riding with the Trailblazers, hanging out at the Distillery District, and riding home along Roncessvalles.
2009-04-25 Opening day at Martin's new bike shop: Hoopdriver Bicycles.
2009-04-29 Dandyhorse Magazine Launch Party @ Amsterdam Brewery

May, 2009
2009-05-02 A spring walk in High Park to see the cherry blossoms.
2009-05-02 Delivering Dandyhorse Magazine by bicycle.
2009-05-02 Starting my Bart Simpson "Chia Pet".
2009-05-03 Jane's Walk (Green Here - Dovercourt), planting our peach tree, and other backyard stuff.
2009-05-09 Inside the Old Don Jail, Toronto.
2009-05-10 Cycling in Hamilton (Beach Strip, eastern rail trail, etc.), and Mother's Day dinner.
2009-05-13 "Fuzzy Boundaries" community meeting.
2009-05-19 Hamilton: Mom's new trike, Hunter's Birthday, riding around Bayfront Park, etc.
2009-05-20 Railpath construction: Landscaping, trees, vines, art, street signs, etc.
2009-05-21 Tricycle Graffiti between Dundas West and Keele subway stations.
2009-05-23 Backyard chives and peaches, Chia Bart, and Earlscourt Park walk.
2009-05-24 Toronto Island Boat Cruise, Rocesvalles, our Backyard.
2009-05-25 Toronto / Mississauga cycling group commutes.
2009-05-28 Bike Summit 2009.
2009-05-29 Railpath: Freshly Seeded
2009-05-31 Bells on Bloor bike ride, 2009.

June, 2009
2009-06-05 Evening picnic at Earlscourt Park
2009-06-06 Riding through Centennial Park in Etobicoke on the way to visiting Jen's family in Brampton.
2009-06-06 Yasi's Place Bike-In Movie Night.
2009-06-07 A few pics at home with my new wide-angle lens.
2009-06-08 Railpath entrance at Bloor St.
2009-06-09 Wide Angles: Kipling Station, Keele/Dundas Graffiti, Clean Train Singer, and Bloor-Sterling.
2009-06-13 Perth Square Park Festival - A community festival at one of the parks in our neighbourhood.
2009-06-15 Store Opening Party at Hoopdriver Bicycles
2009-06-16 Bloor St. Railpath bridge gets a paint job
2009-06-18 Keele / Dundas West Graffiti, Wallace Bridge, and Railpath.
2009-06-20 West Toronto Railpath: Unofficial Opening Party / Parade
2009-06-20 BIG on Bloor festival.
2009-06-21 More photos from around the neighbourhood.
2009-06-27 Jessica and Nathan's wedding, Beaupré Quebec.
2009-06-28 Quebec City train station: Messing around with the wide-angle lens.
2009-06-29 Trip to Europe, Day 1: Unplanned visit to Boston
2009-06-30 Trip to Europe, Day 2: A day in Boston, MA, USA.

July, 2009
2009-07-01 Trip to Europe, Day 3: First Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Just walking around the city, Central Station, etc.
2009-07-02 Trip to Europe, Day 4: Second Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. More wandering around the city, looking at bikes, etc.
2009-07-03 Trip to Europe, Day 5: Third Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bike ride to Marken, bikes in the Vondelpark, etc.
2009-07-04 Trip to Europe, Day 6: Fourth Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amstel River Ride, Bikes in Vondelpark, Walking Tour, etc.
2009-07-05 Trip to Europe, Day 7: Fifth Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Various sites around town, the Hidden Church, etc.
2009-07-06 Trip to Europe, Day 8: Sixth Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bike bikes bikes! Canal bike (pedal boat) ride, and arrival in Copenhagen.
2009-07-07 Trip to Europe, Day 9: First Day in Copenhagen, Denmark. Walking around the old city, royal palace, Kastellet (old military fortification), Nyhavn, etc.
2009-07-08 Trip to Europe, Day 10: Second Day in Copenhagen, Denmark. Bikes, Bus/Boat Tour, Art and Design Museum, Norreport Station, etc.
2009-07-09 Trip to Europe, Day 11: Third Day in Copenhagen, Denmark. Riding our rental bikes around the city, and many photos of other cyclists.
2009-07-10 Trip to Europe, Day 12: First Day in Vilnius, Lithuania. Copenhagen train station, Vilnius from the sky, old town, Gedimino Pilis, etc.
2009-07-11 Trip to Europe, Day 13: Kernavė, Lithuania.
2009-07-12 Trip to Europe, Day 14: Trakai, Lithuania.
2009-07-13 Trip to Europe, Day 15: Lithuania: Walking around the Šeškinė neighbourhood of Vilnius, and visiting Gintaras in Nemunaitis (near Alytus).
2009-07-14 Trip to Europe, Day 16: Lithuania: Balloon ride from Nemunaitis to Alytus, and hanging out at Gintaras' place.
2009-07-15 Trip to Europe, Day 17: Kaunas, Lithuania: Šv. arkangelo Mykolo bažnyčia, Presidential Palace/Museum, Laisvės alėja, Karininkų ramovės, etc.
2009-07-16 Trip to Europe, Day 18: Kaunas, Lithuania: Pažaislis Abbey, Šv. Jurgio bažnyčia (St. George's church), Kaunas Castle, Agotos Gryčia, etc.
2009-07-17 Trip to Europe, Day 19: Vilnius, Lithuania: Senamiestis (Old Town), Churches, Seimas (Parliament), Hill of Three Crosses, etc.
2009-07-18 Trip to Europe, Day 20: Šventoji, Lithuania: On the Baltic coast with Eglė and Saulius.
2009-07-19 Trip to Europe, Day 21: Baltic coast of Lithuania: Sand dunes at Nida, and Raganų Kalnas (Hill of Witches) in Juodkrantė.
2009-07-20 Trip to Europe, Day 21: Lithuania: Kretinga, Mosėdis, Kryžių Kalnas (Hill of Crosses)
2009-07-21 Trip to Europe, Day 22: Klaipėda, Lithuania: Castle, Port, Sea Museum, and a playground
2009-07-22 Trip to Europe, Day 23: Klaipėda and Palanga, Lithuania: Hanging out on the Baltic coast.
2009-07-23 Trip to Europe, Day 24: Palanga, Lithuania: Birutės Kalnas and the beach.
2009-07-28 Artists painting the bicycle-themed mural at Dupont and Dundas.

August, 2009
2009-08-01 Martin and Lori's wedding at St. Anne's church, Ancaster.
2009-08-02 Swimming in the Owsianiks' pool with Agota and Lukas.
2009-08-03 Bike ride to the Devil's Punch Bowl and Stoney Creek Dairy.
2009-08-08 The Neighbourhood: Rankin Community Garden, Clay and Paper Theatre at Campbell Park, Tower Storage.
2009-08-09 Our back roof needs some work...
2009-08-17 Bike Murals at Dupont and Dundas.
2009-08-22 Exploring the abandoned Concord Floral greenhouses (TLR).
2009-08-25 Dupont Bike Mural opening celebration (TLR).

September, 2009
2009-09-01 Broken Bike Friday stem collar.
2009-09-07 Labour Day weekend: Bike camping trip to Sibbald Point Provincial Park on Lake Simcoe.
2009-09-15 "Fuzzy Boundaries" community meeting.
2009-09-19 Wasaga Beach with the Niece Family.
2009-09-23 Railpath Cleanup (with bonus raccoon photos).
2009-09-26 "Human Train" rally along the Railpath and Sorauren Park.

October, 2009
2009-10-15 The Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming group chalked all 185+ suggested neighbourhood names on the Railpath. Here are my photos and video of all the names.
2009-10-18 Around the neighbourhood: St. Josaphat's Cathedral, Railpath, Wallace Ave. Pedestrian Bridge, Tower Automotive, Sterling Rd., etc.
2009-10-24 Cyber Equality (Toronto Freegeek) at the Ontario Linux Fest.
2009-10-25 Autumn bike ride: Jen at Edwards Gardens
2009-10-31 Halloween at our house.

November, 2009
2009-11-01 Park Plaza Hotel, Oakville. It has seen better days... (More TLR photos coming soon).
2009-11-01 Post-Halloween Pumpkin Lighting in Carlton Park.
2009-11-07 Birthdays: Grandma Niece's 95th, Thomas' 6th.
2009-11-12 Railpath Graffiti, Wallace Bridge.
2009-11-17 GO Train crossing Wallace Ave.
2009-11-20 Sidewalk construction on Ernest Ave.
2009-11-22 Squirrel and a Dachsund mural.
2009-11-26 Pro-Diesel(???) train messages on the Railpath.
2009-11-28 Ottawa: Hanging out with Andrew's family
2009-11-30 Ottawa: Jen with Lukas and Aušra

December, 2009
2009-12-01 Ottawa: Hanging out with Andrew's family
2009-12-06 In Brampton for Don and Tif's birthdays.
2009-12-07 Exploring the vacant Tower Automotive factory building on Sterling Rd. a block south of home.
2009-12-19 Some old PCC streetcars on St. Clair Ave. W.
2009-12-21 Kensington Market Festival of Lights.
2009-12-24 Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's in Hamilton.
2009-12-25 Christmas Day with the Gedris family in Hamilton and the Nieces in Brampton.

January, 2010
2010-01-09 Skating at Campbell Park.
2010-01-10 Cross Country Skiing at Horseshoe Valley with the High Park Ski Club.
2010-01-14 "Fuzzy Boundaries" community meeting, at the new Boys and Girls Club.
2010-01-16 Lansdowne Ave. silhouettes, Wallace Industrial Lofts.
2010-01-18 Photos of the display boards at the Sterling / Perth / Tower Automotive meeting hosted by Castlepoint Realty.
2010-01-19 New maps on the Railpath.
2010-01-20 West End Walk: Blansdowne, Honest Ed's, Bathurst.
2010-01-23 Wallace Ave. Pedestrian Bridge.
2010-01-24 Cross country skiing at Highlands Nordic with the High Park Ski Club.
2010-01-28 The Neighbourood: Solways, Railpath, Wallace Bridge, GO Train, etc.

February, 2010
2010-02-06 Skating at Campbell Park, and making pasta at home.
2010-02-13 Icycle 2010: Ice Bike Races at Dufferin Grove Park
2010-02-14 I made home-made naan bread and dal for Jen on Valentine's Day.
2010-02-20 Jen's Grandma Beattie's 90th Birthday Party.
2010-02-21 Cross country skiing at Mansfield with the High Park Ski Club.
2010-02-22 Fuzzy Boundaries @ 229 Wallace, and Winter Snow Bikes.
2010-02-26 Snowy morning in the neighbourhood: Laneway, Bloor, Railpath, Crossways, Dundas West.
2010-02-27 Backyard plumbing.
2010-02-27 Skating at Campbell Park.

March, 2010
2010-03-01 Anti- Fuzzy Boundaries poster.
2010-03-04 Black Oak Triangle on the Railpath (Fuzzy Boundaries)
2010-03-07 The Neighbourhood: Brownstones on Bloor, Sterling Rd., Newmarket Sub, etc.
2010-03-11 Paton Rd. Pigeons, Fuzzy Boundaries 229 Wallace Ave. Mural.
2010-03-14 Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood parade.
2010-03-16 An "awesome" sign on the Railpath.
2010-03-19 D&M Building Supplies, 229 Wallace Ave. Being demolished...
2010-03-19 Smashed bus shelter on Lansdowne Ave. @ Paton Rd.
2010-03-20 Jen at Alternative Grounds on Roncesvalles.
2010-03-25 Junction Triangle Lofts; Lansdowne Bike Lane Plans.
2010-03-27 Goofing around on the Chedoke Rail Trail, Hamilton.
2010-03-27 Raccoon damage on Bobutė's roof
2010-03-31 A few random pics from our kitchen.

April, 2010
2010-04-02 Backyard rhubarb, biking to Brampton, and making hot cross buns.
2010-04-03 Easter with Jen's family in Brampton.
2010-04-04 Riding from Brampton to Hamilton, Mom's trike, Easter dinner, etc.
2010-04-13 Dundas West buskers, Bike, and Weird Poster.
2010-04-16 Backyard peach tree blossoms, Wallace Bridge, etc.
2010-04-18 Railpath shadow, the Monkey Garage, and High Park cherry blossoms.
2010-04-20 Cyclists moving a rug on Lansdowne Ave. in a unique way.
2010-04-22 Walk in the 'Hood: Paton Rd., Newmarket Sub, Davenport Diamond, GO Train, Peach Blossoms, etc.

May, 2010
2010-05-01 Jane's Walk: Railpath Ramble
2010-05-01 The Neighbourhood: Yasi's Place, Brownstones on Bloor, Value Village
2010-05-02 Jane's Walk: Junction Triangle
2010-05-09 Railpath (from Wallace Bridge), and Solways Dinosaur.
2010-05-15 Georgetown tracks, railway car, Wallace Bridge, Moloney Electric, etc.
2010-05-18 Ward 18 All Candidates Meeting, at Casa da Madeira, Dupont St.
2010-05-22 Aušra's and Nida's Baptism
2010-05-24 Tandem bike ride to the Leslie St. Spit
2010-05-26 Some photos taken during our sewer and water main replacement.
2010-05-29 Bells on Bloor bicycle parade (plus ice cream and a cake).
2010-05-30 Annex / Casa Loma walk, and peach tree parasites.

June, 2010
2010-06-06 Neighbourhood Walk: Railpath vegetation, Crossways, Sterling Rd., etc.
2010-06-19 The Niece kids in Brampton
2010-06-20 Tandem ride: Downtown and St. Clair Ave.
2010-06-23 Ward 18 All Candidates Meeting, at St. Anne's Church, Dufferin St.
2010-06-26 William at Yasi's (Rainy) Bike-In Movie Night
2010-06-27 Wasaga Beach: BBQ Pizza
2010-06-28 Wasaga Beach: Biking to the beach, a nasty storm, and bathroom shelter.
2010-06-29 Wasaga Beach: Hiking in Wasaga Beach Prov. Park, and dinner by the beach
2010-06-30 Wasaga Beach: Hiking in Wasaga Beach Prov. Park

July, 2010
2010-07-01 Wasaga Beach: Nancy Island, the beach, etc.
2010-07-02 Wasaga Beach: Relaxing in the hammocks
2010-07-04 Dainų Šventė / Lithuanian Song Festival, at the Hershey Centre, Mississauga.
2010-07-09 Niagara Falls: Evening fireworks by the Falls.
2010-07-10 Niagara Falls: Hiking down to the Whirlpool
2010-07-11 Niagara Falls: The Falls, Queenston, GO Train, etc.
2010-07-17 A few photos on King Street West: Power saver, and phantom building.
2010-07-17 Remnants of the Toronto Hydro Building on Sterling Rd.
2010-07-17 The mural at the Osler Fish Warehouse, as seen from the West Toronto Railpath.
2010-07-18 Community picnic at Irwin Krickhahn Park, plus Electric Train Music Series.
2010-07-19 New mural on Bloor St., under the railway tracks, south side, between Perth and Dundas.
2010-07-21 A couple of Symington Ave. businesses: Arduino's and Angel's.
2010-07-23 Sad bike on Bloor St. in front of The Crossways. Missing handlebars.
2010-07-24 Rainy, but fun day at the New Bloor Festival, between Lansdowne and Dufferin.
2010-07-25 Picnic and Electric Train Music Series at Perth Park.
2010-07-26 Lansdowne and Paton Silhouettes

August, 2010
2010-08-01 Ontario Redi-Mix on Wade Ave.: A vacated concrete facility near home.
2010-08-02 Hamilton: Pregnant Ballerina at Theatre Aquarius, King William St., Harbourfront.
2010-08-02 Bike Parking at Hamilton GO Centre
2010-08-10 Ontario Redi-Mix as seen from Erwin Krickhahn Park.
2010-08-13 Hamilton: Macnab St. tunnel, and GO Station
2010-08-18 Broken light pole in the alley
2010-08-21 Tour de Hamilton: A group ride around Hamilton: GO Train to Burlington, the Beach Strip, Mt. Albion Rd., east end rail trail, etc.
2010-08-26 Junction Triangle Municipal Election Issues Forum, at Boo Radley's
2010-08-28 Tower Automotive demolition; Sterling/Perth; Railpath; etc.
2010-08-29 Vic's birthday.
2010-08-30 A few more pics of the Tower Automotive demolition on Sterling Rd. Plus a GO train at Bloor Station.

September, 2010
2010-09-01 Tower Automotive demolition
2010-09-02 Tower Automotive demolition, rainy Railpath, Church of the Firstborn, etc.
2010-09-03 Yes...more photos from Tower Automotive and Perth Ave.
2010-09-04 Ottawa: Visiting Andrew's Family, Lumiere Festival, etc.
2010-09-05 Ottawa: Visiting Andrew's Family, etc.
2010-09-06 Ottawa: A walk around town. Byward Market, Ottawa River, Bronson St., etc.
2010-09-08 Ottawa: New Edinburgh Park with the kids
2010-09-10 Montreal: Square Victoria, Bixi, etc.
2010-09-11 Montreal: Wandering around, more Bixi, etc.
2010-09-12 Tower Automotive demolition, and a jazzy laneway mural.
2010-09-13 Mayoral Election Debate in Ward 18
2010-09-15 Tower Automotive demolition
2010-09-18 GO Transit's Family Day at the Willowbrook Yard
2010-09-19 Big backyard spider (AKA I wish I had a macro lens)
2010-09-20 Crane removal at Brownstones on Bloor
2010-09-20 Construction of the new "Absolute" condos (aka Marilyn Monroe) at the corner of Burnhamthorpe Rd. and Hurontario St. in Mississauga.
2010-09-21 Symington to Bloor. Tower chimney's final evening.
2010-09-22 Demolition of the Tower Automotive chimney, Perth Ave., Moloney Electric, etc.
2010-09-26 Visiting Fiona in Kingston

October, 2010
2010-10-03 Vacant Chairtex factory on Dundas St. West
2010-10-03 Bedrooom closet expansion
2010-10-03 Rail of Light at Nuit Blanche. A set of art installations on the Wallace Ave. Footbridge and the West Toronto Railpath.
2010-10-05 Toronto Star: Vital Signs. One of my photos was published in the newspaper.
2010-10-09 Thanksgiving in Ottawa
2010-10-10 Ottawa: At Virginija and Kostas' house, and the airport
2010-10-13 California: Walking to work in Sunnyvale; Bocce in Los Gatos
2010-10-14 California: Walking to work in Sunnyvale; Party at Carol's
2010-10-15 California: Walking to work in Sunnyvale
2010-10-16 A bit of Sunnyvale, and alot of San Francisco: Tenderloin, Market St., SoMa, The Mission, Castro, Golden Gate Park, etc.
2010-10-17 San Francisco, Day 2: Tenderloin, Cable Cars, Chinatown, Telegraph Hill, Lombard Street, Japantown, etc.
2010-10-18 Leaving San Francisco: Market St. Rush Hour, BART, and SFO Airport
2010-10-31 Halloween at home.

November, 2010
2010-11-01 5th annual Pumpkin Lighting at Carlton Park
2010-11-07 A walk in High Park, and belly photos at home.
2010-11-11 Dupont and Osler, at night.
2010-11-20 Roncesvalles Reconstruction

December, 2010
2010-12-04 Skating at Campbell; Mark and Amanda in the Garage
2010-12-05 In Brampton for Don's and Tif's birthdays
2010-12-12 Jen and Alex at the Campbell Park Rink.
2010-12-13 Checkup at St. Joseph's Hospital
2010-12-14 Junction Triangle: Dupont railway bridge, Railpath, Wallace Bridge, Solways Dinosaur, etc.
2010-12-17 Alex's birth (Private album)
2010-12-18 Alex at the hospital, and coming home (Private album)
2010-12-19 Alex at home; Grandma and Grandpa Niece visiting (Family only)
2010-12-21 Alex in his crib and feeding (Private album)
2010-12-21 Fresh Diet, Bloor St. at foot of Symington Ave.
2010-12-22 Alex and Jen (Family only)
2010-12-23 Alex, Jen and Vic, along with gifts from Andrew's family (Family only)
2010-12-24 Alex's first streetcar ride, Stephen's family visiting, and Christmas Eve (Family only)
2010-12-25 Christmas Day at home; Hamilton GO. (Family only)
2010-12-26 Alex in his rocking chair. (Family only)
2010-12-29 Alex's first subway ride (Video) (Family only)
2010-12-30 Hanging out with Alex and Jen in the basement (Family only)
2010-12-31 New Years Eve at William and Irmina's (Family only)

January, 2011
2011-01-01 Alex and his rubber ducky (Family only)
2011-01-02 Vic's family visiting (Family only)
2011-01-08 Snowy morning in the Junction Triangle: Wallace Market, Dupont St., murals, ghost signs, etc.
2011-01-12 Alex in the bath with his Rubber Ducky (Family only)
2011-01-15 Cross-Country Skiing on the Railpath with Alex.
2011-01-16 James and Ethan; Vic and Alex
2011-01-17 Alex: One Month Old
2011-01-22 Alex at home, and skating at Campbell Park
2011-01-26 Video: Vic, jen and Alex singing Happy Birthday to Lukas.
2011-01-28 Friday Night Skating Party at Campbell Park.
2011-01-29 Campbell Park: Skating, and Brenda's Birthday
2011-01-29 Video: Alex dancing to "Hang On" by Link Wray.
2011-01-29 Jen pumping for Alex (Private album)
2011-01-29 Mom's photos from Lukas' birthday party

February, 2011
2011-02-02 Snowy Morning: Junction Triangle, Blansdowne, Dundas West...
2011-02-05 Alex sleeping in a drawer at the Niece's cottage
2011-02-06 Skiing at Wasaga Beach Prov. Park + Alex Doing Fun Stuff (Family only)
2011-02-07 Alex with Grampa Niece at the Cottage
2011-02-08 Alex: Coming home from the cottage and visiting Great Grandma Beattie
2011-02-10 Winter walk around the eastern edge of the Junction Triangle.
2011-02-10 Ontario Redi-Mix on Wade Ave.: Demolition
2011-02-12 Misc.: Roncesvalles, Tower Automotive, Perth Ave.
2011-02-12 Icycle 2011: Ice Bike Races at Dufferin Grove Park
2011-02-13 Valentine's Eve, with Alex, Jen, and Vic
2011-02-17 Alex: Two Months Old
2011-02-18 Upstairs, between our tenant moving out and us moving up.
2011-02-19 More grungy curiosities from around the neighbourhood: Alleyways, garages, Ontario Redi-Mix, etc.
2011-02-21 Jen and Alex, on the GO Bus to Hamilton
2011-02-26 Railway contruction around Wallace Ave. footbridge (with video), plus Chairtex.
2011-02-26 Alex, Tėvukas visiting, Jen painting, Campbell Park, etc.
2011-02-27 In Brampton for Grandma Beattie's Birthday

March, 2011
2011-03-01 Neighbourhood Walk: Cariboo, Osler, Pelham, laneways, garages, Railpath, Sterling, etc...
2011-03-08 A day out with Jen and Alex: Riverdale Farm, the Nekropolis, etc.
2011-03-12 Alex and Jen
2011-03-13 Alex wrapped up in his bouncy chair
2011-03-15 Alex and Vic
2011-03-17 Alex: Three Months Old on St. Patrick's Day
2011-03-17 Bridge construction on Bloor St.
2011-03-19 Alex and his snail dude (video).
2011-03-20 Alex videos: Musical chair, and the sock bunny.
2011-03-20 A walk around The Junction: Murals, West Toronto Diamond, new police station, etc.
2011-03-21 High Park abandoned houses and skate ramps
2011-03-27 Hamilton: James St. Stairs, and Mom's Birthday
2011-03-31 A quick visit to the abandoned Westwood Theatre in Etobicoke.

April, 2011
2011-04-03 Alex and Vic; A few Junction Triangle murals
2011-04-06 Alex and his Blanket (Video)
2011-04-08 Graffiti and a Penny Farthing
2011-04-09 Exploring the abandoned Westwood Theatre at Six Points, Etobicoke.
2011-04-12 Federal election candidates at DIGIN meeting
2011-04-15 Railpath Graffiti
2011-04-15 Alex Drinking From His Sippy Cup (Video)
2011-04-16 Vic was making Alex laugh with funny faces, noises, and a piece of dragonfruit in his mouth. (Video)
2011-04-17 Kugelis + Alex at Four Months Old
2011-04-20 Sterling Rd. / Tower Automotive Meeting: Display Boards
2011-04-22 Making Lithuanian mushroom (grybai) cookies
2011-04-23 Easter with Jen's family in Brampton
2011-04-24 Easter in Brampton and Hamilton
2011-04-28 Cornerstone Lofts (Perth-Wallace Church) Development Plans
2011-04-30 Bloor St. Railway Bridge Construction

May, 2011
2011-05-04 My Second Toronto Bixi Ride (Video)
2011-05-07 Jane's Walk: Murals and Public Art in the Junction Triangle
2011-05-08 Jane's Walk: Lansdowne TTC Yard
2011-05-08 Jane's Walk: Backyard Chickens
2011-05-08 Family photos with Alex, diapers on the line, other backyard pics, etc.
2011-05-09 Alex Drinking from a Sippy Cup (Video)
2011-05-17 Alex: five months old, feeding before bed (Private)
2011-05-19 Wallace Ave. Footbridge on a foggy morning
2011-05-21 Travelling to Hamilton for Hunter's Birthday: GO Bus, HSR Bus, at Steve and Tif's, etc.
2011-05-22 Stained glass kitties on Locke St., Hamilton
2011-05-23 Alex sleeping.
2011-05-26 Tėvukas and Močiutė visiting and playing with Alex
2011-05-31 The City removed Joel Richardson's mural on Dupont St., west of Lansdowne. Joel had been commissioned to install it. Whoopsie.

June, 2011
2011-06-01 Post-Election Anti-Harper Graffiti
2011-06-02 Alex eating his first pasta, and other things
2011-06-03 Anti-Raccoon Rally Posters
2011-06-04 Taking the train to Ottawa
2011-06-05 A fun day in Ottawa: Hanging out with Andrew's family, the ByWard Market, kids eating, playing outside, etc.
2011-06-06 Nida dressed up like Lukas for school
2011-06-07 At Andrew and Jurga's: Kids, garden, etc.
2011-06-08 Alex and Adrian in the "pool" at Simone's
2011-06-09 Ottawa: Parliament Hill, and at Andrew's
2011-06-10 Ottawa: Kids, at the park with Jodi, at the pub with Al, etc.
2011-06-14 Scott and Naomi at Campbell Park; Frog at Yasi's
2011-06-17 Alex: 6 months old, goofing around in the backyard
2011-06-17 8-11 sign at Bloor and Sterling
2011-06-18 Bells on bloor bike ride / parade, as seen from the corner of Bloor and Sterling (photos and video).
2011-06-19 In Hamilton for Bobutė's birthday
2011-06-25 Alex Grunting at Vic (Video)
2011-06-26 Jen's birthday bike ride
2011-06-26 Niece family visiting for Jen's birthday.
2011-06-28 Vic and Alex reading Modern Canadian Interiors

July, 2011
2011-07-01 Canada Day at Perth Square Park
2011-07-02 Alex eating (messy lentils, cherries), and using his Jolly Jumper. (Photos and videos)
2011-07-08 Vic and Alex at the Toronto Islands
2011-07-12 Wallace Bridge, Railpath, Murals, etc.
2011-07-13 Wallace Bridge, Railpath, Murals, etc.
2011-07-13 Alex eating frozen cherries
2011-07-15 Synopsys picnic, plus riding home from Mississauga along the waterfront.
2011-07-16 Don and Bev Niece's 40th Anniversary
2011-07-17 In Hamilton for Isaac's Birthday.
2011-07-18 Ward 18 Rail Corridor Study Walk, and Inside Planet Storage
2011-07-19 Railpath: New curb cut at Osler, and Metrolix air monitoring station
2011-07-22 Mural in progress on Dupont St. at Railpath
2011-07-23 Talka picnic at the Giedraitis Hunting Club, Caledonia, and swimming at the Owsianiks' pool.
2011-07-26 Railpath, Metrolinx air monitoring station, Rail of Light mural, etc.
2011-07-28 Symington dump truck; Bloor St. / Railpath Graffiti
2011-07-28 Public meeting regarding the re-installation of Joel Richardson's "Suit" mural on Dupont St., west of Lansdowne Ave.
2011-07-30 A cactus growing through our kitchen shelf.
2011-07-31 Taking Alex to the Campbell Park Wading Pool

August, 2011
2011-08-01 Hamilton: Swimming at the Owsianik's pool, and hanging out in Mom and Dad's backyard
2011-08-07 Ethan's Baptism Party
2011-08-07 Some Conditions Apply: Graffiti stencil at Railpath/Bloor
2011-08-12 After-work randoms between Keele and home: Keele phone booth, "Good Bike", Railpath hearts and graffiti, Tower Automotive moonrise...
2011-08-13 Martin and Wendy's 20th anniversary at Fred Hamilton Park
2011-08-13 Misc. Bus Photos: Looking up at Union Station, clouds on Steele Ave.
2011-08-14 In Brampton for Bev's birthday.
2011-08-16 Unofficial Alex at 8 Months Photos
2011-08-16 Miscellaneous Madness: Around the Wallace Ave. Footbridge, Chairtex, shots through sunglasses, etc.
2011-08-17 Railpath randoms (deer mural, Richard's mural Toronto Hydro building, etc.)
2011-08-18 Graffiti: Wallace Bridge mural, Wallace Lofts deer
2011-08-20 Misc: Neighbourhood walk with Alex (Railpath, Lansdowne/GE, etc.), and Alex's first bike ride
2011-08-21 Jessica's baby shower, Streetsville
2011-08-24 Alex and his Alien Shoes
2011-08-24 Lightning storm, viewed from our front porch
2011-08-28 Charlie's 1st Birthday Party at Perth Square Park
2011-08-29 Misc. Neighbourhood Pics: Balcony sunrise, Wallace Bridge, Bloor GO, Laneway
2011-08-30 Alex's Messy Breakfast
2011-08-30 Jeff Winch's film - Bending the Rails - at The Revue Cinema

September, 2011
2011-09-01 Vic's Birthday: out for lunch with Mom and Dad visiting
2011-09-02 Wasaga Beach: Hanging out at the Niece Family Cottage and celebrating Vic's birthday again.
2011-09-03 Wasaga Beach: Hanging out at the Niece Family Cottage
2011-09-04 Visiting Uncle Jack Read in Beaverton
2011-09-05 Wasaga Beach: Going for a walk through the woods and fields at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park
2011-09-06 Visiting Uncle Wayne and Aunt Janice in Collingwood.
2011-09-07 Wasaga Beach: Walk in the Provincial park, and down at the beach
2011-09-11 An afternoon outing in High Park
2011-09-12 Alex's post-bath crazy hair
2011-09-14 Giraffe in the dish drainer
2011-09-17 Alex at 9 months old: In the Backyard and at Perth Park
2011-09-18 Roncesvalles Polish Festival
2011-09-21 Alex, Jen, and Random Stuff
2011-09-22 Joel's Dupont St. Mural, Graffiti, GO Train, etc.
2011-09-23 Alex at Erwin Krickhahn Park and eating dinner at home
2011-09-24 Misc: Erwin Krickhahn Park, Wallace Bridge, Railpath, Bloor St., playing in the kitchen...
2011-09-25 Retirement Party for Arduino and Anna Maria
2011-09-29 Davenport Provincial Election Candidates Meeting at DPNC (with Video)
2011-09-30 Alex and Vic at Campbell Park

October, 2011
2011-10-02 Rainy Day: Alex in his stroller, and Lansdowne weirdness
2011-10-04 Abandoned High Park Houses, Bloor St., etc.
2011-10-05 Bloor and Lansdowe: Random photos.
2011-10-06 Provincial Election Day - Just some photos on my way to and from work.
2011-10-08 Hamilton: Arcade Park, Downtown walk (Augusta St., signs, old bus station, pedestrian signs, Lister Block, Thanksgiving, etc.
2011-10-09 Hamilton: Alex with Bobutė and Aunt Barbara
2011-10-11 Afternoon at Dufferin Grove Park with Jen and Alex.
2011-10-11 Alex on his change table with Jodi's quilt
2011-10-13 Slides from the 158 Sterling Rd. / Tower Automotive redevelopment meeting
2011-10-16 Bloor and Lansdowne Randoms
2011-10-17 Hamilton GO Centre, and Bloor St. Graffiti
2011-10-17 Alex and Jen at the Perth Ave. Coop Playground
2011-10-22 Alex and Vic having fun on a Saturday at home and at the Perth Coop playground.
2011-10-22 Exploring the vacant Tower Automotive factory building on Sterling Rd. a block south of home.
2011-10-23 An Afternoon at High Park
2011-10-24 Jen and Alex: Visiting Grandma Niece, and playing at Perth Ave. Coop
2011-10-28 Alex with post-bath crazy hair.
2011-10-29 Halloween and Thomas' Birthday at Black Creek Pioneer Village
2011-10-30 Sunday: Chelsea Ave. Playground, Carving Pumpkins, Backyard, etc.
2011-10-31 Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

November, 2011
2011-11-01 Alexander the Grape and Isaac the Bear (Halloween Costumes)
2011-11-01 6th annual Pumpkin Lighting at Carlton Park
2011-11-01 Sorauren Park Pumpkin Parade
2011-11-05 Around the neighbourhood (Railpath, Perth Park, etc.) and at home
2011-11-06 Family stroll on Symington Ave.
2011-11-08 DIGIN meeting with Ward 18 / Davenport elected reps. (Andrew Cash, Jonah Schein, Ana Bailao)
2011-11-12 Visiting Močiutė and Tėvukas in Hamilton, plus Arcade Park.
2011-11-13 Močiutė and Tėvukas visiting
2011-11-14 Memorial to a Fallen Cyclist: Jenna Morrison, at Dundas and Sterling
2011-11-17 Alex playing in the backyard.
2011-11-22 Rookie Blue filming at Wallace/Railpath
2011-11-26 Alex and Vic: Brushing Teeth

December, 2011
2011-12 Computer room at work
2011-12-01 2376-2388 Dundas St. West (north of Crossways), Wallace Bridge, etc...
2011-12-03 Removing the back deck railing
2011-12-07 RIP Red Cabin @ Bloor St. and Aukland Rd., near Kipling.
2011-12-09 Eating a meatball sandwich from Nonna's Place
2011-12-10 Alex's First Birthday Party + Being a Goofball
2011-12-11 Alex's First Birthday Party (Round II - Chocolate Cake)
2011-12-15 Railpath graffiti (Wallace Bridge, Ernest Ave.)
2011-12-17 Alex's "official" 1 year old photos.
2011-12-18 Setting up our Christmas Tree
2011-12-24 Christmas Eve in Hamilton
2011-12-25 Christmas Day in Hamilton and Brampton
2011-12-26 Skating at Campbell Park
2011-12-27 Alex playing with the hair clippers
2011-12-28 A day off and a day out
2011-12-31 Alex's Mittens, Railpath Graffiti, and Dundas West
2011-12-30 Out and About: Bloor St., Bixi, Chinatown, People, Queen St., Dundas Square, etc.

January, 2012
2012-01-02 Afternoon at Chelsea Park
2012-01-06 Morning on Dundas St. West: Bloor St. Fitness and Loblaws plaza.
2012-01-07 Queen and Ossington-ish: Wandering around some laneways and CAMH.
2012-01-08 A walk around the neighbourhood with Alex: Solways, Railpath, etc.
2012-01-14 A day out in the east end
2012-01-15 Močiutė and Tėvukas visiting
2012-01-20 Waiting for my train to leave at Kipling Subway Station
2012-01-21 Heart Crane, and High Park with the Nieces
2012-01-22 Alex playing in the snowy backyard
2012-01-24 Night Cyclist on Bloor St.
2012-01-27 Final ride on a TTC H4 Subway Train
2012-01-28 Alex: Visiting Kim and Adam
2012-01-28 Honeybadgers night at Boo Radley's, with Rob Ford graffiti photo show
2012-01-29 Alex's first major haircut, and Isaac visiting

February, 2012
2012-02-03 Bloor St. Fitness, with Valentine's Day Gloves
2012-02-05 Exploring the vacant Tower Automotive factory building on Sterling Rd. a block south of home.
2012-02-08 Creative bike tail-light mount
2012-02-12 Alex playing in the snow, and Valentine's Day Dinner
2012-02-15 Walking along the entire length of Dupont St., east to west.
2012-02-16 Walking home at night: Rashed Butt, Pelham Ave., GO train at Ernest / Solways.
2012-02-18 Around the neighbourhood (Solways, Planet Storage, etc.) and Alex walking at home.
2012-02-19 Alex and Vic: At home, in the snow at Campbell Park, etc.
2012-02-20 Alex playing with bubbles, Carleton Village walk, Erwin Krickhahn Park, etc.
2012-02-25 A day out: Symington Ave., Perth Coop Playground, Campbell Park
2012-02-26 Alex and His Friends, playing with bubbles.
2012-02-28 Superman sighting at Dundas and Bloor

March, 2012
2012-03-03 Alex visiting Močiutė and Tėvukas
2012-03-04 Hamilton, Subway, and Erwin Krickhahn Park
2012-03-05 Bloor St. Fitness (St. Patrick's Day theme) and Bloor St. Graffiti (We all broke)
2012-03-10 At home: Alex eating, doing dishes, digging in dirt, and walking on Symington. Then a trip to Campbell Park for a campfire.
2012-03-11 Playing at Perth Square Park
2012-03-18 Alex in the backyard, with a new sandbox and a cold
2012-03-24 Playing in the kitchen and shopping at Loblaw's
2012-03-25 Alex playing at Erwin Krickhahn Park

April, 2012
2012-04-05 Mississauga: Hurontario St. and the Absolute (aka Marilyn) buildings
2012-04-06 Hanging out in Brampton with the Nieces
2012-04-07 Easter in Brampton with the Nieces
2012-04-08 Easter at Mom and Dad's in Hamilton
2012-04-09 Snotty Alex at Močiutė and Tėvukas' house
2012-04-14 A few random family shots on the TTC
2012-04-15 Toronto, or New York City? A film shoot on bay St., south of King St.
2012-04-21 Railpath Cleanup, and a visit from Simone, Nick, and Adrian
2012-04-22 Morning walk: Church St., Esplanade, Union Station
2012-04-28 Clean Train Festival, West Toronto Railpath
2012-04-28 Random: Alex falling asleep (video), Railpath, Solways, playing peekaboo at home, Shawarma Dog, etc.
2012-04-29 Alex fixing the rain barrel, Flat Stanley, and a trip to the High Park Zoo.

May, 2012
2012-05-05 Jane's Walk: Toronto’s Changing Waterfront - Dog Friendly Walk (Plus other random stuff along the way)
2012-05-06 Jane's Walk: Why Cheap Parks Are More Fun (MacGregor Park to Campbell Park)
2012-05-11 James St. Stairs, Hamilton
2012-05-12 A morning walk in Hamilton (Claremont Access, downtown, James St., etc...)
2012-05-12 Visiting Andrew's family in Ottawa
2012-05-13 Agotos Pirma Komunija
2012-05-16 A couple of outdoor pics of the Farmhouse Tavern at Dupont and Franklin, shortly before they opened for business.
2012-05-16 Preliminary meeting + plans for 299 Campbell Ave. at Dupont St.
2012-05-21 Gardening at home, and Sunnyside Beach
2012-05-21 Walk around the Junction / Junction Triangle: Barrie GO tracks, Dupont and Campbell, Perth Ave., Davenport Diamond, West Toronto Diamond, Andrew Merrilees, Cadet Cleaners, Railpath, etc.
2012-05-22 Random Stuff: Junction Rd. sign, Berry Go Round, missing cat poster, Perth Ave. radar speed sign.
2012-05-23 Alex's goofiest hair, ever
2012-05-23 35th Anniversary of the Perth Dupont Library
2012-05-26 Random: Bloor St. Fitness, Polish BBQ, Nightmayor Graffiti
2012-05-26 Doors Open: Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles.
2012-05-26 Doors Open: Rocesvalles TTC Carhouse
2012-05-31 1661 Bloor St. W at Indian Rd.

June, 2012
2012-06-02 Jen's parents visiting, and planting the new front yard garden
2012-06-07 Jen watering the front yard
2012-06-08 Do Not Disturb (elevator machine room)
2012-06-10 Canada Linseed Oil Mills, Wabash Ave., Toronto
2012-06-14 Railpath: New Perth/Sterling Entrance
2012-06-16 Cycle and Celebrate the West Toronto Railpath
2012-06-16 Saturday night supper etc. at Campbell Park.
2012-06-16 Backyard Garlic Harvest
2012-06-17 Playing the backyard with Tėvukas and Močiutė
2012-06-21 Railpath/Bloor Graffiti, by Anser
2012-06-23 Around the Neighbourhood: Perth school yard sale, Ana Bailao's BBQ at Perth Park, Saturday Night Supper at Campbell Park, Anser graffiti, Dollarama, etc...
2012-06-24 Celebrating Jen's birthday, at home, with the Nieces
2012-06-25 Westwood Theatre, and Perth-Sterling Graffiti (Anser, etc.)
2012-06-26 Picnic Dinner in High Park
2012-06-30 Alex on Miles' John Deere Tractor

July, 2012
2012-07-01 Visiting Mom and Dad in Hamilton, with Andrew's family too
2012-07-02 Visiting Mom and Dad in Hamilton, with Andrew's family too
2012-07-07 Alex wearing Grandma's Crocs
2012-07-14 Alex with balloons on the swing at Campbell Park.
2012-07-15 Backyard: Wheelbarrow, car, flowers, Viceroy ball, boots, etc.
2012-07-17 3-Jit store with blank ad wall, Perth and Bloor
2012-07-19 Lovelly Bike, Symington Ave.
2012-07-21 Isaac's Birthday at the Nieces' in Brampton
2012-07-22 BIG on Bloor Festival
2012-07-25 'Wallace Walk' sales centre on Bloor St.
2012-07-26 Alex on a Rainy morning at the Bloor GO Train Station, and Dundas West Randoms (Hula Girl graffiti, Dundas West Train Station).
2012-07-28 Camping trip to Rouge Beach and Glen Rouge Campground
2012-07-29 Camping trip to Rouge Beach and Glen Rouge Campground
2012-07-30 Comfy Bike, and Dundas-Sterling Public Meeting

August, 2012
2012-08-01 Mural in Progress, next to Keele Station
2012-08-04 A walk up the West Toronto Railpath, Tower Automotive, Perth Ave., West Toronto Diamond, etc.
2012-08-06 Visiting Tėvukas and Močiutė in Hamilton - Alex watering plants, etc. in the backyard.
2012-08-11 A family walk around the neighbourhood: Symington, Solways, Railpath, splashing in puddles, etc.
2012-08-12 Biking to Martin and Lori's "90th Birthday" at Humber Bay Park East, etc.
2012-08-18 Bloor St., Club Paradise, Christie Pits, and thereabouts
2012-08-20 Club Paradise: New sign and reflections.
2012-08-21 Sunset over the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Of St. Andrew (Dupont and Franklin)
2012-08-22 Random: Keele Station graffiti (Vigilante superman), Islington Station, Laneway Art...
2012-08-24 Synopsys Picnic, Jack Darling Park, Mississauga
2012-08-26 Ottawa: Park, splash pad, visiting Marius, etc.
2012-08-27 Ottawa: Hanging out around Andrew's house
2012-08-29 Ottawa: Hanging out with Simone and Adrian at the Museum of Nature, a park, etc.
2012-08-30 Ottawa: John and Anna's, Elgin St. Diner, Simone and Adrian, etc.
2012-08-31 Ottawa: At Andrew's House

September, 2012
2012-09-01 Ottawa: Andrew's house, BBQ ribs, Vic's birthday, etc...
2012-09-03 Railpath and Sorauren Park Farmers' Market
2012-09-09 A Day on the Toronto Islands
2012-09-15 Toronto Islands with The Nieces
2012-09-16 Mom and Alex on the swings at Erwin Krickhahn Park
2012-09-16 'Train Wall Horror Show' at Perth Square Park
2012-09-17 Evening randoms: Keele Station / Indian Rd. graffiti, condo construction, Alex on the Railpath and eating mustard at home.
2012-09-18 Rainy Morning: Alex on Bloor St.
2012-09-22 Alex measuring himself; Jen's dress
2012-09-29 Hanging out in the backyard: Alex cutting grass, harvesting squash, riding a bike, etc...
2012-09-30 First annual Railpath Run.
2012-09-30 A few photos from Perth Square Park

October, 2012
2012-10-06 Thanksgiving with the Nieces in Brampton
2012-10-08 Wallace Bridge, Bloor GO, and Perth Coop Park
2012-10-10 Jen and Alex Baking, and the Jamie Bell Playground at High Park
2012-10-11 S/W Corner of Bloor and Perth - Graffiti/Poster Cleanup
2012-10-11 Wasaga Beach: Niece Family Cottage
2012-10-12 Wasaga Beach: Niece Family Cottage, and Wasaga Beach Prov. Park.
2012-10-13 Wasaga Beach: Niece Family Cottage, and Wasaga Beach Prov. Park.
2012-10-19 Bedroom Wall Soundproofing
2012-10-20 Dupont St., and Our Front Yard
2012-10-21 Alex's Dirty Lunch Face
2012-10-27 Sherbourne Bike Lane, and Perth Park Pumpkin Sale
2012-10-28 Ernest Ave. (Alex splashing in puddles, and a dog poop sign), and Carving Pumpkins
2012-10-29 Costa Rican change from the TTC
2012-10-31 Alex on Halloween

November, 2012
2012-11-03 Around the Neighbourhood: Symington Concrete Yard Angel, Wallace Bridge, "Lot Party".
2012-11-07 Alex looking cool in his sunglasses
2012-11-10 Backyard and Downspout
2012-11-11 Alex: Playing "Gotcha" and drawing the Wallace Ave. Footbridge
2012-11-15 Alex in front of The Crossways
2012-11-17 Alex in Hamilton: James St. Steps, and reading with Močiutė
2012-11-18 Hamilton: Southam Park, Ethiopian Food, James St. N., etc.
2012-11-24 Random: Solways, Library, Union Station
2012-11-24 Making Gingerbread Houses at Grandma and Grandpa's
2012-11-25 Visiting The Nieces, Extended Niece Family Christmas, GO Train, etc.

December, 2012
2012-12-01 High Park: Jamie Bell Adventure Playground
2012-12-02 In Brampton to Celebrate Alex, Don, and Tif's Birthdays
2012-12-03 Sunrise at Shopper's World, Brampton
2012-12-06 Synopsys Christmas Party
2012-12-07 A Walk Around The Neighbourhood: Bloor and Dundas area, Wallace Bridge, GO trains, Brad(d) St., Dupont St., Dupont/Lansdowne condos, Symington/Paton/Ernest, etc.
2012-12-08 Rainy Day Railpath Walk
2012-12-09 Out for a Walk: Bloor, Dupont, Tracks, and in Between...
2012-12-10 A Walk Around The Junction (Dundas West, Runnymede, Old Weston, etc.)
2012-12-12 Alex and His Wagon From Grandpa
2012-12-14 Sunrise at Wallace Bridge, GO Trains, Solways
2012-12-15 Alex's Second Birthday Party
2012-12-16 Alex Singing and Playing Piano at Martin and Lori's (video)
2012-12-17 Alex playing with trains on his train table.
2012-12-22 Solarski Pharmacy, 149 Roncesvalles
2012-12-23 Decorating the Christmas Tree, Alex Doing Laundry, etc.
2012-12-24 Christmas Eve in Brampton with The Nieces
2012-12-25 Christmas Day with the Nieces in Brampton and Gedrises in Hamilton
2012-12-26 Shoveling Snow and Playing at Močiutė and Tėvukas' House
2012-12-27 Opening some Christmas Presents at Home
2012-12-28 Jen Driving
2012-12-29 So-called "separated" bike lane on Sherbourne St.
2012-12-30 Alex playing in the snowy backyard
2012-12-31 New Years Eve at Irmina and William's Place

January, 2013
2013-01-01 New Years Day: Family Walk in High Park
2013-01-03 Alex Washing His Hands
2013-01-05 Toboganning at Erwin Krickhahn Park, Isaac's birthday party, Campbell Park rinkhouse, etc.
2013-01-06 Installing a new range hood above our kitchen stove.
2013-01-06 Video: Alex shovelling snow in the backyard
2013-01-12 A fun day out: At the ROM, a long walk, Symington Ave. sinkhole, Vic and Alex on the Wallace Ave. Footbridge.
2013-01-13 Alex playing Hide and Seek
2013-01-18 Snowy Dundas/Bloor, and Isaac having dinner with Alex.
2013-01-19 Skating at Campbell Park, Symington Sinkhole, Erwin Krickhahn Park
2013-01-20 At the ROM with Alex and Isaac
2013-01-21 A couple of Alex videos: Singing "Little Rabbit Foo Foo" and playing with his train table.
2013-01-25 Snowy evening (Dundas/Bloor, Railpath, Bloor St.), and Alex Playing in the Basement
2013-01-26 Saturday: Symington Ave. Sinkhole, Skating at Campbell Park, Tobogganing at Erwin Krickhahn Park, Crafts at Home, etc.
2013-01-27 A walk around The Junction / Junction Triangle: Perth/Wallace church, West Toronto Diamond, Junction Rd., St. Mary's Cement silo, Keele and St. Clair, Symes Waste Transfer Station, Union St., Barrie Tracks graffiti, etc.
2013-01-27 Random Alex Photos.
2013-01-30 Pre-Dawn Bloor/Dundas, After-Work Subway, Walk Home With Alex, and Jen's Guitar

February, 2013
2013-02-01 Friday Morning at the Bloor GO Station
2013-02-02 Symington Sinkhole, Campbell Park, Visiting Christy/Andrew/Isaac, etc.
2013-02-03 ROM, Dundas/Bloor Zellers Closing, Alex at Home, etc.
2013-02-06 Walking home with Alex - Indian Rd., Bloor St., Sterling/Tower, etc.
2013-02-07 Snow Day: Pink & Purple Etobians, Alex Eating Spaghetti, The 'Hood, Solways, etc.
2013-02-08 Alex at the computer, and a snow storm (Mississauga / Square One, Bloor St., around the neighbourhood, etc.)
2013-02-09 Valentine's Day Dinner: Ethiopian Food and Pouding Chômeur
2013-02-10 Alex and Grandma playing with trains, Vic and Jen's Daytime Date, Alex in the Basement.
2013-02-11 Alex and Jen at Bloor GO Station, and a video of Alex playing
2013-02-12 Evening photos (and unprocessed video) of the demolition of Solway Metal Sales on Ernest Ave.
2013-02-14 Solways demolition, Bloor GO Station construction, Alex drawing
2013-02-14 That day when I needed alot of fibre...
2013-02-15 Demolition of Solway Metal Sales, Ernest Ave.
2013-02-16 Hamilton Childrens' Museum, and Močiutė and Tėvukas' House
2013-02-17 Playing outside n the snow at Močiutė and Tėvukas' house, and Date Night in Hamilton
2013-02-18 Hamilton: Močiutė and Tėvukas' house and Arcade Park
2013-02-19 Bloor and Symington, and Alex eating a taco
2013-02-20 After Work: Subway, Alex on Bloor, GO Train, ...
2013-02-22 Laneway: Broken Bike and Tire Tracks
2013-02-23 Alex skating at Campbell Park with Isaac, sitting on a Zamboni, and playing in the backyard
2013-02-23 In Brampton for Grandma Beattie's Birthday
2013-02-24 Playing outside in the snow at the Niece house, Brampton
2013-02-25 Demolition of Solway Metal Sales, Ernest Ave.
2013-02-27 Snowy/wet day: Downtown Mississauga, and Bloor St. at Perth Ave.
2013-02-28 Solways Demolition, and Railpath / Wallace Bridge Randoms

March, 2013
2013-03-01 Alex: Romuvos Šūkis (Video)
2013-03-02 Neighbourhood Walk with Alex and Jen: Solways, Wallace Bridge, etc.
2013-03-02 Demolition of Solway Metal Sales, 26 Ernest Ave.
2013-03-03 The ROM, TTC Subway, and playing in the snow
2013-03-07 After work with Alex: Bloor St., Railpath, Solways demolition, Ernest Ave., etc.
2013-03-08 Random: Laneway findings, and Alex at home (crossed fingers, watching Stompin' Tom)
2013-03-09 Family Walk Around The Neighbourhood: Wallace Bridge, Hula Girl, Railpath, etc.
2013-03-09 Demolition of Solway Metal Sales, 26 Ernest Ave.
2013-03-10 Alex playing guitar and doing The Hokey Pokey (with video)
2013-03-13 Random: Laneways, Wallace-Emerson / DIGIN Meeting, Dupont St., etc.
2013-03-14 Dundas St., Wallace Ave., and Solways demolition.
2013-03-15 Video: Alex's Stompin' Tom Connors Medley
2013-03-16 Random stuff on a winter day: Playing in the backyard, shovelling snow, Railpath, Solways demolition, Wallace Bridge, Alex riding/fixing a bike, and singing Happy Birthday to Močiutė (video).
2013-03-17 At the ROM, and St. Patrick's Day Parade
2013-03-18 Around the Neighbourhood (Dupont, Perth, etc.), Solways Demolition, Alex Eating Lemon
2013-03-19 Playing in the snow and puddles at Dundas and Bloor (with video), plus a few Perth and Bloor photos.
2013-03-23 Alex at gymnastics, walking home along the Railpath, Wallace Ave., lunch at Cafe neon, etc.
2013-03-24 Random stuff around the neighbourhood: Cargo bike at No Frills, Lansdowne / Blansdowne, Bloor, Dupont, etc.
2013-03-25 ElsieLaneSolwaysGoTrainCrossways
2013-03-27 Alex on the Railpath at Bloor St.
2013-03-29 Easter Preparations: Making Stuffing, Painting Eggs, etc.
2013-03-30 Union Station, and Easter at the Nieces' in Brampton
2013-03-31 Tėvukas reading to Alex

April, 2013
2013-04-01 Spider I caught in the basement
2013-04-02 Alex drawing on his easel
2013-04-03 Misc. pics from around the neighbourhood: Neves Variety, Bloor GO temporary station construction, Railpath, Bloor St., Sterling Rd. / Tower Automotive, streetcars at Dundas and Bloor, etc.
2013-04-04 Around the 'Hood: Bloor, GO Trains, Wallace Bridge, Alex and a Pepper, Railpath, Solways, Neve's, etc.
2013-04-05 Things that move: GO train from Dundas St., cyclist on Ernest Ave., Alex on Symington Ave.
2013-04-06 Misc: Bag in tree, Dufferin Grove Park, Toronto Variety Store, St. Clair streetcar, Zellers, Bloor St. Fitness, and Emergency TV Repair
2013-04-07 Alex making pizza, Bloor GO construction, etc.
2013-04-08 Rainy day at St. Clair Ave. and old Weston Rd.
2013-04-09 Bloor GO Station, Emergency TV Repair, Alex in the rainy backyard
2013-04-10 Alex's Train Drawings
2013-04-13 Playing outside in the rain
2013-04-14 Perth Park, and playing at home with Isaac
2013-04-14 Demolition of the former Cadet Cleaners buildings on Old Weston Rd.
2013-04-14 A walk around the neighbourhood: Railpath, bloor GO construction, West Toronto Diamond, Dupont St., Solways, St. Clair Ave., etc.
2013-04-16 Unicyclist on Bloor St.
2013-04-17 Bloor and Indian Rd., plus Junior Firefighters
2013-04-18 Bloor Subway, Vic and Alex on Railpath, Neves
2013-04-20 Early morning at Bloor and Dundas, and on the Mississauga bus.
2013-04-21 Around the neighbourhood: Toronto Variety Store, Alex on the Railpath, Toronto Hydro, Ruskin Ave., VIA train, Sterling Rd., Bloor St., etc.
2013-04-24 Dupont / Dundas / Annette / Old Weston, with some "Bike Spotting" photos for Dandyhorse Magazine.
2013-04-26 Downtown Mississauga, and Dundas/Bloor Zellers
2013-04-27 Hanging out with Simone, Nic, and Adrian: Bike ride, High Park, Railpath, etc.
2013-04-27 Some "Bicycles Excepted" signs around Bloor and Indian Rd., taken for Dandyhorse Magazine.
2013-04-28 At Erwin Krickhan Park with Alex and Adrian
2013-04-29 Stop signs, and City Councillor Ana Bailão, taken for Dandyhorse Magazine.
2013-04-30 Alex on Bloor, Perth/Wallace Church, etc.
2013-04-30 Some "Bike Spotting" photos at Dupont / Dundas / Old Weston for Dandyhorse Magazine

May, 2013
2013-05-01 Cooksville Creek at Rathburn Rd., and Alex at Randolph Ave. playground
2013-05-03 Morning walk with Alex: Found a heart on Bloor, and in front of The Crossways.
2013-05-04 Alex and Isaac hanging out at our place, watering flowers etc.
2013-05-04 Jane's Walk; Doors Open Davenport. Exploring a few buildings around the neighbourhood: Belarusan Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Acedemy of the Impossible, Metropolis Factory, Arsenal gallery, Tower Automotive.
2013-05-09 After work with Alex: Bloor St., Railpath, trains, and eating a popsicle.
2013-05-10 Walk near Cooksville Creek and Rathburn, Bloor Fitness
2013-05-12 Alex: Riding his scootbike, cutting the grass, and hanging out with Dėdė Andrius
2013-05-13 Eglinton LRT demo in Mississauga, Wallace Bridge, Ernest Ave.
2013-05-14 Mississauga: Hurontario St. around Hwy 403
2013-05-15 Windy day on the Railpath and Ernest Ave., and Alex eating
2013-05-16 Around the Neighbourhood: Ernest Ave., Dupont St., Barrie/Newmarket GO tracks, etc.
2013-05-18 At the Nieces' Cottage, Wasaga Beach: Alex playing outside, and the big spider.
2013-05-19 Wasaga Beach: Playing at the beach, Vic and Jen's date night, sunset, etc.
2013-05-20 Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, and driving home
2013-05-25 Hamilton: Climbing the Mountain, visiting Mom and Dad, etc.
2013-05-26 Hamilton: Hunter's Birthday, etc.
2013-05-29 Wet morning walk with Alex on Symington and Bloor.
2013-05-30 Former Zellers sign at Dundas and Bloor

June, 2013
2013-06-01 At the ROM with Jen's parents and nephews.
2013-06-02 Around the house: Backyard, Scoot Biking, front yard, planting stuff, etc.
2013-06-05 Alex and Jen Cutting the Grass
2013-06-06 Alex splashing on Bloor at Dundas
2013-06-08 Alex at Gymnastics, around the neighbourhood, and eating raspberries
2013-06-11 Six Points, Westwood Theatre, Islington Station, Humber River, Dupont St., etc.
2013-06-12 Alex eating a red pepper on Bloor St.
2013-06-15 Perth Park, Scootbiking, etc.
2013-06-16 Tėvukas and Močiutė visiting for Fathers' Day
2013-06-17 Six Points, Westwood Theatre Demolition, etc.
2013-06-18 Bloor GO Station: French sign correction, and a train
2013-06-19 Absolute towers (Mississauga), and Islington Station (Toronto)
2013-06-20 Dundas St. street art / graffiti (hip hop paste-ups)
2013-06-22 Alex at Erwin Krickhahn Park and Rankin Laneway, and Vic's Dundas St. Crosstwon Streetcar Ride
2013-06-23 A morning at Dufferin Grove Park
2013-06-24 Mississauga: Kariya Park etc., and a spider at home
2013-06-26 Wallace Bridge, and Alex eating a popsicle
2013-06-27 Jen and Alex biking on Bloor, and Jen's Birthday Baklava.
2013-06-28 Wallace Bridge + Bloor GO, plus Cooksville Randoms
2013-06-30 Bike Date: A ride down the Don Valley, etc.

July, 2013
2013-07-01 A Bike Ride to High Park
2013-07-03 Peter Milczyn election signs, and GO train track realignment
2013-07-04 Upstairs kitchen, before tearing it out
2013-07-04 Wet morning on Ernest Ave. Wallace Bridge, Bloor GO, Dundas St., etc.
2013-07-05 Cooksville, Mississauga
2013-07-05 Old lathe and plaster behind our upstairs kitchen walls
2013-07-06 Going to Hamilton to see Andrew and his family: Walking in the 'hood, Union Station construction, swimming, Alex on a tricycle, etc...etc..
2013-07-07 Traveling from Hamilton to Toronto: Alex and Jen reading, Union Station, St. George Station, etc.
2013-07-08 Photos from the Toronto Flood.
2013-07-08 Upstairs kitchen renovations
2013-07-10 Upstairs kitchen renovations
2013-07-10 Alex and Jen on Ernest Ave.; GO Train at Wallace Ave.
2013-07-11 Basement Flood Damage
2013-07-11 Kipling Station, Dundas and Bloor, GO Train Tracks, etc.
2013-07-12 Trains, Cooksville Creek, Mississauga, etc.
2013-07-13 Alex at Square One and the Campbell park wading pool.
2013-07-16 Post-flood lunchtime walk along Cooksville Creek, Mississauga
2013-07-17 Post-flood lunchtime walk along Cooksville Creek, Mississauga
2013-07-19 Square One, Mississauga Rotary Ribfest, Car Crash at Robert Speck and Hurontario.
2013-07-20 Alex and Vic Get Haircuts, plus Campbell Park Supper
2013-07-21 Around the 'hood: Erwin Krickhahn Park, Scootbiking, Bloor, Perth/Sterling, Railpath, etc.
2013-07-21 BIG on Bloor Festival, Bloor St. between Lansdowne and Dufferin.
2013-07-21 Bloor GO / UPE Station Construction
2013-07-23 Alex on Ruskin Ave.
2013-07-23 Westwood Theatre: Demolition
2013-07-26 Jen's Trip to San Francisco
2013-07-27 Talka Lithuanian Credit Union - Annual Picnic at Giedraitis Hunting/Fishing Club, Caledonia
2013-07-29 Etobicoke: Dundas, Kipling, Islington, Six Points, Westwood Theatre demolition, etc.
2013-07-30 West Toronto Railpath (Some of the "off-road" sections)
2013-07-31 Random: Square One, Downtown Walk, Bloor-Lansdowne, etc.

August, 2013
2013-08-02 Random: GO Train, Rainy Bloor St., Alex playing in the basement
2013-08-03 Alex playing with his pirate hat and cowboy boots.
2013-08-04 Traveling to Kingston
2013-08-05 Meeting Fiona and Simone in Kingston, and Camping at Presqu'ile Provincial Park
2013-08-06 Camping at Presqu'ile Provincial Park
2013-08-07 Camping at Presqu'ile Provincial Park
2013-08-08 Camping at Presqu'ile Provincial Park
2013-08-09 Camping at Presqu'ile Provincial Park, and driving home.
2013-08-10 Ernest Ave., Wallace Bridge, Railpath, Dundas, Bloor, Perth Park, Martin & Lori's, etc.
2013-08-11 Charles G. Williams Park, Waterfront Trail, the beach, Queen's Quay, Lake Shore, under the Gardiner, Sherbourne Common Park, etc.
2013-08-12 Around Town: Sapdina, Downtown, Dundas/Bloor, etc.
2013-08-13 Nonna's Meatball Sandwich, Alex's House, Perth-Wallace Church, Dupont & Franklin, and Playing with Isaac
2013-08-14 Bloor St., Honest Ed's, and Random Street Stuff
2013-08-15 Bike Date to the Scarborough Bluffs
2013-08-16 Alex Scootbiking Home From Daycare
2013-08-17 A Day at the Toronto Islands for Jen and Arturo's Wedding
2013-08-18 Binbrook Conservation Area with the Niece Family, plus GO train and cycling...
2013-08-20 Misc.: Bloor GO, Railpath, Perth-Wallace Church, Laneway with Alex, etc.
2013-08-21 Dundas/Bloor, Bloor GO / Railpath Graffiti, etc.
2013-08-22 Synopsys summer picnic at Mississauga Valley Park
2013-08-22 Perth-Wallace Church, and Scootbiking Home With Alex (Railpath, Laneway, etc.)
2013-08-23 AM: Railpath, Bloor GO, Wallace Bridge, etc. PM: Six Points, Westwood Theatre Demolition, etc.
2013-08-24 Bloor St.: Thrift Store Lamborghini
2013-08-26 Railpath / Bloor GO Station graffiti
2013-08-28 Perth-Wallace Church, and Scootbiking Home With Alex on the Railpath etc.
2013-08-29 Toronto Art Spin - West end art tour on bicycles. Includes video of hundreds of cyclists on the Railapth.
2013-08-31 Alex playing backyard soccer, scootbiking on the Railpath, Art Spin at Tower Automotive, Sterling Rd., etc.

September, 2013
2013-09-01 Vic's Birthday: Brunch at The Hot House, Sculpture Garden, and Party at Home
2013-09-02 Inside the Perth-Wallace church during conversion to Union Lofts.
2013-09-03 Subway sign, and 362 Wallace Ave. Development
2013-09-04 362 Wallace Ave. Development, Wallace Bridge, Dundas St...
2013-09-04 Inside the Perth-Wallace church during conversion to Union Lofts.
2013-09-05 Perth-Wallace Church, Railpath Scootbiking, Playing in the Backyard
2013-09-07 Tėvukas and Močiutė visiting and playing with Alex
2013-09-08 High Park Castle Park, Ernest Ave. (Post No Drills/Grills/Thrills), and Railpath
2013-09-10 Bloor St. GO Graffiti, and Ernest Ave.
2013-09-11 362 Wallace Development, Lansdowne TTC, and Wallace Ave.
2013-09-12 Wallace Bridge, 362 Wallace Development, etc.
2013-09-13 Bloor GO Station (bridge and graffiti)
2013-09-14 Campbell Park Supper (with Jonah Schein), scootbiking, and Alex singing Happy Birthday and Trololo for Aušra.
2013-09-15 Alex and Jen playing the Trombone
2013-09-16 Dundas St. West and Honeydale Mall, Etobicoke
2013-09-20 Ford Fest at Centennial Park, Etobicoke
2013-09-21 Beach and Camping with Jessica, Nathan, and Leo at Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area, near Cambridge ON.
2013-09-22 Camping with Jessica, Nathan, and Leo at Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area, near Cambridge ON.
2013-09-23 Absolute (aka Marilyn) Towers, Mississauga
2013-09-25 GO Train leaves Bloor station, at Wallace Ave. (video)
2013-09-29 Railpath Run 2013
2013-09-30 362 Wallace Development, and Alex on Ernest Ave.

October, 2013
2013-10-01 Alex: Railpath Scootbiking, and Snowboard Boots at Home
2013-10-02 VIA Train to Ottawa, and Fire Chief Tubby Time
2013-10-03 Ottawa: Experimental farm w/ Simone and Adrian, and Agota's Birthday
2013-10-04 Ottawa: Tėvukas' Birthday, etc.
2013-10-05 Ottawa: Tėvukas' Birthday (Part II), etc.
2013-10-06 Coming home from Ottawa: Union Station, Bloor St., etc.
2013-10-11 Wallace Bridge, Railpath, GO Train, etc...
2013-10-12 Alex and His Cousins Goofing Around at the Nieces' House
2013-10-14 Rooftops: Back of the house and garage
2013-10-15 Random: Cooksville, Mississauga
2013-10-20 3-Jit, Bloor St. Fitness, Lost Dog
2013-10-23 Chairtex, Wallace Bridge, Railpath, 362 Wallace, Alex on Perth Ave., etc.
2013-10-24 Utility work, Bloor St. at Perth Ave.
2013-10-26 Symington, Subway, and dinner at The Hogtown Vegan
2013-10-27 Alex at Home, Erwin Krickhahn Park, etc.
2013-10-29 Misc: Railpath, Wallace Bridge, Bloor GO, 362 Wallace, Wallace Ave., Cooksville Creek, Subway Spiderman...
2013-10-30 Lost cat, and Alex Riding on Vic's Shoulders
2013-10-31 Halloween

November, 2013
2013-11-01 Railpath: Wet and Overcast Morning
2013-11-02 Bloordale Construction, Alex and Jen in Brampton, Emergency TV Sign
2013-11-03 Alex 'acting' in the kitchen, and Union Lofts (Perth/Wallace Church)
2013-11-04 Frosty morning on the West Toronto Railpath.
2013-11-05 362 Wallace Development, Wallace Bridge, Bloor GO Station, etc.
2013-11-05 Meeting Re: 299 Campbell Ave. Development
2013-11-09 Dupont St., library, Cafe Con Leche, Alex at home + fingerpainting, tricycling, bike wheel theft, etc...
2013-11-10 Angel in the window.
2013-11-12 Walk: Roncesvalles, Queen St., Dundas St. City Hall, Union Station, Front St., etc.
2013-11-14 Alex's First Class Photo
2013-11-15 Anser's "Mysterious Date" graffiti on Bloor St.
2013-11-17 AGO, Chinatown, TTC, and Blueberries
2013-11-21 Lost Cat Poster; Alex at The ROM
2013-11-23 TTC Harvey Shop at Hillcrest Complex
2013-11-23 Honest Ed's.
2013-11-23 Random Snowy Walk: Bathurst, Yonge, Dundas Square, Bloor GO, etc.
2013-11-24 Bloordale under construction, Dufferin Station, Union Station, etc.
2013-11-27 Snowy Morning: Alex walking to school, Railpath, 362 Wallace, Wallace Bridge, etc.
2013-11-28 abandoned former karate school / auto shop on aukland dr. just outside of kipling subway sation, plus a few subway reflections.
2013-11-28 Fire on Dundas St., just west of Hurontario St., Mississauga
2013-11-29 Random: Railpath, Wallace Bridge, Crossways, etc.
2013-11-30 Alex in the Backyard, Wallace Bridge, Bloordale, Honest Ed's Yorkville, etc.

December, 2013
2013-12-01 Spiderman Alex sings Happy Birthday to Grandpa (video)
2013-12-02 Vic and Alex's Day Out: Railpath, Wallace Bridge, Subway, ROM, Bloor St., Perth Park, etc.
2013-12-07 Bringing a Christmas Tree Home, Skating at Campbell Park, etc.
2013-12-07 Spam by post.
2013-12-08 Alex sleeping on the couch
2013-12-09 Decorating the Christmas Tree
2013-12-10 Synopsys Christmas Party, and Subway Ride Home
2013-12-15 Alex's Third Birthday Party
2013-12-16 Downtown Walk / Streetcar Rides (Dundas St., Queen St., Union Station, King St., Roncesvalles, etc.)
2013-12-17 Alex's Third Birthday
2013-12-20 Bloor St.: Van and Mattress
2013-12-21 Symington Ave., Bloor St., Honest Ed's, etc.
2013-12-22 Ice Storm 2013, and The ROM
2013-12-23 Alex at The ROM
2013-12-24 Christmas Eve in Hamilton
2013-12-25 Christmas Day in Hamilton and Brampton
2013-12-26 Alex Opening Christmas Presents, Vic and Jen Playing Jenga
2013-12-27 Playing in the snow at Erwin Krickhahn Park
2013-12-28 Symington Ave., Dupont St., and Driving to Hamilton
2013-12-30 Basement Oddity
2013-12-31 Snowy Owl On Our Garage Roof
2013-12-31 Walk: Bloor, Dufferin Grove, Chinatown, Downtown, etc.
2013-12-31 New Year's Eve at Irmina and William's

January, 2014
2014-01-03 Alex. Train Table. Red Balloon.
2014-01-05 Tobogganing with Charles and Evelyn
2014-01-06 Railpath, GO Train, Wallace Bridge, etc.
2014-01-07 Cooksville Creek, near/under Rathburn Rd., -18C
2014-01-08 Jane Subway Station Reflection
2014-01-10 Cooksville Fire, Kipling Station, Dundas + Bloor, Bloor Fitness, etc...
2014-01-11 Backyard Ice
2014-01-12 A Long Walk: Tower Automotive, Sterling Rd., Dundas West, Chinatown, City Hall, Downtown, etc...
2014-01-13 Bloor St. From Railpath (night, long exposure), and 3-Jit Laundromat
2014-01-19 Alex and Grandma on the Subway
2014-01-25 Snow Mountain at Campbell Park, and Symington Ave.
2014-01-28 Bloor St. at Perth Ave. / Railpath, morning and evening.

February, 2014
2014-02-01 A Trip to the ROM on a Snowy Day
2014-02-02 West End / Downtown Walk: Dundas, College, Yonge, Railpath, etc.
2014-02-05 Snowy Day: Alex Shoveling, Railpath, Wallace Bridge, Dundas West TTC, Cooksville (Mississauga), etc.
2014-02-06 Bloor GO, Jen and Alex, TLR
2014-02-09 Snowy Day: Symington, Bloor/Perth, Bloor St. Fitness, Loblaws, Dundas/Bloor, etc.
2014-02-11 Wallace Bridge and 362 Wallace Construction
2014-02-13 Evening at Bloor/Dundas, and Bloor/Perth
2014-02-14 362 Wallace Construction, Dundas St., Subway, Dundas West TTC
2014-02-15 Lansdowne TTC, Dundas West TTC, King/Spadina, etc.
2014-02-17 Video: Basement Renovation - The Night Before Demolition
2014-02-18 Basement Renovation - Day 1 - Demolition
2014-02-19 Basement Renovation - Day 2 - Demolition
2014-02-20 362 Wallace Construction, Bloor and Dundas/Perth/Symington
2014-02-22 Icycle 2014: Ice Bike Races at Dufferin Grove Park
2014-02-23 Home Depot (Brampton) and Alex asleep at Union Station.
2014-02-24 Basement Renovation - Waterproofing Day 1
2014-02-25 Basement Renovation - Waterproofing Day 2
2014-02-25 362 Wallace Ave. Construction
2014-02-27 362 Wallace, Railpath, GO Train, etc.
2014-02-28 362 Wallace, Wallace Bridge, Railpath, Double GO Trains, etc.

March, 2014
2014-03-02 Martin Reis' 50th Birthday, at La Palette
2014-03-02 Tobogganing at Christie Pits, and The View From Zocalo at Bloor and Syminton
2014-03-02 Basement Reno: Sump Pump Exterior
2014-03-05 Wallace/Perth/Railpath Film Shoot, and Paton/Lansdowne area
2014-03-06 Square One (Mississauga), 362 Wallace Construction, and Ernest Ave. at Symington
2014-03-06 Basement Renovation: North side framing, sump pump, and old dead mouse.
2014-03-08 Mouse City Transit Summit at Lilian H. Smith Library, w/ Barbara Reid
2014-03-09 Alex and Liam Painting the Wall, and Angela Visiting Too
2014-03-11 362 Wallace Construction, Railpath, etc.
2014-03-12 Snowstorm Bus Ride, Furniture Guy at Dundas West, etc.
2014-03-14 Alex Biking to School on a Snowy Day, and 362 Wallace Ave. Construction
2014-03-15 Stockyards / Keele and St. Clair Area
2014-03-18 Alex biking to school, Honeydale Mall, Dundas/Kipling area, etc.
2014-03-20 Alex and Vic bring Tėvukas, Močiutė, Agota, and Aušra to The ROM.
2014-03-21 GO Train at Wallace Bridge, Bloor/Symington Sewer Construction, etc.
2014-03-22 Bloor St. Fitness, and Perth Ave. Road Closure
2014-03-23 Alex at The ROM
2014-03-27 Alex scootbiking home from school
2014-03-29 Shopping and Scootbiking with Alex: Dufferin Mall, College St. Railpath, etc.
2014-03-30 Dundas/Sterling, Howard Park, Roncesvalles, etc.

April, 2014
2014-04-01 Construction at 362 Wallace Ave.
2014-04-01 Basement mid-renovation status report video. It's ugly. Private.
2014-04-04 Rainy Day: Wallace Bridge, and Picking Alex Up From School
2014-04-06 Family Photoshoot for Dandyhorse
2014-04-07 Jen and Alex in the Morning, Railpath, GO Train, 362 Wallace Construction, Bloor St., etc...
2014-04-09 Fire at 417 Perth Ave.
2014-04-12 Family Bike Ride Around the Neighbourhood (laneway, Ernest Ave., Railpath, Perth Park, etc.), and Dinner at Boo Radley's
2014-04-12 Stuck Truck on Symington Ave., south of Ernest Ave.
2014-04-15 Alex: Snowy walk to school along the Railpath
2014-04-16 Bloor GO Station Construction
2014-04-17 Rob Ford Mayoral Campaign Launch, Toronto Congress Centre
2014-04-19 Easter Egg Hunt at the Nieces' in Brampton
2014-04-20 Hamilton: GO Train. James St., Mountain Stairs, An Axe, and Easter at Mom and Dad's
2014-04-24 Bloor GO / UPX Station Construction
2014-04-26 Backyard and Campbell Park
2014-04-27 Alex and Grandpa Build a Bird House; Jen and Vic Tandem Ride to The Stockyards
2014-04-30 Alex and Angela Drawing Together

May, 2014
2014-05-03 Jane's Walk: James St. South, Hamilton (Lead by Ryan McGreal)
2014-05-04 Hamilton: At Mom and Dad's, walking down The Mountain, 'Secrets of the Rail' Trail Jane's Walk (with abandoned mini-golf!), etc.
2014-05-05 Traffic at Bloor Underpass, West of Perth Ave.
2014-05-05 Alex's video message for Tino.
2014-05-06 Railway Ties, GO Train, Keele Station, Subway Reflections, etc.
2014-05-08 362 Wallace Ave. Construction, and a Dog Poop Sign
2014-05-10 Ottawa: Andrew's Family, a Wild Turkey, Lukas' First Communion, etc.
2014-05-11 Hanging out by the Ottawa River
2014-05-12 Train Ride Home From Ottawa to Toronto
2014-05-13 New signal lights at Bloor Station / Wallace Ave.
2014-05-14 GO Train an a TTC Bus at Bloor
2014-05-15 Approved Glue Gun Set, Central Parkway Mall, Mississauga
2014-05-16 Subway Reflection Selfies
2014-05-18 Bloor St. Fitness, Dundas/Bloor, etc..., and Alex Playing with Jai and Charlie
2014-05-19 Perth Park Splash Pad, and Front Yard Gardening
2014-05-21 Alex on his Scoot Bike at Bloor GO Station
2014-05-22 362 Wallace Construction, and Alex at School / The Railpath
2014-05-23 Alex Scootbiking in the Laneway, and Bloor GO Station Construction
2014-05-24 Doors Open Toronto: Portlands Energy Centre, TTC Russell Carhouse, etc.
2014-05-25 Doors Open at Toronto Fire Station #227 (Kew Beach) and R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, plus Queen St. East, Roncesvalles, etc.
2014-05-26 Bike To School Day. Photos of Alex riding to school, and groups shots at school for Dandyhorse Magazine.
2014-05-27 Empty boxes in a laneway
2014-05-28 Laneway bushel baskets, and empty Bloor-Sterling storefront
2014-05-29 Kipling Station, Alley Between Keele and Dundas West, Bloor St., etc.
2014-05-30 Remnants of the Nov 28 2013 fire on Dundas St., west of Hurontario, Cooksville, Mississauga

June, 2014
2014-06-01 Alex and Grandpa Building a Bird House
2014-06-02 Railpath/Wallace GO Train, Dundas West Dogs/Streetcars, Bloor, Symington, etc...
2014-06-03 Foggy Morning: Alex in the laneway, Railpath, GO Train at Wallace, 362 Wallace construction
2014-06-04 Alex scootbiking in the laneway
2014-06-05 Road repair and bus on Symington Ave.
2014-06-05 Scan of defect list for Julius (private)
2014-06-06 GO Train at Wallace / Bloor GO, and Smoke from The Crossways
2014-06-06 Video of Alex telling jokes (Note: it's not uploaded to Youtub)
2014-06-07 100 in 1 Day: Buzz on The Bridge (Plus misc Railpath, 362 Wallace Construction, etc.)
2014-06-11 Flight from Toronto to Panama
2014-06-12 Santiago, Chile: Views from Hotel/Work, Walk to Work, Meals, TV, etc.
2014-06-13 Santiago, Chile: Views from Hotel/Work, Walk to Work, Chile vs. Australia World Cup at Work, etc.
2014-06-14 Santiago, Chile: Elevator selfies, Ped/Bike Poster, and Law'n'Order on TV
2014-06-15 Santiago, Chile: A Day Off To Explore
2014-06-16 Santiago, Chile: Uruguayan Feast, wandering to the mall, etc.
2014-06-17 Santiago, Chile: Airport
2014-06-18 Baby Raccoons on Ruskin Ave.
2014-06-22 GO Train, Biking to Hamilton, Bayfront Park with the Nieces, Bobutė's birthday, Railpath, etc.
2014-06-23 Bloor GO station from Wallace Bridge with GO/VIA train pasing by (Goodbye Toronto, Kizmet)
2014-06-24 Rainy Mississauga Bus Stop
2014-06-25 GO Train at Wallace Bridge / Railpath
2014-06-26 Graffiti + Lovebot on both sides of Wallace Bridge
2014-06-26 Family dinner for Jen's birthday at Zocalo. Alex took most of the photos.
2014-06-28 Highway 401, and Ambassador Hotel in Kingston
2014-06-29 Hanging out in Kingston, and Memorial for Jen's Uncle Brian Beattie in Merrickville
2014-06-30 Ottawa: Alex and Jasper

July, 2014
2014-07-01 Ottawa: Andrew's Place, Swimming, BBQ Ribs, etc.
2014-07-02 Ottawa: Alex and Adrian scootbiking, and Museum of Nature
2014-07-03 Camping at Ivy Lea with the Rivers family
2014-07-04 Camping at Ivy Lea with the Rivers family
2014-07-05 Coming Home From Ivy Lea
2014-07-06 Alex Watering the Front Garden, and Tow Daway Sign
2014-07-06 Rutilio Grande Open House at Lori and Martin's
2014-07-06 Waiting for a train on Osler St.
2014-07-07 No Frills, Sherbourne St. (Now with fewer frills)
2014-07-10 Perth Ave. Garbage
2014-07-10 Cooksville Creek at Rathburn Rd., Mississauga - Flood Repair
2014-07-12 Bike + Canoe Trip to the Toronto Islands
2014-07-13 Alex scootbiking w/ shopping cart, Erwin Krickhahn Park, snacks at home, and a rat
2014-07-15 City Council candidate Alex Mazer's Railpath Walk
2014-07-18 Wallace Bridge Graffiti Removal
2014-07-19 Hamilton: Butt Stop and Alex Eating Shawarma at La Luna Express
2014-07-20 Hamilton: Walking along Barton and John Streets
2014-07-21 Morning bike ride at Bloor GO and Railpath
2014-07-22 Public meeting for 26 Ernest Ave. (Former Solways Metals site)
2014-07-24 Aukland Rd., 362 Wallace, and Alex Scootbiking at School With a Bloodied Face
2014-07-26 Alex and Jai making cookies, Sterling Social, and Dundas/Bloor
2014-07-27 West Bend Laneway, Honest Ed's, Spadina Ave., Dundas St...
2014-07-28 Symington/Bloor Dog, Perth/Sterling, Railpath, etc.
2014-07-30 Mississauga: Hurontario / 403 / Cooksville Creek, and at Work
2014-07-31 A mixed bag of photos: Alex in the laneway, Cityplace and Fort York from the Gardiner Expressway, Hamilton Beach (with Lukas and Aušra), The Mandarin, etc..."

August, 2014
2014-08-01 Synopsys Picnic at Erindale Park, Mississauga
2014-08-03 Bike ride to Leslie Spit, ice cream, and Campbell Park
2014-08-04 Alex and Jen hanging art in the basement
2014-08-06 Keele Subway Crowds, 362 Wallace, Wallace Bridge, Ernest Graffiti, etc.
2014-08-07 Raccoon in the grape vine
2014-08-09 Boys and Girls Club Festival at Perth Square Park
2014-08-10 A Trip to the Ontario Science Centre
2014-08-11 Subway Station Selfies
2014-08-15 Google Streetview Car on Ruskin Ave.
2014-08-16 Backyard Photos - Test Roll - First One Developed At Home
2014-08-17 Yonge St.: Open Streets Toronto
2014-08-17 Bev's Birthday
2014-08-17 Union Station: Just before new platform opening
2014-08-18 Mr. Onions on Keele south of St. Clair
2014-08-19 Alex's First Time Riding Two-Wheeled Pedal Bike
2014-08-21 Alex's first bike ride to school (daycare), plus Wallace/GO
2014-08-22 Cottage near Parry Sound with Martha, Allison, and Liam
2014-08-23 Cottage near Parry Sound with Martha, Allison, and Liam
2014-08-24 Alex and Liam at the cottage, coming home, and Alex on his bike
2014-08-25 Misc: Aukland Rd., Sterling Rd, Dundas St., Railpath, etc...
2014-08-26 Alex biking on Bloor St., Railpath, and Ernest Ave.
2014-08-27 Alex biking to school as Spiderman, Bloor GO Station construction, and missing person poster
2014-08-28 Misc: Bloor GO Construction, Dundas/Bloor Lovebot, Chairtex, Railpath, etc.
2014-08-29 Ruskin/Railpath Graffiti, GO Train, Rail construction, Wllace Bridge, Bloor GO construction, etc.
2014-08-30 Misc: Railpath, Tower Automotive, Streetcars, St. Lawrence Market, Visiting baby Ariel, etc.
2014-08-31 Open Streets Toronto (Bloor), ice cream, Castle Frank subway, Castle Park, etc...

September, 2014
2014-09-02 Alex's First Day of School (Junior Kindergarten)
2014-09-04 What's Rob Ford doing on the new playground? (Video)
2014-09-04 Perth-Wallace Church Condo Construction, Bus Terminal restaurant (Danforth) and Bloor St. Fitness
2014-09-04 Doctor's note (private)
2014-09-05 Alex 'Cornholio'
2014-09-06 Alex's Haircut (Melonheads), and Neighbourhood Walk Randoms (Sterling Rd., The Common, etc.)
2014-09-08 Subway: High Park Reflections, Dundas West Light Beams
2014-09-10 Graffiti from subway (Betw. Dundas West and Keele)
2014-09-13 Open House at TTC Hillcrest Yard
2014-09-16 Alex at the Perth Park drinking fountain
2014-09-17 Doug Ford and Amin Massoudi, in the window of 1538B Dupont St.
2014-09-18 Garage fire (Campbell south of Dupont), and 362 Wallace Construction
2014-09-18 V-Day!
2014-09-23 Wallace Bridge / Railpath Graffiti, Bloor GO / Track Construction
2014-09-25 The Gaslight - New Bar on Bloor west of Symington
2014-09-26 Alex and Angela with Chocolate Faces
2014-09-27 Alex at Wallace-Emerson BMX Track
2014-09-28 Railpath Run 2014
2014-09-29 Alex's First Homework
2014-09-30 Keele Station Crowding due to Subway Outage

October, 2014
2014-10-05 Alex with Liam and Jai at Perth Park, Cafe Con Leche, etc.
2014-10-07 Dundas/Bloor Lovebot, Election Signs at Kipling Station, Bloor GO, 362 Wallace...
2014-10-08 Ward 18 City Council Debate at Bloor-Gladstone Public Library
2014-10-10 Street Vandal Culture, Bloor St. at Railpath
2014-10-11 Jim 'Singing Jimmy' McMillan Election signs, plus Jen and Alex
2014-10-13 Thanksgiving at Bobutė's Nursing Home
2014-10-14 Alex with sombrero, and maple syrup stock
2014-10-15 Randal/Vandal Graffiti
2014-10-16 Rainy Bloor / Symington, and Alex with Sombrero brushing his teeth
2014-10-17 Dundas and Bloor: Lovebot, TTC CLRV Streetcar, and people
2014-10-18 Alex at Wallace-Emerson BMX Track, and Erwin Krickhahn Park
2014-10-19 Developing Film, Municipal Election Signs, Dundas/Spadina, etc.
2014-10-22 Subway: Rob Ford Election Signs, Crouched Guy, Tunnel
2014-10-24 Municipal election signs, Kipling Station truck fire, Alex on the phone
2014-10-25 Pumpkin pickup, Alex biking, vandalized election sign, Campbell Park, etc.
2014-10-26 Misc Local Stuff: Piano Bike, Rob Ford Skateboard, Election Sign, Paton/Symington, Alex Planting
2014-10-27 Justin DiCiano Election Sign (Moose on Truck) at Kipling Station
2014-10-28 Alex eating / playing with vegetables
2014-10-30 Anti- John Tory sign at Islington and Bloor
2014-10-31 Halloween. Alex = Hamburger

November, 2014
2014-11-02 Ontario Science Centre, with Alex and Liam
2014-11-04 Alex talking on the phone to his cousins in Ottawa (video...huge....)
2014-11-10 Montreal Trip: Bloor GO, Flight from Toronto Island, Evening in Old Town Montreal
2014-11-11 Montreal Trip: Wandering around
2014-11-12 Montreal: Old Town, Velo Quebec, Flight Home, etc...
2014-11-13 Metrolinx Noise Wall Construction (Railpath at Ruskin Ave.)
2014-11-14 Random: Frying Fish, Dundas Streetcar, Colville
2014-11-15 Wandering Downtown: City Hall, Dundas St., Chinatown, Kensington, Honest Ed's
2014-11-17 Snowy Morning: Alex going to school, Railpath, etc.
2014-11-18 Dundas St., Wallace Bridge, GO Train...
2014-11-19 Alex riding to school, Perth-Wallace Church, snowy Dundas/Bloor/Perth
2014-11-20 Letter from Hoxton Mini Press
2014-11-22 Sterling Rd., Dundas St., Bloor St. Fitness, etc.
2014-11-23 Alex goofing off in the kitchen
2014-11-24 Windy Evening: Dundas/Bloor, Wallace Bridge, Laneway, etc.
2014-11-26 Bloor St. Closed at Perth Ave.
2014-11-29 Alex and I spent the day with Nic, Adrian, and Fraser, while Jen and Simone went to visit Julie in London. Alex and Adrian rode bikes to the Castle Park at High Park, and spent some time at home throwing paper airplanes.

December, 2014
2014-12-01 Jen and Metrolinx win Green Living Award (Twitter Screenshot)
2014-12-02 Two Fires on Symington Ave., and Alex Sleeping
2014-12-03 Wallace Bridge Graffiti and GO Train
2014-12-04 Alex on the new track at school
2014-12-05 Construction/Graffiti under Bloor/Railpath Bridge
2014-12-06 A Day of Many Things and Many Places: Alex sending foot stink through cup'n'string phone, Lost Cat posters, Alex on the subway and eating sushi, World's Biggest Bookstore demolition, Trinity Square, and other places in between.
2014-12-07 Alex's Birthday in Brampton, subway, Brookfield Place, home, etc...
2014-12-08 Alex doing art in basement, Synopsys Christmas Party, and subway ride home
2014-12-10 Neighbourhood Wayfinding, at 20 Ruskin Ave.
2014-12-11 Snowy Morning/Evening Around the Neighbourhood: Alex walking to school, Neighbourhood Wayfinding at 20 Ruskin Ave., Railpath snow plow, Wallace Bridge, Dundas West station, Dundas/Bloor, Bloor/Perth, etc.
2014-12-11 Alex's School Concert (with video)
2014-12-13 Alex's 4th Birthday Party at 4Cats.
2014-12-14 Buying and setting up a Christmas tree, plus Dundas/Roncesvalles, Bloor St., etc.
2014-12-15 Vic and Alex Hang Christmas Lights, and the Honest Ed's Sign
2014-12-16 Decorating Alex's Curious George Elmo Birthday Cake
2014-12-17 New Bike Racks at School
2014-12-17 Alex's Birthday: Curious George Elmo Cake, with Angela
2014-12-20 Stockyards Cow Art at McDonald's, Dufferin Station
2014-12-21 Junction Randoms: Junction Rd., Silos, Old trucks, Dundas St., etc. Plus, Alex Sleeping
2014-12-22 Alex with plasticine moustache, and typing
2014-12-24 Christmas Eve With The Nieces in Brampton. Bonus: Video of Alex singing "Baby Jesus Rob Ford".
2014-12-25 Christmas Day in Brampton and Hamilton
2014-12-26 Boxing Day in Hamilton: Arcade Park, Southam Park, James St. Stairs, opening gifts, etc.
2014-12-27 Niagara Falls with Andrew's Family and Diana
2014-12-28 Alex: Making Faces, with Paula, and with Bobutė
2014-12-30 Synopsys Markham: The Beginning

January, 2015
2015-01-01 New Years Day: Family Trip to The Brickworks
2015-01-02 Junction / Junction Triangle Walk: Railpath, Noise Walls, West Toronto Diamond, Bloor GO, etc.
2015-01-03 Alex in the basement, playing the snow, car on sidewalk, etc.
2015-01-04 Alex's haircut, Symington Bus, walk around Junction Rd. / Old Weston Rd. area
2015-01-06 Old Canadian 1 and 2 dollar bills, and Synopsys Markham Buildout
2015-01-07 Morning: Railpath Noise Wall Graffiti, Wallace Bridge, GO Train, etc.
2015-01-08 Morning: Railpath Noise Wall Graffiti, GO Train, etc.
2015-01-11 Alex eating a hamburger
2015-01-12 Opening Day at Synopsys Markham, and Ciro's papered up
2015-01-13 Sunrise on the Railpath, Wallace Bridge, GO Train, etc.
2015-01-13 Walking in Markham: Closed Bridge, and Perth Ave.
2015-01-15 Wallace Bridge Sunrise: Two GO Trains at Bloor GO, etc...
2015-01-17 Skating at Campbell Park
2015-01-18 St. Clair West Station, Alex + Evenlyn at the park, etc.
2015-01-21 Morning Railpath, Wallace Bridge, GO Train, 362 Wallace construction, etc.
2015-01-24 Around the 'Hood: Sterling Rd. Railpath, Railway Construction, Sterling Social, Skating at Campbell Park, etc.
2015-01-28 Graffiti on Wallace Bridge
2015-01-29 Snowy Morning: Ruskin Ave., Railpath, Wallace Bridge, Bloor GO, Dundas St., etc.
2015-01-30 Snowy morning laneway, Alex in sled, Markham bridge obstruction
2015-01-31 Alex Making Snow Angels

February, 2015
2015-02-01 Snowy Day: Christie Pits, West End Evening Walk (Bloor, Honest Ed's, Harbord, King, Dundas, Wallace, etc.)
2015-02-02 Snowy Day: Alex in Laneway, Bloor GO, Snowshoeing on Railpath, etc.
2015-02-05 Misc: St. Josaphat's Church, Ruskin Ave. sidewalk, work selfie
2015-02-06 Hamilton: Snowy James St. Stairs
2015-02-07 Hamilton: A walk around the Corktown area, trains, etc.
2015-02-08 Hamilton: Snowy Claremont Dr., James St. Stairs, etc...
2015-02-09 Ruskin Ave., City Centre Dr. (Mississauga), and Alex's Splatter Painting
2015-02-12 GO Train at Ruskin Ave. / Railpath
2015-02-13 Niece Family Cottage, Wasaga Beach, with Charles, Arlene and Evelyn
2015-02-14 Niece Family Cottage, Wasaga Beach, with Charles, Arlene and Evelyn
2015-02-15 Niece Family Cottage, Wasaga Beach, with Charles, Arlene and Evelyn
2015-02-16 Niece Family Cottage: Ice Crystals in the Window
2015-02-17 Alex's Drawing of Bobutė in her hospital bed
2015-02-18 Bobutė's Obituary in the Hamilton Spectator
2015-02-19 Rasa Maria Fronczak (Bobutė) - Funeral Visitation
2015-02-20 Rasa Maria Fronczak (Bobutė) - Funeral
2015-02-21 At the indoor play gym (Photos by Agota)
2015-02-22 Jen's Grandma Beattie's 95th Birthday
2015-02-23 Railpath Snow Plow, and Morley hiding on her first day
2015-02-25 Misc: Alex, Snowplow on Macaulay and Wallace Avenues
2015-02-27 Misc: Alex's drawing of Grandma Niece, Alex and Morley, basement, plugged washer, etc.
2015-02-28 Skating at Dufferin Grove Park, etc.
2015-02-28 Vic and Morley

March, 2015
2015-03-02 GO Train at Dundas/Wallace, 362 Wallace construction, etc.
2015-03-03 Sidewalk blockage at Perth and Wallace
2015-03-05 Morning at Bloor GO/UP and Railpath with Alex and Jen
2015-03-06 Advertisement through subway window
2015-03-08 Alex and Angela at Boulderz Climbing Gym, and stuck train barrier on Wallace Ave.
2015-03-09 Fire at 1446 Bloor St. West (betw. Perth and Symington)
2015-03-09 Alex's Art
2015-03-10 Icy Railpath, and Alex with Lego
2015-03-13 View from Wallace Ave. Bridge: Railpath Plow, 362 Wallace construction, etc.
2015-03-14 Bad cellphone photos of Morley
2015-03-15 Misc: Downtown, Perth Coop Park, at home, etc.
2015-03-17 Misc: 20 Pence as TTC Change, Railway Ties on Dundas West, and Union Lofts (Perth-Wallace Church). Bonus: Video of Alex's birthday message for Močiutė.
2015-03-18 362 Wallace Construction, Railpath, and Alex with a Mickey Burger
2015-03-22 Royal Botanical Gardens Frog Exhibit, with Tėvukas and Močiutė
2015-03-23 Traffic on Bloor at Perth Ave. / Railpath
2015-03-28 Misc: Morley, Railpath, and missing cat poster
2015-03-29 Angela's Birthday Party
2015-03-29 Symington-Perth Laneway, Perth-Wallace Church-Condo Construction, etc.
2015-03-30 Bloor Subway, Bloor/Perth, Evening at Bloor GO/Railpath/etc., UP Express test run, etc.
2015-03-31 Misc.: Markham / Buttonville Airport, Bloody Finch, Bloordale, Morley, etc.
2015-03-31 Union Pearson Express (UP Express) train testing at Bloor Station

April, 2015
2015-04-02 Yonge Subway Sleeper, Measurement Canada, Alex w/ Rubber Glove
2015-04-03 Misc: Morley, Alex climbing tree, silly family pics, etc.
2015-04-04 Bike Ride on Ernest Ave and Railpath to deliver hazardous waste to Wabash Ave., and a bus ride
2015-04-04 Easter Egg Hunt at the Nieces' in Brampton
2015-04-05 Union Station pigeon, Museum Station, and St. George Station escalator
2015-04-06 Vic and Morley
2015-04-08 My Davenport Diamond photo in the Bloor West Villager
2015-04-10 Barrie GO Train crossing Wallace Ave.
2015-04-11 Misc: Morley, Tower Automotive, Alex, Enigma On The Park Condo, College/Spadina streetcar track construction, Kensington, etc.
2015-04-12 Vic and Alex
2015-04-13 Subway window + graffiti in Black and White
2015-04-15 Stolen photos in real estate flyer, and Alex stuck in a bike rack
2015-04-15 Bloor-Perth Underpass Mural (prep work)
2015-04-16 Bloor-Perth Underpass Mural (prep work)
2015-04-17 Bloor-Perth Underpass Mural, and Perth-Wallace Backwards Cyclist
2015-04-18 Railpath and Bloor-Perth Graffiti Mural
2015-04-19 Alex and Jen looking at Jen's phone
2015-04-20 Alex as Serious Batman
2015-04-21 Bloor-Perth Mural, and Symington-Rankin TTC Construction
2015-04-23 Wallnoize (Bloor-Perth Mural)
2015-04-25 Railpath, Bloor-Perth Murals, Alex Biking, West-End YMCA, etc.
2015-04-28 Misc: Dundas West Presto, Cooksville Creek, Bloor at Railpath, Symington/Rankin, Erwin Krickhan Park dumping, raccoon, Dupont, Davenport, etc...
2015-04-29 Misc street stuff: Wet Plants on Ruskin Ave., subway window, Union Jack bag, Dundas Square...

May, 2015
2015-05-01 Jane's Walk: Intriguing, industrial, Sterling Road
2015-05-01 Broken Traffic Calming Zone sign, Alex after school
2015-05-02 Misc: Alex eating cookie, Scarborough (Wilson Station and St. Clair Ave.), Jane's Walk Chalk, and dog poo bags
2015-05-03 Buying the Xtracycle Cargo Bike
2015-05-04 Kipling Station, and Alex Doesn't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
2015-05-05 Manual track switching outside of Dundas West Station
2015-05-06 Hot Sauce Sommelier, Lost Cat, and UP Express at Ruskin Ave.
2015-05-09 Railpath Noise Walls, Bloor GO/UP Construction, Bloor St. Murals, breastfeeding posters, flag day, cat on bike, Scarface Alex, etc.
2015-05-10 Alex's Airport Security, trip to Brampton: Mink(?), bubbles, Union Station, etc.
2015-05-11 Alex singing Spiderman, and Aukland Rd. demolition
2015-05-12 UP Express at Bloor GO etc., Goodbye Graffiti truck on Railpath, Davenport Diamond meeting at DPNC
2015-05-13 GO Train at Ruskin, Wallace Bridge, Aukland Rd. Demolition, Bloor-Perth Mural, etc.
2015-05-15 Around Square One, Dundas and Bloor, and a test run of the Union Pearson Express
2015-05-16 Alex cycling, Bloor/Perth Mural, Tower Automotive Graffiti, Perth Park, etc.
2015-05-17 Alex on the Subway, Hamilton GO, Alex with 'ACTULY' license plate, climbing the mountain, etc.
2015-05-18 Hamilton: Bruce Trail, Caves, HPH Grounds, Gateview, etc.
2015-05-18 Missing Cat Diego Poster
2015-05-19 Alex and Jen biking to school/work, Engagement(?) photos on Bloor
2015-05-20 Alex and Jen biking to school/work
2015-05-21 Ruskin/Railpath Construction, and a drummer/noisemaker named 'klnr' on Railpath at Wallace
2015-05-22 Ruskin Ave., and Dundas West 'Adult Toy' poster
2015-05-23 Hamilton: Skyway and factories, beach, and Hunter's birthday
2015-05-24 Bronte Creek Provincial Park
2015-05-26 Bloor GO/UP Station Construction
2015-05-27 Graffiti mural at Bloor entrance to Railpath
2015-05-28 Misc: Little Free Libraries, bike selfie, Cooksville Creek trail, work AC selfie
2015-05-29 Bloor GO/UP Station construction, Dundas West TTC, and Dundas/Bloor
2015-05-30 Alex's first day of soccer: rained out, and then very sick
2015-05-31 Alex Bundy

June, 2015
2015-06-02 Union Pearson Express test train crossing Bloor St.
2015-06-03 UP Express test trains at Bloor
2015-06-04 Misc: Yard sale sign, Alex and Jell-O jigglers, Bloor GO/UP station construction
2015-06-05 Bloor GO/UP Station Construction
2015-06-06 Misc: Alex's bird puppet, first day of Union Pearson Express, and Alex at Little Kickers Soccer and Charles G. Williams Park
2015-06-06 100 In 1 Day events on the Railpath and Wallace Bridge
2015-06-06 Kids and Cargo Bikes, at Perth Park and Railpath
2015-06-07 Misc: Man sleeping on Ernest Ave., caterpillar, UP Express at Bloor, Christie Pitts carnival, etc.
2015-06-08 Car-Motorcycle Crash at Bloor and St. Clarens
2015-06-08 Bloor UP / GO sign at 2400 Dundas
NOTE: New swipeable photo galleries start from here. Hopefully they work for everyone.
2015-06-09 Bloor GO/UP Walkway, and Alex Biking Through a Puddle at School
2015-06-10 Missing cat 'Finn', and VERY rainy walk home from Dundas West
2015-06-11 Bringing home the Trail-A-Bike (and Alex) on the Cargo Bike
2015-06-13 Alex's first rides on the Trail-A-Bike
2015-06-13 Cycling to Isaac's Birthday Party in Hamilton (with video up Escarpment Rail Trail)
2015-06-14 Cycling back from Hamilton to Toronto
2015-06-14 Taking Alex and Liam on a free UP Express Ride to the airport
2015-06-15 Wooden train in Perth PS Kinder Yard, and fledgling starling on Railpath
2015-06-17 A "toy" found in the gutter on Bloor St., Mississauga
2015-06-18 Perth Ave. Public School Fun Fair
2015-06-19 New GO / UP Express sign on Bloor St.
2015-06-20 Campbell Park Dinner
2015-06-21 Music In The Orchard at Spadina Museum, Casa Loma, and Davenport Double-Riders
2015-06-23 Poster: Vintage / Old Bike For Sale
2015-06-24 Morley
2015-06-25 Steak and Potatoes
2015-06-26 Subway sleeper, Markham bike box, Richmond Hill Centre bus station
2015-06-27 Niece Cottage in Wasaga Beach: Jen's Birthday, and Planting Alex's Tree
2015-06-28 Firefighter Alex at the Cottage, and driving home
2015-06-29 Markham: Abandoned Markham Golf and Country Club, Highway 7 bike lanes, etc.

July, 2015
2015-07-01 Toronto Port Lands, Oil, some TLR shots, etc.
2015-07-01 Canada Day at Campbell Park
2015-07-02 Lovebot on west side of Wallace Ave. Footbridge
2015-07-03 Alex with popsicle, and bad TLR photos of Alex in the basement
2015-07-04 Boys and Girls Club Festival - MacGregor Park
2015-07-05 Sunnyside BMX Bike Park
2015-07-07 362 Wallace (Wallace Walk) Construction, water truck, and GO train
2015-07-08 Hamilton: West Harbour GO, plus downtown, tree eating a fence, Canon St., Ferguson Ave., Jolly Cut, etc.
2015-07-09 West Harbour GO, Hamilton. First Train.
2015-07-09 Self on GO train, Scott at Perth-Dupont Library
2015-07-10 Crossways Smoke, 362 Wallace (Wallace Walks) construction, Alex biking at school
2015-07-11 Alex at Little Kickers Soccer (Fern Ave. School), plus bonus basement TLR shot
2015-07-12 Alex and Morley on couch; Vic and Jen High Park Selfies
2015-07-13 Misc: Lost cat, fake Google car, Railpath art, Bloor GO/UP construction, etc.
2015-07-14 Bloor GO/UP Station Construction
2015-07-15 Bloor GO/UP: Construction, and train on bridge
2015-07-17 Subway, and GO+UP trains over Bloor St.
2015-07-18 Alex's haircut at Melonheads, High Park, soccer, ice cream, Roncesvalles, etc.
2015-07-19 Dufferin Grove Park, Lansdowne Cone, Wallace Ave. mural, Alex with snail, etc.
2015-07-20 Calgary Trip: UP Express, Pearson Airport, flight...
2015-07-21 Calgary: C-Train, Currie Barracks, Wild Rose Brewery, evening walk, etc.
2015-07-22 Calgary: Misc stuff while walking around
2015-07-23 Calgary: Misc stuff, dinner, evening walk, etc.
2015-07-24 Calgary: Unicyclist, and C-Train
2015-07-25 Calgary: People, evening walk, etc.
2015-07-26 Calgary: C-Train, Millenium Park, Hy's, etc.
2015-07-27 Coming home: Calgary Airport, UP Express, etc.
2015-07-28 Found Kitten
2015-07-29 Daycare pickup: Blue-Faced Alex, and Tuna the Cat
2015-07-30 Wallace Ave sidewalk, drone in tree, Dundas/Glenlake mural, TTC conductor
2015-07-31 Misc: Railpath, Dupont, Lansdowne, Wallace, Old Weston, Railpath, Alex, etc...

August, 2015
2015-08-01 Alex dressing up / watering lawn, Jen with cargo bike
2015-08-02 National Air Force Museum of Canada, Trenton
2015-08-03 Alex with Summer and Finley, and hanging out with Andrew's family
2015-08-04 Ottawa: Trampoline, Canal locks/bridges, Zak's, Spider, etc..etc..
2015-08-05 Ottawa: At Andrew's House, etc.
2015-08-06 Ottawa: Visiting Gatineau Park
2015-08-07 Andrew's house in Ottawa: Swimming, the kids, Luna, etc.
2015-08-08 Ottawa: Rideau River with Fenna and Jasper, Parliament with Nic and Adrian
2015-08-09 Charleston Lake Camping Trip (Day 1)
2015-08-10 Charleston Lake Camping Trip (Day 2)
2015-08-11 Charleston Lake Camping Trip (Day 3)
2015-08-12 Charleston Lake Camping Trip (Day 4)
2015-08-13 Charleston Lake Camping Trip (Day 5)
2015-08-15 Wheelchair Basketball at Parapan Am Games at Mattamy Athletic Centre (Maple Leaf Gardens), and Alex on Roncesvalles
2015-08-18 Taket Free, and Alex and Angela chewing their feet
2015-08-19 Alex cycling up Perth Ave. and goofing off at school
2015-08-21 Alex with beard snood
2015-08-23 Alex with snot bubble, Bev's birthday, and subway photos
2015-08-24 Jen on our front lawn
2015-08-25 Wallace Ave. Footbridge, etc. (362 Wallace, Railpath, trains, ...)
2015-08-27 Vic and Alex making faces, and Wallace Bridge / 362 Wallace Development
2015-08-28 Rogue Voodoo Doghnut Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale
2015-08-29 Camping at Earl Rowe Provincial Park, with Martha, Allison, and Liam
2015-08-30 Camping at Earl Rowe Provincial Park, with Martha, Allison, and Liam
2015-08-31 Camping at Earl Rowe Provincial Park

September, 2015
2015-09-01 Construction around Wallace Ave. Footbridge
2015-09-02 Kipling TTC, Bloor GO/UP Station, Neves Variety
2015-09-03 Misc: Hurontario Mississauga, Honeydale Mall, Bloor-Symington Eagle
2015-09-04 Trains at Bloor GO/UPX Station, and Alex on the phone
2015-09-05 Misc: Morley, Ruskin/Franklin, and Dupont Cyclist
2015-09-06 Ram and Shima's High Park Picnic, and Cargo-Biking Home
2015-09-07 Alex at Wallace-Emerson BMX Park
2015-09-08 Morning of Alex's First Day in Senior Kindergarten
2015-09-08 Rankin-Campbell Cats, and Homegrown Peaches
2015-09-09 That time I screwed up my own haircut...
2015-09-11 The Diodes and Gord Lewis Band (w/ Dave Rave), Phoenix Concert Theatre
2015-09-12 Alex rockin' out, vacuuming, and picking peaches
2015-09-13 Backyard Peaches, Subway, and The ROM
2015-09-13 Alex in his Roman Soldier helmet from The ROM
2015-09-15 Alex in the tub, Jen canning peaches
2015-09-17 Alex in Sort-of-Roman-Soldier Costume
2015-09-18 Two-Way GO Trains at Bloor GO Station
2015-09-19 ROM Trip: Spinning wheel, Barry Prophet's theremin, ice cream, etc.
2015-09-20 Alex wants Lego from the stores! (Video)
2015-09-21 Symington Ave. Tow Truck
2015-09-22 Alex, The Co-Worker
2015-09-23 Alex making faces, missing cat poster, Andrew Cash 'Stache sign
2015-09-24 Misc: Symington Crosswalk, Bloor and Indian Gr., Railside Gardens, Dundas/Dupont, etc.
2015-09-25 Misc: Ruskin/Franklin/Sousa Mendes, Railpath Wall Graffiti, GO Train at Wallace Bridge
2015-09-26 Railpath Run 2015
2015-09-26 Alex's Carboard House, and Cargo Bike Repair
2015-09-27 Cinnamon Rolls For Breakfast
2015-09-29 Calgary Trip: Airplane takeoff / landing, and treats from Alex
2015-09-30 Calgary: Boring View From Hotel Window

October, 2015
2015-10-01 Calgary: Evening Walk (C-Train, Fences, Mesh Head, etc.)
2015-10-02 Calgary: Work, Evening Walk, Bow River, Firehall, Darth Vader...
2015-10-03 Calgary: Walking Around, Glenbow Museum, Flight Home, UP Express, etc.
2015-10-04 Alex's Whoopee Cushion, and Tėvukas' birthday at Cafe Polonez
2015-10-09 Railpath Dog, and new Crossways awning
2015-10-10 Alex at West Lodge Park, Family hike in High Park, Roncesvalles, etc.
2015-10-11 A Pilgrimage to Starsky's
2015-10-12 Misc: Alex w/ Mask, Federal Election Signs, Alex and Angela in Costumes, etc.
2015-10-13 Wallace Bridge sunrise/sunset, James Moloney moose sign at Kipling
2015-10-14 Installation of new crosswalk on Symington at Paton/Ernest
2015-10-16 Kipling Subway, and Bloor-Perth from Railpath
2015-10-17 Alex at Parkdale Rec Centre, Toys R Us, and Back To The Future at Roy Thomson Hall
2015-10-18 Black Creek Pioneer Village
2015-10-19 Smallest election sign, ever
2015-10-20 Robbery at Neves Variety (Symington and Paton)
2015-10-23 Mike Bowler at the new Synopsys Kanata office
2015-10-24 Server Room Selfies, Kanata
2015-10-27 From Wallace Bridge: Railpath and 362 Wallace Construction
2015-10-28 Missing Cat Hugo Poster
2015-10-29 Queen and Spadina: Cyclist/Streetcar, and Darth Vader Pumpkin
2015-10-30 Alex Cycling to School With Halloween Costume
2015-10-31 Halloween

November, 2015
2015-11-01 Alex climbing the peach tree and singing Le Petit Homme
2015-11-03 Alex/Batman/RomanSoldier, and Cooksville Creek Ducks
2015-11-04 Alex reading Chirp, and Railpath / Wallace Bridge / Trains etc.
2015-11-06 Cargo-biking wood from Home Depot, note from teacher, trains behind Adrian/Wiltshire Ave.
2015-11-07 Morley, and TTC Work Trains at Vincent Yard / Dundas West Station
2015-11-08 Misc: Alex and Jen Climb CN Tower, Streetcar Faces, Railway Museum, etc...
2015-11-09 Raccoon at 12 Symington Ave.
2015-11-12 Alex's art on paper and his own face
2015-11-13 Alex and Jai
2015-11-15 Misc. Hamilton etc.: 1983-84 Schoolwork, Sobi Bike Ride, Yellow Storefronts, Union Station (TO)
2015-11-18 Alex on the School Bike Rack
2015-11-20 Alex and Morley
2015-11-21 Alex's New Bed
2015-11-22 Alex Cleaning a Toilet
2015-11-24 Misc: Shattered mirror selfie, outdoor school stage, Railpath / Wallace Bridge, and Markham Fox
2015-11-27 Misc: Haircut, my photos at Baguette & Co., Wallace Bridge, drying film, and Dundas West TTC
2015-11-28 Vic and Alex making faces, and Alex/Don/Tiff's birthdays in Brampton
2015-11-29 Misc: Nature Pee, St. George and Lansdowne Stations, and drying film

December, 2015
2015-12-03 CBC News Truck at Wallace Bridge
2015-12-04 Misc: High Park condo art, Clock Factory Building, Nitro Coffee at Station, Bike+Dog on Ruskin, QEW GO Bus
2015-12-05 Phone+35mmfilm Misc: Bruce Trail Hamilton, Morley, Wallace Bridge, Railpath, etc.
2015-12-11 Misc: West Toronto Diamond, cargo bike haul, Railpath, Alex's Xmas at school, etc. (some 35mm film)
2015-12-12 Alex's 5th Birthday Party
2015-12-13 Xmas Tree By Cargo Bike, Subway, and Roy Thomson Hall (Some 35mm film)
2015-12-15 Wallace Ave. Footbridge
2015-12-17 Alex biking to school, GO Train at Wallace Bridge, Alex's Birthday, etc. (Some 35mm film)
2015-12-18 Honest Ed's, Yonge N. of Bloor, Carlton St., Alex developing film (some 35mm film shots)
2015-12-19 Skating at Campbell Park - TLR Film and Video
2015-12-20 Alex at Dupont bike mural/Railpath, laneway basketball net, ice cream, yellow shoes...
2015-12-21 Alex: Snot, reading in bed, and a silly costume
2015-12-22 Bloor-Perth Sales Centre, Minolta XG-M, Alex and The Grinch, Alex singing in Fake French
2015-12-23 Dundas St. at Mississauga/Etobicoke Border
2015-12-24 Campbell Park Rink Reflections, UPS Trucks, Furniture on Cargo Bike, Christmas Eve
2015-12-25 Christmas morning at home, Christmas Day in Brampton
2015-12-26 Post X-Mas: Alex's Lemon Clock and Spiderman stuff, garage cleanup, etc...
2015-12-27 Tėvukas and Močiutė visiting, and skating at Campbell Park
2015-12-28 Misc: Angry Selfie, Morley, Road Wallah, Indie Alehouse Zombie Apocalypse
2015-12-29 Home-made bread, and Morley
2015-12-30 Symington Snow Heart, The ROM (Costumes, snakes, planetarium), and Queen's Park
2015-12-31 Alex singing Surfin' Bird

January, 2016
2016-01-01 New Years Day Walk in High Park
2016-01-03 Misc: Alex w/ Star Wars Presents, Erwin Krickhahn Park, Pigeon Lady, Skating at Campbell Park, etc.
2016-01-04 Alex cycling at school
2016-01-06 Morning at Bloor and Perth, and 360 Office Panorama
2016-01-07 Alex Building Star Wars Lego
2016-01-09 Wallace Ave. Bridge: Alex, photo spheres / panoramas, etc.
2016-01-10 Alex with clementines - Stop, Hammer Time
2016-01-12 Alex tobogganing to school
2016-01-15 Alex biking to school in the snow
2016-01-16 Junction Triangle: 362 Wallace / Sousa Mendes construction, Dupont St., Laneways, Davenport Diamond, Barrie Line, etc.
2016-01-17 Alex with Lego, west end laneways/graffiti, Alex at Jai's birthday
2016-01-18 Snowy morning at Wallace Ave. Footbridge, Bloor GO, etc.
2016-01-18 Metrolinx Davenport Diamond Meeting at Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre (video)
2016-01-19 Barrie GO Tracks at Wallace Ave.
2016-01-20 Alex making faces at school
2016-01-21 Taking the bus when the bomber is in the shop
2016-01-22 Bloor GO, Dundas St. Streetcars, and skating at Nathan Phillips Square, City Hall
2016-01-25 Brewing Apple Cider
2016-01-29 Railpath with plow, and bubbling apple cider video
2016-01-30 Campbell Park (Skating, Hockey, Zamboni, Mythilli's birthday), Morley, 362 Wallace construction, etc.
2016-01-31 Alex's Tablet Lock Screen Photo

February, 2016
2016-02-03 Beginnings of Wallace Ave. Footbridge Reconstruction
2016-02-04 Vic and Morley
2016-02-05 Book Feet Selfie
2016-02-07 Alex chewing something, cider brewing, laneway dog poop, Alex at Dufferin Mall / Dufferin St.
2016-02-09 Alex winter cycling to school, west entrance to Bloor GO/UP, Alex and Jen making papier-mâché
2016-02-10 Alex winter cycling to school, 362 Wallace / Sousa Mendes, Wallace Bridge Construction, Railpath, Bloor GO/UP, etc.
2016-02-10 Option For Davenport Meeting at Pepper's Cafe
2016-02-11 Alex's bedtime reading: Biocremation in The Walrus
2016-02-12 Red Coats on the Bus
2016-02-13 Window Cat on Pole, Family on Railpath, Bloor GO/UP Station, and Union Station
2016-02-14 Bobutė memorial at church, walking to Hamilton GO, Union Station, etc.
2016-02-15 Alex and Jen: Indoor Gardening, and Boulderz Climbing Gym
2016-02-19 School Dance Party
2016-02-20 Icycle 2016: Ice Bike Races at Dufferin Grove Park
2016-02-20 Raccoon on Fence (Parking lot next to Bloor Collegiate and Kent Sr. PS)
2016-02-21 Alex w/ haircut and sunglasses, subway, Great Grandma Beattie's birthday, Bloor-Perth sunset, etc.
2016-02-24 Bloor GO/UP, Pearson Airport, flying to Otttawa, etc.
2016-02-25 Ottawa (Kanata) Server Room Selfie
2016-02-26 Ottawa (Kanata) Server Room
2016-02-29 Flying out of Ottawa, landing in Toronto

March, 2016
2016-03-01 Alex with costumes and Lego
2016-03-02 Alex tobogganing to school
2016-03-03 Alex after school with a scratched nose (ice ball to the face)
2016-03-04 Subway Reflection, 362 Wallace / Wallace Bridge Construction, Dog on Cargo Bike, and Bloor-Symington Buses
2016-03-05 Tobogganing at Lithuania Park
2016-03-06 Alex, Jai, and Liam at Boulderz Climbing Gym
2016-03-07 Foundation of New Wallace Ave. Footbridge Staircase
2016-03-08 Perth and Bloor, Hurontario Mississauga construction litter, GO / Railpath / Wallace Bridge / 362 Wallace Construction, etc.
2016-03-09 GO Train and Dundas St. Noise Wall Construction (From Wallace Ave. Footbridge)
2016-03-10 Alex singing Tired of Waking Up Tired
2016-03-11 Old money found in cards, and Alex's Grandparents Day invitation
2016-03-12 Travel to Hamilton: Symington Ave., UP Express, James St. Stairs, Alex's dressup, and bedtime stories
2016-03-13 Hamilton: Bruce Trail / HPH hike, tea party, bedtime, etc.
2016-03-14 Hamilton: Making Nutella Cookies
2016-03-15 Hamilton: Claremont Access, James St. Stairs, and John St. Trail on a foggy morning
2016-03-16 Vic and Alex on GO Bus and at work
2016-03-18 Paton Rd. Underpass, Nitta Gelatin, Lansdowne TTC Yard, Wade Ave., etc.
2016-03-19 Alex Lego Video, Wallace-Emerson Mud/BMX, Ward St., Wallace Ave., etc.
2016-03-22 Alex going to school with Boba Fett mask
2016-03-23 Apple Cider, 362 Wallace / Sousa Mendes Construction
2016-03-25 Alex's Lego, and The Big Apple
2016-03-26 Ottawa: Playing outside, tobogganing, Luna, painting Easter eggs, baking, etc.
2016-03-27 Easter in Ottawa

April, 2016
2016-04-01 Dundas/Glenlake Crosswalk and Bloor GO Station (From Wallace Bridge)
2016-04-02 Alex playing with Lego in the basement
2016-04-03 Alex playing in the backyard during Spring snowfall
2016-04-03 Angela's Birthday Party
2016-04-04 Alex tobogganing in the laneway on the way to school
2016-04-05 Railpath Graffiti, Salty Wallace Bridge, Bloor-Perth, etc.
2016-04-06 Crying at 1433 Bloor at Perth
2016-04-07 Hoopdriver Bicycles (photos for Dandyhorse Magazine's blog)
2016-04-07 362 Wallace / Sousa Mendes Construction, Wallace Ave., Dundas/Glenlake, etc.
2016-04-08 Bloor St., Ernest Ave., Bloor GO/UP, Union Station, GO Train, and riding Mom's trike
2016-04-09 Hamilton: Trike, Bruce Trail, cave, etc...
2016-04-10 Alex and Vic in Hamilton, Bloor GO/UP cyclist, and bye to Julie and Simone
2016-04-11 Dundas St. W. and Aukland Rd., and 1433 Bloor W. at Perth Ave.
2016-04-12 1433 Bloor St. W. at Perth Ave.
2016-04-13 Lost Wallet Poster, and Wallace Ave. Footbridge
2016-04-15 Alex eating breakfast, subway sleeper, and Annette St. bike lane
2016-04-16 Misc: Bike Friday Document Holder, Ernest Ave., Lansdowne Ave. Crane, Dundas-Lansdowne Streetcar Jam, etc.
2016-04-17 Tall/Short Alex, Value Village, Lansdowne, Delaney, Queen, Dundas, etc...
2016-04-18 Alex cycling on the Railapth
2016-04-19 Lost Earring Poster
2016-04-20 Eating Mealworms and Crickets
2016-04-21 Bloor St. Art Critic, and Options for Davenport Meeting at Pepper's Cafe
2016-04-22 Alex in a garden on Perth Ave., and Six Points, Etobicoke
2016-04-23 Alex at the Wallace-Emerson BMX Park (video)
2016-04-24 Spiderman (Alex) at the West Toronto Railpath Cleanup
2016-04-26 Loblaws Unimpressive Garden Centre
2016-04-27 Alex playing with Lego
2016-04-27 Metrolinx Davenport Diamond Meeting video, and beers/karaoke with Options For Devnport people
2016-04-28 Alex's Dressed-Up Giraffe
2016-04-29 Railpath Graffiti Removal
2016-04-30 Darnel and Barrie for Dandyhorse Magazine / Blog
2016-04-30 Misc Phone Snaps: Morley, sweet potato, mocking bird, dog in bike trailer, Foto Grocery...

May, 2016
2016-05-01 Misc Alex: Toast, Painting, and Death Star Garlic Bread
2016-05-02 Lost Puppy Poster, and Backyard Dinner
2016-05-04 Photos: Alex Climbing Fence, and Bathtub Sunglasses. Videos: Lego and Chocolate
2016-05-05 Esplanade Mural
2016-05-06 Alex with tie at school, Mississauga Misc.
2016-05-06 Jane's Walk: Nightwalking and Secret Staircases #1 Swansea
2016-05-07 Galleria Mall: Lunch and the LCBO Beer Bike
2016-05-07 Jane's Walk: Diamonds! Bridges! Tunnels!
2016-05-07 City Councillor Ana Bailão, for Dandyhorse Magazine/Blog
2016-05-08 UP Express reboot, Union Station, author S.E. Tomas, James St. Stairs, Auchmar Jane's Walk, Bloor GO/UP station, video of Alex with Lego and Water, etc...
2016-05-10 Mississauga: Absolute Towers and Dead Goldfinch
2016-05-12 Walking art on Dundas St., and Cooksville Creek Geese and Goslings
2016-05-13 Rainy Day Walk to School
2016-05-14 Alex at Rancho to Go, and Morley playing
2016-05-15 Misc: Bloor Gift and Smoke, Subway, etc...
2016-05-17 Alex's drawing, Raptors dump truck, Lansdowne van with tree shadow...
2016-05-18 Misc: Lee's Palace on Bloor St., and Wade / Paton / Lansdowne TTC area
2016-05-19 Bloor Subway Evening Rush Hour Outage (Islington, Kingsway, BWV, Keele...)
2016-05-20 Wallace Bridge Deck Work, George Chuvalo Community Centre construction, and Alex with Tuna The Cat
2016-05-21 Alex BMXing at Wallace-Emerson, No Hands in the Laneway, and Alex with Morley
2016-05-22 Family Bike Ride: Queen's Quay Hot Dogs, Sugar Beach, Corktown Common, and Air Guitar
2016-05-23 Alex in costume, and a couple of Lego/etc. videos
2016-05-26 Alex's Inflatable Guitar, Odd Job Bob Poster, and Bloor-Perth Trains
2016-05-27 Alex's Crazy Hair Day, and Star Wars Drawings (with video)
2016-05-28 Old Metro Toronto Police cars on Shaw St. at Queen St.
2016-05-28 TTC Leslie Barns (Doors Open Toronto)
2016-05-28 Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport (Doors Open Toronto)
2016-05-28 Gladstone Hotel (Doors Open Toronto)
2016-05-29 Toronto City Hall (Doors Open Toronto)
2016-05-29 Toronto City Hall (Doors Open Toronto)

June, 2016
2016-06-01 Misc: Union Station, tiny movers, subway reflections, Wade Ave., etc.
2016-06-02 Misc: D-Beatstro, Dufferin St., Dupont St., Perth PS Fun Fair, etc.
2016-06-02 Dufferin St. Presbyterian Church / Sanctuary Lofts
2016-06-05 Junction/Triangle Walk: Ruskin Construction, Railpath Graffiti, West Toronto Diamond, Ford Falcon, Davenport Rd., Davenport Diamond, etc.
2016-06-06 Vic and Alex misc.
2016-06-07 Religion: Motley Crue
2016-06-09 Future Railpath entrance at Macaulay Ave., Flower planters on Wallace Ave. Footbridge, Mississauga News on The Big Bike, Bloor St. art
2016-06-10 Car Crash Outside of Dundas West TTC Station (Dundas between Bloor and Edna)
2016-06-13 Franklin Ave. Little Free Library, Dundas/Bloor Crushed Bike, Bloor-Symington crush bike rack
2016-06-14 Alex as Spiderman
2016-06-18 Alex and Ronan C. at the Science Centre
2016-06-21 Misc: New Wallace Bridge Footings, MiWay Signage, Morley, Metrolinx Filming Notice, and Bloor GO/UP Station Train Video
2016-06-23 Vic and Alex on UP Express, and view of Tower Automotive / Sterling Rd.
2016-06-25 Alex's TIE Fighter Chicken, and Vic and Alex cutting wood in the garage
2016-06-26 Jen's Birthday: Alex decorating cake, bike ride to Humber River with Alison/Martha/Liam, etc.
2016-06-28 Bloor at Railpath: Old Green Station Wagon and Orange Cyclist
2016-06-29 Jen's Cargo Bike Load and Office, Last Day of School with Alex and Tuna, and 362 Wallace / Sousa Mendes St. Construction

July, 2016
2016-07-01 Misc Neighbourhood Stuff (Railpath Goldfinches, signs, Dupont St., St. Josaphat's, Wet Raccoon, etc.) and Canada Day at Campbell Park
2016-07-02 Hamilton: Swimming with the kids
2016-07-03 Hamilton: Van Wagner's Beach, pool, colouring, etc.
2016-07-04 Hamilton: Bruce Trail and Blue Line Taxi, Cooksville Creek garter snake, drunk dude, and tuna steak
2016-07-05 New fare gates under construction at Lansdowne TTC
2016-07-06 Bloor GO/UP Shadows, and bus book
2016-07-07 New Bike Share stations, and other things around the neighbourhood (Spud Bomb on Dupont, etc.)
2016-07-08 Random Nonsense: Ear hair trimming, Mississauga bike lane, downtown Hamilton, etc.
2016-07-09 Hamilton: Walking around with Jen, Alex, Agota, Aušra, and Nida
2016-07-10 Hamilton to Toronto: James St. Stairs, GO Bus, UP Express, and Optimus Prime
2016-07-11 Honeydale Mall, The Kip District Condo Construction, and 5341 Dundas West Abandoned House
2016-07-12 Wallace Ave. Bridge Staircase Replacement, Rockpile and Honeydale Mall on Dundas St., and GO Train over Bloor
2016-07-13 Quick backyard portraits of Jen
2016-07-13 TTC Toronto Rocket subway train on test run at Kipling Station
2016-07-14 Alex playing Connect Four, and Morley
2016-07-17 Alex building a Lego set (Photo and video)
2016-07-20 Vic Is Not Here (Out of Office Whiteboard), and Mississauga Dusk
2016-07-21 Ninja Alex, Lansdowne TTC Presto Installation, and Bloor St. Barrie Train Bridge
2016-07-22 Alex's Whiteboard with Map to Liam's House
2016-07-23 Wallace Ave: Barrie Line train crossing, and Halo Brewery
2016-07-23 BIG on Bloor Festival
2016-07-23 Attempted Canadian Gothic
2016-07-24 Alex in Jen's Glasses
2016-07-25 Raccoons in the Grape Vines
2016-07-26 Video: Raccoons on our Grape Vines
2016-07-26 Evening out in Kingston
2016-07-27 Kingston, and first day at Charleston Lake Provincial Park
2016-07-28 Charleston Lake Provincial Park
2016-07-29 Charleston Lake Provincial Park
2016-07-30 Charleston Lake Provincial Park
2016-07-31 Charleston Lake Provincial Park

August, 2016
2016-08-01 Charleston Lake Provincial Park
2016-08-02 Charleston Lake Provincial Park
2016-08-03 Alex riding on the Railpath
2016-08-04 Junction Triangle Water Buffalos at Henderson Brewery
2016-08-05 Downtown / West End Walk: Bikes, people, Greyhound, Chinatown, laneways, graffiti, Bloor Bike Lane, Honest Ed's, Lansdowne/College/Dundas Construction, etc.
2016-08-06 Alex watering the front garden, Alex's Do Not Touch sign, and Bike Friday Baguette Holder
2016-08-08 Vic Is Here (Out of Office Whiteboard)
2016-08-09 Vic and Alex
2016-08-10 Dundas West Station / Vincent Yard and surrounding laneways, Bloor and Perth, etc.
2016-08-11 Lemonade sign, Wallace Ave. Bridge Staircase Construction, fuzzy spider(?)
2016-08-12 Wallace Ave. Bridge Staircase Construction, and Cooksville
2016-08-13 Manduca quinquemaculata (tomato hornworm - Carolina Sphinx Moth)
2016-08-14 Railpath/Osler Milkweed Bug Invasion, Cycling along Dupont/Annette, Playing Chess
2016-08-15 "Bunny Found" poster.
2016-08-17 Lansdowne Station: Emerson Ave. Presto, and mirror selfie
2016-08-20 Wallace-Emerson BMX Park
2016-08-21 UP Express Graffiti, Front/Bay St., GO Bus on Gardiner, Bev's Birthday in Brampton, Union Station Train Shed, and Neves Variety
2016-08-27 Night Ride: Handlebar and Light, and Ernest Ave. Boat
2016-08-30 Alex getting a haircut at Hive and Hawk on Dupont St.

September, 2016
2016-09-02 Sunset at the top of the Claremont Access, Hamilton
2016-09-03 Hamilton: Old school notes, Alex and Isaac at T. Melville Bailey (Arcade) Park, Mom's flowers
2016-09-04 Hamilton: James St. Stairs, birthing sign, King St. LRT signs, Gameopolis board game cafe, etc.
2016-09-05 Alex in a tree, Front St., Optimus Prime, and Ewok joke
2016-09-06 Alex on the First Day of Grade 1
2016-09-06 Sign on Robert Speck Pkwy in Mississauga: Sidewalk Close
2016-09-07 Bloor at Railpath
2016-09-08 Flying from Toronto to Ottawa
2016-09-09 Ottawa: Work kitchen, and server room selfie
2016-09-10 Ottawa: A rabbit, a floppy disk, and terrible work selfies
2016-09-11 Ottawa: LRT construction (as seen from bus), and Paula with Luna
2016-09-12 Alex at North Toronto Karate
2016-09-14 Flying home from Ottawa to Toronto
2016-09-15 Wallace Ave. Bridge Staircase Construction, etc.
2016-09-15 Synopsys 30th Anniversary Cruise in Toronto Harbour
2016-09-16 Canoe Parking Ticket, and Wallace Ave. Bridge Staircase Construction
2016-09-17 Alex with slime, and the Roncesvalles Polish Festival
2016-09-18 Alex doing homework, Alex and Liam on Perth Park monkeybars
2016-09-19 Dundas West Station Light Beams, Missing Shoe Poster, and video of Wallace Ave. Footbridge
2016-09-20 Misc: Lost Cat poster, stretching at work, and Bloor St. cyclist carrying instrument
2016-09-22 Alex and Flora running at school, and Wallace Ave. Footbridge staircase construction (with video)
2016-09-23 Alex and Angela
2016-09-24 Railpath Run, Henderson Block Party, and bug macros
2016-09-25 Nighbourhood Walk: Erwin Krickhahn Park, Barrie Line tracks, Dundas St., Morrow Ave., phone booth graffiti, photo sphere panoramas, etc.
2016-09-26 Alex balancing on bike rack at school
2016-09-27 Video: Walking over the Wallace Ave. Footbridge.

October, 2016
2016-10-01 Junction Triangle Photo Walk
2016-10-02 Railpath oddities, Alex as Fireman, laneway badminton, etc.
2016-10-03 Gabba Gabba Hey! Have a Great Day!
2016-10-04 Alex cycling to school, Wallace Ave. Footbridge, and reading in bed
2016-10-05 Alex cycling on Railpath, West Lodge Park (Lansdowne Ave.), misc downtown stuff, Bloor bike lane, etc.
2016-10-07 Uber Mapping car on Highway 7, Markham
2016-10-08 Alex: Wallace-Emerson BMX Park and Bubble Bath, plus George Chuvalo Community Center construction
2016-10-09 Thanksgiving: Alex as Boba Fett, picking tomatoes with Tėvukas, playing chess, etc.
2016-10-10 Sunrise walk in Hamilton, GO bus/train on Gardiner, Brampton Thanksgiving, Union Station, view from UP Express, Pokemon at Perth Coop, etc...
2016-10-11 Alex's angry note to Jen. "Mom does not get candy for the rest of her life."
2016-10-12 Wallet full of Alex's pebbles, Dundas/Sterling assault, Alex's kind note to us (You fill my bucket)
2016-10-13 Alex doing some morning homework, lost cat poster, Bloor St. shadow selfie
2016-10-15 Alex and Liam with water guns, and cycling to Ed's Real Scoop on Roncesvalles.
2016-10-18 Alex on monkey bars at Perth Park, and riding over Wallace Ave. Footbridge
2016-10-19 Lots of Morley photos, Free Blood, Alex's clubhouse, backyard, etc.
2016-10-20 Pour-o-Matic at Henderson Brewing (video)
2016-10-22 Nerd Kit, Sterling Rd. Historical Walk (at Henderson Brewery), and Erwin Krickhahn Park
2016-10-23 Bloor GO/UP Station, CN Tower Climb, Spadina/Kensington, pumpkin carving with Angela, etc.
2016-10-24 Alex reading Chirp or Chickadee
2016-10-25 Morley Close-Ups
2016-10-26 Alex with Donald Trump bubble bath hair
2016-10-27 Dupont St. from Cafe Con Leche, St. Josaphat's School
2016-10-29 Hiking at the Niece Family Cottage and Wasaga Beach Provincial Park
2016-10-30 Niece Family Cottage, Wasaga Beach: Raking Leaves, Hiking in the Provincial Park, and the Halloween House
2016-10-31 Halloween: Alex as a Vampire

November, 2016
2016-11-01 Misc: Railpath/Ruskin Construction, Alex reading and doing homework, Morley
2016-11-03 Monitor/desk setup at work
2016-11-04 Construction at Union Lofts (Perth-Wallace Church)
2016-11-05 Audio/video/interviews made for Options For Davenport
2016-11-05 Audio/video/interviews made for Options For Davenport
2016-11-06 Orfus Rd., and Alex sweeping leaves
2016-11-07 Toronto Style sign - Bloor St., just west of Dundas
2016-11-08 Alex with stinky boiled eggs, Wallace Ave. Bridge construction, and Alex with Nikkenflex TLR camera
2016-11-09 Alex's Eyebrow Dance (video)
2016-11-10 Jen in the Bloor St. bike lane at Clinton St.
2016-11-12 Misc: Lost cat poster, Crossways / Dundas West Station, Junction Triangle Craft & Gift Show (at Perth School), Wallace-Emerson BMX Park and Playground, etc.
2016-11-15 Alley between buildings at Planet Storage (Former Viceroy Rubber) from Railpath
2016-11-16 Symington Ave. couch bus stop, Connect Four at Frankie's Diner, Alex on Bikeshare, CAMH, ROM, Alex on Bloor, etc.
2016-11-17 Morning: Railpath, Wallace Bridge construction, 362 Wallace / Sousa Mendes construction, GO Train, etc.
2016-11-18 Alex drawing Darth Vader on my office whiteboard
2016-11-19 Don's 75th Birthday, extended Niece Family Christmas, kids decorating ginger bread, etc.
2016-11-20 Alex in bubble bath
2016-11-21 Beanboozled
2016-11-22 Alex emailing on my phone and painting
2016-11-24 Alex's home-made sugar crystal candy
2016-11-26 Alex skating at Dufferin Grove Park and cycling home
2016-11-27 Skating and snacking at Dufferin Grove Park
2016-11-27 Cock Sparrer at Danforth Music Hall
2016-11-28 Thumbs Up Alex

December, 2016
2016-12-02 Morley, and James St. Stairs (Hamilton) at night
2016-12-03 Skating at Inch Park Arena, Hamilton
2016-12-03 The Un-Teens at This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton
2016-12-03 Teenage Head at This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton
2016-12-04 Alex and the annual Christmas Tree By Bike photos
2016-12-05 Decorating the Christmas Tree
2016-12-06 Alex mailing his letter to Santa
2016-12-10 Decorating cupcakes, and Alex's birthday party at West End YMCA
2016-12-11 Alex with 'Crystals', snowy walk around Bloor / Dufferin Grove, skating at Dufferin Grove Park, etc.
2016-12-14 362 Wallace / Sousa Mendes Construction, Wallace Bridge and Bloor GO/UP station with GO Train, Islington Station Stalagmites/Stalactites
2016-12-15 Snowy day around Markham office
2016-12-16 Alex with birthday cupcake, and snowy Neves Variety (Symington and Paton)
2016-12-17 Alex's Birthday: Making pickled eggs, UP Express / GO to Hamilton, Mandarin, Pokemon cake, etc.
2016-12-18 Hamilton GO, Union Station, view from UP Express, Bloor St., Emergency TV Repair, etc.
2016-12-20 Alex winter cycling to school, Tom's Variety (Wallace-Campbell), Lansdowne TTC / Nitta Gelatin, Bike Share, Bloor Bike Lanes, etc.
2016-12-20 Honest Ed's: Closing Sales, signs, exterior, and Bathurst TTC Station
2016-12-21 Misc: Morley, downtown-ish, Queen St., Eaton's Centre, Presto machine, Jane Station, Christmas lights at Perth Co-op, etc.
2016-12-22 Misc: Union Lofts (Perth-Wallace Church), popcorn, laneway art, and Vic/Alex Selfies
2016-12-23 Aeropress coffee, and Alex and Grandpa with birthday cupcakes in Brampton
2016-12-24 Christmas Eve in Brampton and Skating at Gage Park
2016-12-25 Christmas Day: Visiting Grandma Beattie, Union Station, UP Express, Bloor St., opening gifts at home, cucumber tree, etc.
2016-12-26 Misc: Lego Dog Show, Wallace Market, seeing Rogue One with Grandma and Grampa, St. George Station, and Upside Down Presto Reader
2016-12-28 Vic and Alex's Day: Lego, Korean Food, Poop Cafe, Honest Ed's, and The ROM
2016-12-29 Alex with Morley, and Boulderz Climbing Gym
2016-12-30 Home-made onion rings
2016-12-31 New Years Eve at Wasaga Beach: At the Beach Strip, and Evening Party

January, 2017
2017-01-01 New Year's Day: Snowshoeing at Wasaga Beach Prov. Park
2017-01-02 Hiking and Tobogganing at Wasaga Beach Prov. Park
2017-01-05 Death Star Light Bulb
2017-01-07 Alex doing dishes and lightsaber battling with Liam
2017-01-08 Lego Camera Macros, Stores (Neves. Wallace Market, Tom's Variety), Campbell Park Skating, GO Train at Campbell Park, etc.
2017-01-10 Snowy Morning: Symington Ave., Bloor St., Dundas West TTC / Streetcar
2017-01-11 Broken Co-Operators Insurance Sign
2017-01-12 Misc: Odd Bike accessory, Alex with Chickadee magazine and watch, and Morley on couch
2017-01-13 Demolition of 299 Campbell Ave. at Dupont St., Alex with Sandwich and Vic, Vic with Morley
2017-01-14 Misc Junction Triangle: Former Solways on Ernest Ave., Railpath / Wallace Bridge, Jesus Graffiti, GO Trains at Erwin Krickhahn Park and Campbell Rink
2017-01-14 Demolition at 299 Campbell Ave. (at Dupont St.)
2017-01-15 Fat trike at Dundas-Bloor LCBO
2017-01-17 Alex walking up Bay St. to Jesse Ketchum School
2017-01-19 Misc: Rotten Jack'o'Lanterns, Wallace Bridge Staircase Construction, and Alex's Lego Toilet
2017-01-21 Sunnyside Beach, Alex in Box, Wallace Bridge / Sousa Mendes St. Construction, etc.
2017-01-22 Alex washing dishes and dancing
2017-01-23 CP24 Truck on Bloor St. Sidewalk (at Dundas West / Bishop Marrocco School
2017-01-25 Union Lofts / Arch Lofts (Perth-Wallace Church) Construction, and petting Morley
2017-01-26 Sterling Rd., Tower Automotive, Henderson / Honest Ed's, and Snowy Evening Walk (Neves Variety, Wallace Bridge / Sousa Mendes Construction, Railpath, Trains, Dundas West TTC, Bloor/Perth/Railpath, etc.)
2017-01-27 Lego: Photographing a Police Beating
2017-01-28 Alex at West Lodge Park (Lansdowne, Parkdale), Burrito Boys, and John Tory in Short Pants
2017-01-29 Alex and River playing Cops
2017-01-31 Oפ Ԁ∩ ɹoolq - Hidden sign for Bloor GO / UP Express Kiss'n'Ride

February, 2017
2017-02-01 Alex: Lego and Bath
2017-02-02 Misc: Alex at Perth, Ruskin / Sousa Mendes St. Construction, Railpath / Wallace Bridge / UP Express Train, and VHS Tape Litter
2017-02-04 Misc: Perth/Bloor Firetruck, UP Express at Bloor, author S.E. Tomas at Union Station, Trump Tower, City Hall, Bay Street, James St. Hamilton, Bruce Trail, rocks, ice, etc.
2017-02-05 Hamilton GO, views from double-decker bus, Gardiner, UP Express, and Alex drumming (videos)
2017-02-06 Vic trimmed Alex's bangs....
2017-02-07 Lego coffee and sausages, and Lost Wedding Ring poster
2017-02-10 Snowy Evening: Dufferin Station, Bloordale, Bloor and Sterling / Symington / Perth, Perth-Wallace Church, etc.
2017-02-11 Misc: Alex with coloured hair, Alex doing dishes, snow/ice patterns, etc.
2017-02-12 Tobogganing at Lithuania Park, etc. Plus videos.
2017-02-12 Alex conducting Star Wars music while doing dishes (video).
2017-02-13 Taxi Jam at Bloor and Perth